A motley crew if ever there was one….

Honey Trail – The Short Version We are a collection of people with a common goal of saving The United States of America from her Usurpers, and getting the Country out of their clutches before Liberty and Personal Freedom are completely lost. We often have differing opinions and thoughts we bring to the party and have found ourselves in a unique spot for a blog forum – We dialogue and have developed individually, and corporately, the technique of staying on text and not engaging in character assassination when we disagree. We welcome anyone to the discussion, and are patient if they need to break personal paradigms and learn how to participate at a new level. We are not all seriousness – We enjoy a good laugh and do, on occasion, resort to silliness and snark.

Honey Trail – The Long Version Honey Trail. Who are we? At first, when the site opened, we were referred to as “refugees.” We had developed a unique style of sharing ideas on a blog that became inaccessible — a style of forum discussion that includes respect, graciousness, room for growth in thoughts, humor, love, and no name calling or character assassinations. We learned to stay on text in discussions, developed our personal views, and patiently watched each other grow.

When “homeless,” and disconnected, a handful of us “conservatives” (which, by the way is not narrowly defined as “Republican,” as no one conservative title fits by itself) found each other on a very liberal blog. At the same time PatP emailed Motley and the two started concocting ways to find the other refugees. We started posting in comment sections of other blogs, trying to reconnect. When enough of us were gathered and wondering, “Where do we meet tomorrow?” this site was thrown together in a matter of minutes.

Sundance, Emma, Afinch, Ad rem, and Ytz4me jumped in and helped PatP and Motley figure out running a blog. Each day, a couple of more refugees found their way to the Honey Trail. Sundance, Emma, Afinch, Ad rem, PatP, and Motley have never met in person and did not know each other outside of the previous forum. Yet, we work well as administrators/managers of the site. It is a good team for Honey Trail — which is all the daily comment contributors — to have behind the scenes (or in the woods). Honey Trail has moved from refugee status to “friends” status. All are welcome to hike with us.

Ad rem — AFinch — Emma — PatP — Sundancecracker — Yomotley