Saturday Open Forum – January 22, 2011

Happy Weekend, Trail People! Happy Weekend, Hikers! Happy Weekend, Honeys! Happy Weekend and Welcome, Visitors! (Lurkers, you get to be all the above!)

I am going to be shameless today and ask you to do a little something. (If your comfort zone is to be USO’d and/or brow beaten into submission, I can do that too.) I really, really, oh-pretty-please, really want yesterday’s post Watching the Other Hand to be plastered all over comment boards across the internet. I wish the link everywhere.

Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

Oooooh, using a “pull-at-the-heartstrings” quote gives the request some righteousness, ya think? (This would be a good spot for a flag-waving smiley.)

Have a great day! Blessings.

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  1. Menagerie says:

    Good morning Motley. Is JRD cooking agian? She makes great scones.

    • JRD says:

      Menagerie, Congratulations on your new job. I’m damn proud of ya!

      Oh, my husband requested blueberry waffles with Canadian bacon this morning. He bought into that BS that he has to eat gluten free so I had to come up with a recipe using brown rice flour. I had to play around with the ingredients a lot in order for them to rise and not be hockey pucks. (Hear that Hillary, some of us are passionate about cooking and eating. And we exercise so we look like Sarah and not you.)

      I also called up my husband’s doctor and asked him if he was investing in these bogus gluten free companies. I told him that just because his wife doesn’t know what the inside of a kitchen looks like doesn’t mean he and his doctor pals have to take it out on the rest of us. His doctor cracked up laughing and then I ended up inviting him over for a good home cooked meal. Now his doctor wants me to write a cookbook with all the gluten free recipes I devised because they actually taste good and not like cardboard. And I was right about his wife. She said, “she only knows how to make reservations.” I told her no she doesn’t, if she did she would have reservations about Obama. Pretty good, huh?

      Have a great day everyone.

      This is what’s cooking this morning.

      Hawaii law bars release of Obama birth info

      I this we were set up. This was all a distraction.

      • AFinch says:

        You are a hoot and a half! Let us know if you ever write that cook book.

        Good morning everyone!

      • MRM says:

        What a fun group of people to wake up to! Yum, JRD those waffles sound awesome!!

      • PhillyCon says:

        Morning everyone!

        “techno” on C4P who follow polls closely … says that every time a “birth story” appears in the news, his poll numbers go up. Hence, this was probably generated by the Leftist … why would a Democrat, liberal governor keep talking about this issue? I found that very strange … he was perpetuating the issue, and keeping it in the news.

        • Mrs Compton says:

          Plus we’ve know for ages that it was against Hawaii law, gads they think we are soooooo stupid! Oh wait… I guess his sheeple are!

        • Amsterdam Expat says:

          I suggested over there that Gov. Abercrombie has David Axelrod on speed dial — the two have presumably had numerous conversations recently.

          (By the way, I have to laugh when I hear Abercrombie’s name mentioned — as I suspect that whenever O thinks of him his mind by association is overwhelmed with thoughts, what am I saying, images created by a very different Abercrombie …)

      • TN WAHM says:

        I know what you mean about special diets. With my dd being on dialysis, she is on low-salt, low phosphorus and low potassium diet. Just a few of the things that she can’t have; Chocolate, dairy, potatoes, whole grain anything, processed anything, hot dogs, pizza, tomatoes, nuts. Her dietician wants me to help write a cookbook for their dialysis patients. I now make homemade chicken nuggets and sausage. She has learned to read labels. How many 8 yrs olds, do you know that read labels?.

      • Ad rem says:

        Chef JRD…..(no relation to Boyardee).

  2. GracieD says:

    Mornin Honeys! I’m going for “equine therapy” at bgf’s farm today. Churchill was right, there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man…or woman as the case may be!

    • JRD says:

      Gracie, that’s a Reagan quote.

      There’s nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.

      • GracieD says:

        “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

        Winston Churchill quotes (British Orator, Author and Prime Minister during World War II. 1874-1965)

        Methinks Reagan paraphrased Churchill. They were both very smart men, IMO.

          • Integrity1st says:

            But “I” said it first. LOL

            Gracie, I love horses, and need therapy. Seriously, tell me more of what you’re doing.

            • GracieD says:

              I1st, for me, equine therapy is simply spending time with my horse. He lives with my BGF, Terri in Covington. It is an hour’s drive there and an hour’s drive back. I get to the farm, get some treats, and go get Basco out of whichever pasture he is in. I have to save a treat and a scratch/pat for whoever else is in the pasture with him. BGF has 9 horses on the place. I’ll have to find a couple of pix from the farm. They have hundred year old oak trees on the property. Once I get him out of the pastureI bring him to the barn and tie him on the rack. I talk to him, and enjoy the unconditional love that he gives. Then I tack him up and ride for an hour or two. Paso Finos are great in that they do not jar you like a trotting horse does. Pasos are actually good Therapy Horses. There is such a thing, actually. It helps handicapped people, it is good for the soul in addition to all of the physical things that it can help. For me, it is mostly emotional therapy.

              After I ride, I visit with BGF and the family, them I head back home, having spent a relaxing day in the country.

              • Integrity1st says:

                Sounds awesome Gracie, but can’t imagine having a horse an hour’s drive away?!?

                • GracieD says:

                  I seriously considered moving him when I bought him, but was not satisfied with any of the boarding stables around here. His wellbeing is more important than my convenience. It is not that bad of a drive. Actually a couple if the stables around here are closer as miles go, but traffic makes it a longer commute than going to BGF’s farm.

        • Sharon says:

          I totally agree with the truth of what you say….however, in spite of my comment about wanting to hug the sweet horse linked here yesterday, I am terrified of horses. The only horses we had on the farm when I was growing up where former plow horses and the only one I remember is a giant one who was MEAN and AGGRESSIVE and scared me half to death….and then we have one “country horse rider” here in our community who (knowing that I had a history) brought her horse (because he “really is so sweet”) into our yard one day when she was riding by. Thank God I stayed on the deck, because she lost control of him, he was trying to buck her off and in the process, totally destroyed a flower garden/display near our driveway. So I want to hear your nice horse experiences, too!

          • AFinch says:

            Last summer, we fostered a dog whose previous owners had simply left him in his pen after they moved. He had a severe skin infection that left him almost completely bald. The woman who adopted him has three horses, one of which she describes as a “mean Arabian.”

            A few weeks ago, she was outside working when the Arabian whinnied and the dog went running over to it. She kept an eye on them because the Arabian is prone to biting and her other dog usually steers clear. Instead, the horse lowered her head so the dog could lick her face. Apparently, the two of them are best buds now.

    • Jennifer H says:

      This quote is something I say to every one who comes around our place and wonders why we are so into the lifestyle. It takes a lot of work and constant vigilance for your horses’ saftey. We have three horses and one that a former neighbor keeps here in exchange for partial feeding, bringing horses up to their stalls, and her portion of the feed. I love this quote- and believe it whole heartedly.

  3. JRD says:

    Looks like the Scumocrats are trying to capitalize on taking down Jesse Kelly and stopping him from running against Gabrielle Giffords again. This was an extremely close race and I do believe Kelly really won. These Scumocrats are despicable.

    Ben Smith and the rest of the JournØlisters have their new marching orders, “Kill Jesse Kelly.”

    We have to exercise Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Target the JournØlisters.

    Where’s the speech police?

  4. JRD says:

    Need your morning laugh? Read the comments here.

    Life Is Sweet Aboard the SS Heinz-Kerry

    • Mrs Compton says:

      He missed Shrivers wake?

    • Amsterdam Expat says:

      Thank goodness the country never elected Mr. Teresa Heinz as President.

      I’m still surprised that when another legacy widow inherited her late husband’s billion plus dollars — as one heard — he didn’t find some way to ditch Teresa and become Mr. Suha Arafat.

  5. JRD says:

    WaPo’s Dana Milibank is declaring February a Palin Free Month

    I predict he can’t do it because he has an addiction. Maybe this is Palin’s birthday present. She’ll wipe the floor with them.

  6. JRD says:

    “Rughead” Trump helps Rahm haul in $10.6M

    Yeah, he’s real conservative!

    • yomotley says:

      I hope someone brings this up in an interview with The Rug when discussing whether to run or not. (Or maybe he hasn’t contributed but is part of a “get the conservs to hate the guy” move) Can’t stand to watch Trumpie Baby talk.

    • PhillyCon says:

      Read: “protection money.”

      • GracieD says:

        What crossed my mind, is something entirely different. Sorry, my Louisiana background is showing…Since Trump is hitting Zippy fairly hard in recent days, is it possible that Rhambo decided to give the Trumpster some…shall we say inside information. It actually would be in keeping with Rham’s character, since he left the WH. Everybody knows Trump loves to shoot off his mouth.

    • Amsterdam Expat says:

      Thanks for that piece of information. All on its own it nearly rules out the Donald as an option for 2012, doesn’t it?

    • garnette says:

      It is probably a combination protection money and inside information. For me, the phrase that comes to mind is to keep your enemies close. I think this fits it as well, especially if he sees it is a given that Rahm is going to be mayor.

  7. WaltzingMtilda says:

    Morning dahlings.

    Have I mentioned that I live with crazy people? Woke up to the 2 year old yelling at my head “Get UP!”. When I said “Hell no!” he went down to the end of the bed and started pulling the covers off while chanting “Gimme the BLANKET!”. In an effort to distract him I said “Go get mommy some iced tea.” I figured he would head for the kitchen and get distracted on the way and leave me alone.

    Nope. 12 seconds later he returned with the tea jug declaring : “It’s too heavy.”


    • PhillyCon says:

      Hey, WM … its supposed to be a low of 8 degrees tonight … I hope you and the family are keeping warm. We are also expected to get another snowstorm on Tuesday from the Midwest. (Thanks a lot Midwest :) )

      Anyway, how sick is the abortion doctor in West Philly? I have purposely kept away from the grisly details, b/c I cannot handle the sheer evil nature of the entire episode, esp. as a mom to young children. Did your hubby hear about it?

      • Mrs Compton says:

        I read the transcript, it was indeed horrific. I don’t know what’s worse, the silence of the msn and now or the murderer.

        • WaltzingMtilda says:

          Check this out found in HA comments:

          Here’s Ed Rendell’s best quote in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning about why this is such a tragic situation:

          “It’s a tragic situation, obviously. All of those of us who are pro-choice abhor this because it casts a negative light on that movement. All of us believe abortion should be legal, but it should be safe. Clearly, what this physician was doing was not safe. It’s not safe for the mother. It’s certainly not safe for the fetus.”

          ROCnPhilly on January 22, 2011 at 12:51 PM

          Not. Safe. For. The. Fetus.


        • garnette says:

          I knew I had read a post about what “feminists” (or at least one of them) is saying about it. I found this on Ace – the headline sums it up well – Feminists: What Gosnell Did Says Absolutely Nothing About Abortion Because It Wasn’t Abortion. One point he makes in his post is that the “feminist” leaves out his illegal abortions in her arguments.

          • violet says:

            I’d like to hear them explain how what this creep did differs from abortion. Is it because the baby is outside the womb instead of inside it? In other words, it’s your location at the time of death that makes the difference? A baby is the same baby whether inside the womb or outside it, just as that despicable abortionist (I will not call him a doctor) is the same person whether in his slaughterhouse, at his home, in the courtroom, or in a maximum-security prison where he belongs. You don’t become a different person by leaving one place and entering another.

      • WaltzingMtilda says:

        PhillyC I told him about it. He was properly horrified. Problem is I can’t get him to see the connection between the murder of the born and the murder of the unborn. My mom told me years ago when I was still pro “choice” that the reason you kept hearing about teenage girls throwing their live babies (literally) in the trash was because they are taught that abortion is okay.

        I didn’t believe her then. I do now.

        • violet says:

          Back when abortion was still a felony, the people who were arguing for its decriminalization used photographs of hellholes exactly like Gosnell’s slaughterhouse — with all the congealing blood and unspeakable filth and decaying corpses and maimed women — to prove that abortion should be legalized, so that it could be made clean and sanitary and safe. Their arguments won the day. And nearly 40 years and 50 million dead babies later, the abortion chambers are still hellholes. Surprise, surprise.

          (Back when I was going through my feminist phase, I favored legal abortion because I was snookered by the promise that it would end child abuse. That didn’t work out so well, either. Reality has a way of intruding on utopian fantasies…)

      • Sharon says:

        Hey,’re welcome for the weather! It was 20 below here last night, and we’re hoping to get above zero tomorrow sometime… ;) Philosophically speaking, once it hits ten below, it doesn’t ever matter more than that…it’s all downhill from there. Just like in the summer….once it gets above 90, I stop paying attention!

    • yomotley says:

      At least the ‘Lil Crazy Tlda’s’ did what Mommy said. Is that too heavy as in dropped? I usually tell mine to come back when they are about eighteen and in the meantime I will give some thought to getting up (or making breakfast or driving them somewhere or whatever the current want is…)

      • Bijou says:

        “…come back when they are about eighteen…”

        LOL, Motley!

        This is why I kept the cereal in the bottom cupboards so the little darlings could get the box themselves and sit in front of the TV stuffing it into their faces.

        • violet says:

          Which one of you honeys was it that said “foraging is a life skill”? I know I read it somewhere on HT, but I can’t recall who said it.

        • Ad rem says:

          My mother used to hide the Oreo cookies in the dryer….not kidding.

          • violet says:

            I hide goodies in the oven — not to keep them away from my kids, but to make sure the cats can’t get them! They (the cats) know how to open cupboards, but so far they haven’t figured out how to open the oven.

            • Pat P says:

              Child safety catches. I had to put one on the cupboard that my dog can open. The treats are in there.

              • violet says:

                Still trying to find one that works. The first one I bought wouldn’t fit my cupboards, the second one could not be opened by arthritic hands, the one I have now is impossible for my husband to open because his thumbs are too large to depress the (very small) button that releases the lock. Could someone please invent one that’s easy for humans to open, but impossible for cats?

    • AliRose says:

      That sounds EXACTLY like morning at my house!

  8. WaltzingMtilda says:

    F-shared “Watching the Other Hand”.

  9. An email from my Senator, Max Baucus. How stupid does he think the people of this state ARE, anyway? Pretty stupid, apparently, because they keep on electing HIM!

    Hi folks,

    I just spent the last week at home in Montana traveling around the state and talking with folks about what needs to get done back in Washington. Boy, it was great being back in Big Sky Country.

    I started the week working alongside the crew at River Rising Bakery & Deli in Hamilton, serving coffee, sandwiches, soup and cleaning up tables. Working at River Rising Bakery gave me a chance to see firsthand what Montana small businesses are doing to grow our economy and hear more ways I can help them create good-paying Montana jobs.

    I also discussed the health care reform law with folks. It’s already working to make their lives better through tax cuts for businesses, protections from insurance companies and discounts for seniors to get the medicines they need. I know it might not be perfect, but folks I spoke to in Hamilton are glad the new law is in place.

    The next day, I sat down with small business owners in Bozeman to talk about working as a team to move the economy forward and create more good-paying jobs– and they have great ideas. I’m proud to see that the tax cuts and investment incentives we passed last Congress are already helping Montana businesses create Montana jobs. And I’m excited to continue partnering with Montana businesses to get them the tools they need to keep up the good work.

    I was also fortunate to visit the new American Legion building.

    Max at the Bozeman American Legion

    These folks have built back stronger than ever since their facility was destroyed in the downtown explosion. I’m so grateful for the work they do for the community, and for vets everywhere.

    I finished the week in Billings, bringing together top law enforcement and justice officials in a community roundtable discussion to talk about how to improve Montana’s safety standards. There are new faces in Montana’s law enforcement community, including folks like our new U.S. Marshal Darrell Bell, who I was so proud to recommend for the job. When we’ve got safe communities, we can attract business and jobs to our state because it adds to all the things that make Montana a great place to live, work and raise a family.

    My number one job is to help Montana businesses create jobs. That means cutting taxes for Montana businesses, so they can put folks to work in good-paying jobs. It means working across the aisle to find serious solutions to cut our federal deficit. And it means making smart investments in schools, roads, energy and agriculture in Montana communities.

    I love being home, and it’s always hard to leave. But I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and put Montanans’ good ideas to work in Washington.

    All the Best, Max Baucus

    • Pat P says:

      You see, Frankly, Uncle Max knows what is best for you and for Montana! Why don’t you listen to Uncle Max when he so clearly knows better than you do?

      • violet says:

        Frankly hit the nail on the head. Our elected reps already KNOW their constituents are stupid by virtue of the fact that they voted for them. No wonder they have such a low opinion of us.

    • Sharon says:

      And in every paragraph, the subject is “I”…

      He “worked at the River Rising Bakery”? Hmmmmph. What he meant to say there was:

      “My staff scheduled me to stop in at some bread store between 9:35 and 10:10. We got there about 9:45. I bought me a fried apple donut. After I ate the donut, my administrative assistant got an apron from them to put on me so I’d look like I belonged in the kitchen. We went through some doors to the back room, and they let me push the start button on one of those big kettle-mixing thingies. Apparently they had all come in at 8 or something because they already had a big pan of brownies ready to come out of the oven. Then I saw that they had two ovens. I didn’t get to ask, but believe that one of them was an ObamaStimulusOven. I put some donuts on a plate and set it in the top shelf of the display cabinet. My extended comments about working at the bread store will be entered in the Congressional Record. I not only work for you lucky stiffs. I work with you.”

    • Amsterdam Expat says:

      Was he hammered — as he frequently seems to be — when he wrote it?

      • Integrity1st says:

        The worst part: new faces in Montana’s law enforcement community, including folks like our new U.S. Marshal Darrell Bell, who I was so proud to recommend for the job.

        • You caught the incorrect use of “who” instead of “whom”, too, didn’t you? I think Sharon speaks better “Senator” than old Maxie (or, more likely, his ghostwriter) speaks “English.”

          • Integrity1st says:

            It wasn’t that Frankly. It was I know what it means when he “recommends” someone for a particular job, especially a sheriff. Bad news for most seeking impartial justice.

            • English teachers’ daughter. Can’t help myself. However, I don’t care if he was recommending the Angel Gabriel, somebody still didn’t know their who from a whom in the ground.

    • garnette says:

      Why does he keep using the work TALK to describe what he did as he traveled around the state? Does he LISTEN to those he represents to hear how they want him to represent them in DC?

      • violet says:

        Come on, garnette. I love you (and your cute little cockatiel!:-)) — but really, why would ANY elected official waste his precious time listening to people who were dumb enough to vote for him?

        (Darn it, where IS the sarcasm font on this computer?)

        • garnette says:

          Well, when you put it that way, I don’t blame him for not listening to those who voted him. It would be nice if he did listen to those who were smart enough not to vote for him though.

          But, seriously, it is interesting to me that I kept reading the verb talk as he described his actions. He or the staff member who wrote the letter could have used different verbs to describe his actions.

          Yep, my cockatiel is keeping an eye on the politicians.

          • violet says:

            Sharon (the blue jay) and violet (the bluebird of happiness — click to enlarge him so you can see his bright, joyful expression) are happy to have garnette the cockatiel here to help us keep a watchful eye on that gaggle of clowns, impostors, and criminals.

            • Integrity1st says:

              Now Violet, that was very disingenuous of you. By the way, what happened to Emma, and will she be back in time for Sunday’s Mailbox?

              Garnette, love the avatar, is that yours?

              • Integrity1st says:

                as in your pet.

              • Sharon says:

                Integrity1st…I’m Emma…coming out of the closet as real-life Sharon. Made a note in the open forum yesterday, but know everyone didn’t see it. The bluejay is Sharon (oh, dear, does that make me bS?) These life changes are confusing! :) Emma was a nice name I picked out of the air when I first started posting online.

                For one thing, since I’m writing about heritage issues I didn’t want my grandchildren wondering why Grandma wasn’t using her real name!

                • Integrity1st says:

                  Totally understand, but wow was Emma a perfect fit, or maybe it just became the perfect fit. I shall miss her. She was a very wise woman. Let’s hope Sharon lives up to Emma’s legacy.

                  Just kidding, of course. Thanks for all the great posts!

    • Auntie Lib says:

      Just my two cents here – Max is about the dumbest person I have ever met. I mean that in the most sincere, apolitical way possible. So dumb that he has been too stupid to understand that he has been handled 24/7 by people who are smarter than he can even fathom (although most that I know couldn’t get into a Mensa Convention even as part of the catering crew). What has changed is that as he has risen in seniority, and now with the proliferation of cable news, his handlers can’t keep him behind the scenes the way they used to and his lack of mental acuity can’t be hidden any longer from the media and the masses.

      Which means that 2014 may well be the end of his career:

      Pat Williams, a former congressman representing Montana’s lone statewide district, said he thought that Tester was likely in the clear for now. However, he added that the state could still be host to a Lieberman-style challenge in 2014 when longtime incumbent Senator Max Baucus, who has also fought with the Democratic base at various points, is up for reelection.

      H/T The Flint Report []

      The champaign is already chilling and the fat lady is standing in the wings warming up…

      • Auntie Lib says:

        Oops – forgot to copy the second paragraph of the article…

        “He’s in a lot more trouble with Democrats,” Williams said. “If a very high-profile Democrat went after Baucus in a primary and if there was enough of a contest on the Republican side in the primary to keep them on their own side, Baucus would be in serious danger of losing the nomination.”

      • Sharon says:

        All of that just reinforces the value of regular folks making use of information, use it against the people that need to be removed and use it for the people who need to be strengthened. Let the good times roll.

        Just having information will not by itself get the job done. I want to learn to be more specific about what I do with the information I have.

  10. Auntie Lib says:

    Dear Motley and any others of you who read or were involved with the discussion about the business located in Missoula, Montana the other day – I completely stick by my characterization of the political leaning and attitudes of the owners and employees. If any of you want more information, we can visit on the FB group later today.

    The commenter from the company is the current PR honcho, [name provided on FB if you want]. I suspect she monitors the search engines for mentions of the company and then checks it out – ergo she landed here and mounted a strenuous defense of the company. I found it funny – in the “methinks thou dost protest too much” way – that she felt compelled to defend the company from being called liberal.

    My motive in offering the information I did in the original comment is that some people choose to support businesses whose political leanings are in line with their own. I provided the information about the company in question without any editorial comment. I did not suggest that anyone should not purchase any products offered by that company. That is none of my business, and I wouldn’t presume to tell any of you where to spend your money.

    All that being said, Montana has been called “a small town with very long streets” and we do tend to know about our neighbors and what’s happening in the ‘hood.

    And now I have to get another cup of coffee, get in the shower and get to a meeting. No rest for the wicked. Have a great day, Honeys!

    • AliRose says:

      I kind of suspected that when I read it. It sounded like a PR soundbite to me, but, not being familiar with the company, I didn’t want to say anything. Plus, I found it a bit ironic that an employee of the company just happened to be a HT reader.

      • GracieD says:

        The irony of the employee being on the Trail for the first time, struck me a odd as well, AliRose.

        • yomotley says:

          No mystery to Sscisco being here for the first time the day the Liquid Planet was mentioned. . .

          After I wrote up the post, I zapped an email to the company letting them know I linked their site when mentioning a product they sell. She did not just happen here, she was invited.

          Update: Sscisco did not try to hide her identity or title in her email.

      • AliRose says:

        Apparently, they worked the Democratic National Convention in Denver, but say it was completely apolitical…they’re just another client.

        I would argue that the idea that a business owner should refrain from discriminating when determining who to do business with is in line with liberal thinking. Let’s put it this way…If I owned a coffee company, I wouldn’t be caught dead working the DNC.

        • AliRose says:

          VP Chad Morgan (mentioned in above article) gave donations to Montanans for Tester.

        • yomotley says:

          From the article you link to, Ali,

          “The company’s familiar logo of a Classical figure drinking from a globe-shaped jug has a prominent spot inside the main entrance of the Colorado Convention Center.

          “Oh yeah. We’re here,” said Chad Morgan, Liquid Planet’s vice president of development, in the middle of a busy late morning spree of latte-making. “We’re building outside as well.”

          I asked him if he was here for the convention.

          “No. Well, yes. It is convention-related,” he said, meaning related to conventions in the larger sense, and not in this particular case of the resident Democrats.

          Liquid Planet is a national partner of Centerplate, a national company that managers conventions and sporting arenas in, for example, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego.

          Morgan turned back to his espresso maker and whipped out two more lattes.

          “So, yeah. We’re not here for the convention. This is just one of the events,” he said.

          • WaltzingMtilda says:

            Funny, I had almost this same convo on FB when a gay friend took umbrage at Chick-Fil-A for providing food for a group that is against gay marriage.

            My bottom line was (as these are fellow event pros) ‘It’s a catered event…we can all get behind that, right?”

          • AliRose says:

            I basically explained that above the link. I stand behind my original comment.

        • AFinch says:

          Do convention organizers have any say in which companies cater the events at the host venue? Isn’t that determined by the venue and the contracts it already has in place?

          In my limited experience in organizing events, we have no choice but to use the vendors with whom the venue already has contracts. Conversely, I’m pretty certain that those vendors cannot simply refuse to serve certain groups that use the venue facilities.

          So if Centerplate has the exclusive vending contract for the Colorado Convention Center, it had no choice but to cater the DNC convention. Depending on what LP’s contract is with Centerplate, it may not have had a choice in the matter either.

          I’m not taking a position one way or the other on whether LP is a leftist/liberal company. I just don’t think its presence at the DNC convention is evidence of it.

          You know, Limbaugh caught a little bit of flak for accepting advertising from CNN for Parker-Spitzer on his show. He would not endorse it or lend his reputation to promote it and he knew his listeners wouldn’t watch it, so his attitude was “Of course I’ll take their money.” I’m of the same mind. I will not willingly give $$ to leftists when I can help it, but for the most part, I have no problem taking theirs. I draw the line at doing anything that helps them advance their cause.

          So, getting back to the LP example. Let’s assume that they DID have a choice in working the DNC convention and did so willingly. Is taking money from a bunch of leftists for pretentious, overpriced coffee products–money that might otherwise end up in some prog’s campaign coffers–really an unpardonable offense?

    • violet says:

      Thanks for following up on this, Auntie Lib — very interesting info. And I always find it amusing when ANYONE feels compelled to defend himself/herself against the accusation of being a liberal. Kind of tells you something.

    • Mrs Compton says:

      It stuck me as pretty odd as well, glad you told us more and that we can spend our money elsewhere. I’m trying real hard not to support the libtards and the chinese. Damn hard when they are entrenched capitalists!!

  11. JRD says:

    ‘Is GE betraying its customers and its country?’

    The plan was simple: the media would broadcast pro-Obamacare propaganda; government would enact policy “by popular demand”; and the chosen corporation would profit at taxpayer expense.

    It’s up to shareholders to call GE CEO Jeff Immelt on the carpet

    What GE appears to be engaging in is not capitalism: it is an unholy alliance of governmental and corporate interests that thwarts the national security and economic interests of the American people to benefit a chosen few senior executives and politicians.

    GE’s shareholders must rebel against these un-American — and, frankly, anti-American — activities. GE is a national institution — but its recent activities smack of pure, unmitigated evil.

  12. JRD says:

    Oh, this is just too good.

    The NY SLIMES is accusing big, bad wolf Glenn Beck for endangering the security of a poor, defenseless 78 year old liberal academic who just happens to be radical flippin communist Frances Fox Piven!

    I’m cryin I’m laughin so hard! Give me a break.

    Doesn’t the NY SLIMES feel it’s responsible for the death threats to Sarah Palin?

  13. WeeWeed says:

    Pussies, I tell you. Cornyn, Conaway, I’m watching you. Apparently there’s not a full backbone to be had amongst the whole lot of the whiners.

  14. Pat P says:

    About the MTV show ‘Skins’:

    The show is based on a British show of the same name that supposedly is even more graphic, but yet it has been already shown on BBC America. No one noticed because it was on BBC America, a channel few people watch or even get on their television. MTV is very popular among teens. So 12 year olds are going to be watching naked kids a few years older then them simulate sex acts. How can anyone not find the concept frightening and disgusting?

    This article from David Horowitz’s newsrealblog:

    • G8rMom7 says:

      My kid no better than to watch that network in my house. My oldest told me she watched the Teen Pregnancy show at her other dad’s house (with his same age step-daughter…they are good friends), but she told me all about it and we talked about it. I told her no uncertain terms that she is NOT allowed to watch MTV and especially not this Skins show even when she is not in our house. Of course, my daughter is especially cool and sometimes we get into some good discussions when we talk about them (like we did with the Teen Mom show).

      In any case, MTV used to be so cool…I used to watch it ALL THE TIME when I was I teen because they played MUSIC as in MUSIC TV. I miss that. When I was on maternity leave and would have to get up in the middle of the night for feedings and such, I would watch Insomniac Theater in VH1 because it was once again just music videos. Ugh.

      • AliRose says:

        I was just going to say that…we loved MTV when we were kids, but it was all videos back then. We used to wait for hours just to see Thriller!

        • AFinch says:

          Me too! My parents canceled our cable soon after that, though.

        • Kristi says:

          MTV wasnt offered in my town when I was growing up.. because of the ‘corrupting influence” it would have on us.

          Haha.. isnt that funny?! It was all music videos back then. We use to leave “We want our MTV” notes on the mayors car. We finally got it about 1985 or 1986

          Anyway.. I loved to babysit across the street in Indy so I could watch MTV.

    • Sharon says:

      Generations of folks who knew right from wrong and were reacting and speaking (or refusing to mention them) about such things when we were kids were mocked (and still are) for being so out of it. Now that God is out of the schools and “teaching values” is in….NOW David Horowitz and others can raise the hue and cry. NOW they will–wait for it–fund more government programs to teach kids values. Perhaps Islam’s values? Since no one is allowed to mention Judeo-Christian principles without getting hammered for it? If it weren’t so blasted serious, I’d laugh at them. Unfortunately, it’s our house that’s burning down and the arsonists are still in charge. Evil.

      • violet says:

        Agree. Sick and twisted.

      • Pat P says:

        Sharon, do you dislike David Horowitz? Back in the early MTV days, I believe he was still a Communist. Anyway, I was glad to read about this because there is no way I would be watching MTV (never did, and my daughter begged for cable so she could watch just like her friends did in the 80′s).

        • Sharon says:

          I don’t care one way or the other about David Horowitz. My reaction is to the fact that apparently when a David Horowitz (or a Jared Loughner–makes no difference)…brings to the surface some basic truth about evil by their words or actions…something that normal people have known for 238 years….then it’s news.

  15. Pat P says:

    Does anyone else here use Bing? Their photo today is that terrific one of the super cell over Montana, with links to articles about tornados etc.

    • WeeWeed says:

      I do – it’s particularly mean looking today, huh?

    • Auntie Lib says:

      Did I tell you that the original is hanging in our capitol (Secretary of State’s office) right now? Sean Heavey is our “Treasured Artist”. Secretary McCulloch had a reception for him about a week ago and I got to meet him – nice guy!

      His pictures are of the area that Emma/Sharon’s essays are set in and that FTN and her family live in now. Go here for more…

  16. Jennifer H says:

    Robin of Berkeley hits another one out of the ball park…

    Now, I have a pretty good idea why I mostly had bad dreams all through the night. It’s because, during the day, I read a highly disturbing article by Michelle Malkin. Malkin provides a pictorial to some of the most violent and malevolent media about Sarah Palin and other conservatives.

  17. Jennifer H says:

    Some good news from the pro life front

    Mexican producer and actor Eduardo Verastegui has announced that his organization, Mantle of Guadalupe, will construct “the largest pro-life women’s clinic in the United States.”

    Not only is his vision awesome – but he is about as hot as hot can be!

  18. Jennifer H says:

    And while I have been covering these the heinous galloping global jihad for all these many years (and watched all the attendant videos of indescribable violence), I am still stunned and outraged when I catch glimpses of our abject surrender exhibited in this video. The moral depravity of our cowardice, the horror of sacrificing our children in a futile attempt to satiate the beast, is more shocking than any beheading.

  19. Jennifer H says:

    Which ties in with this …

    Instead of playing the entire four hours of tape, Dr. Rami decided after the first 45 minutes that the court had heard enough to prove that there was no incitement to hatred or anything else. Rather, it was very clear that the tone and setting of the seminar was one of sober respect.

  20. staceedb says:

    getting ready to take daughter to this concert tonight….

  21. Amsterdam Expat says:

    Interesting — not only are many states challenging O-Care’s constitutionality in court (with perhaps the prospect of moving towards a constitutional amendment to counteract the abuse of the interstate commerce clause being held in reserve), some are also advancing on another front: to nullify it.

    • Sharon says:

      That’s interesting. Who knew.

      Even bearing in mind that “One potential fly in the ointment for Idaho and other states considering nullification is the 1958 U.S. Supreme Court decision reaffirming that federal laws ‘shall be the supreme law of the land.’ ” is there the possibility of having a useful fight over that 1958 law?

      May we hope that finally there is a layer of politically and constitutionally astute folks that are going to be digging in for the long haul on a bunch of stuff. It seems that way.

  22. Amsterdam Expat says:

    I found this partial interview of Melanie Phillips on Israeli television (via the blog Chicago Boyz):

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