Open Forum — Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Morning, Honeys!

Looks like President Obama is taking a page from Sarah Palin’s book, setting forth new policy in an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“And today, I am signing an executive order that makes clear that this is the operating principle of our government. This order requires that federal agencies ensure that regulations protect our safety, health and environment while promoting economic growth. And it orders a government-wide review of the rules already on the books to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive. It’s a review that will help bring order to regulations that have become a patchwork of overlapping rules, the result of tinkering by administrations and legislators of both parties and the influence of special interests in Washington over decades.”

Two thoughts:

(1) Isn’t this the same approach Darrell Issa announced last week, to the ridicule of the writers at PuffHo (h/t James Taranto) who claimed he wanted to “hand government over to the US Chamber of Commerce”?

(2) With all due respect, Mr. President, I’ll believe it when I see it.

What else is going on today?

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  1. AFinch says:

    Doug Powers’ reaction to Palin’s Hannity interview:

    “[S]he’s got balls in places her would-be opponents don’t even know they have places.”

    • PhillyCon says:

      Oh, I thought you posted this on the Hannity thread … double post, sorry …. good stuff …. maybe Allahpundit needs to read it….

  2. JRD says:

    Obama 2.0: The Reinvention Begins

    We are about to watch the extreme makeover of Barack Obama in real time.

    Will Americans be taken for suckers again?

    • GracieD says:

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Actually, he didn’t fool me the first time. We have to be diligent with getting the facts out to everyone we possibly can!

    • PhillyCon says:

      As Palin stated yesterday, the economy is headed for a world of hurt. So, let’s see how this manufactured honeymoon lasts.

      Unforunately, he has a willing media to do his bidding for him. This accounts for the fact that he is still above 40 percent.

    • TN WAHM says:

      Back in early 2007 when I first heard about BO, I remarked to my dh that I was more afraid of him than Hillary; because of how a classmate in college ~where are they now?~ described his ability to make you think he agreed with you even when he didn’t.

      I think he might try, but we have his ~and the other demonrats~ actions as evidence. While he may have the LSM on his side, we are much more informed and know about their tricks/strategies.

      This is why I believe the Repubs in the House need to keep sending up repeal bills and defunding bills. We need to keep his actions in the forefront. His words may change, but his actions won’t. He’s incapable of it.

  3. JRD says:

    John F. Kennedy and Madness of the American Left
    By Jeffrey Lord
    The unraveling of the modern American Left can be traced to the day JFK’s left-wing killer was let off the hook by the aborning liberal media of the day — which tried instantly to put the blame on the American and Dallas right. Anywhere but where it squarely belonged — at the feet of a determined Marxist who in fact was acting in the violent traditions of his decidedly leftist political faith.

    John F. Kennedy’s murder, the third time a president of the United States had been shot to death by a leftist — and not counting the two leftist attempts to kill FDR and Truman — was an eye-opening example in the day and right now of what can only be called left-on-left violence. The seating of Democrats and Republicans together at the next State of the Union Address will not — cannot — cure this.

  4. JRD says:

    Defund ‘Obamacare’: The next step
    As one of the first acts of this 112th Congress, the House is due to pass language I introduced to repeal Obamacare: “as if such Act had not been enacted.”

    This legislation would validate the strategy for repeal that I have been advancing since the day the law was signed. It will also set the stage for the next component of my repeal strategy: the inclusion of language in every appropriations bill to prevent federal funds from being used to implement or enforce any of Obamacare’s provisions.

    I believe the votes exist to pass a repeal in the Senate, but that the current vote total is not sufficient to override President Barack Obama’s veto. I also believe that if he chooses to veto a repeal bill, the president will NOT be elected to a SECOND term.

  5. PhillyCon says:

    Carrying over a thought about that Quin Hillyer article re: Palin’s interview…. I started reading some of the comments .. some of it is the usual Leftist drool, they think she’s dumb etc. etc.

    Why do they care so much? Why do they take the time to spam pro-Palin threads, (maybe some of them are paid?) If she’s dumb, leave her alone and your Messiah will beat her, right? The Shakespeare line comes to mind, “doth protest much” … they are protesting too much about Palin. (It’s so f-ing weird, cannot comprehend the psychology of such people) Also, that liberal guy on CNN who had to say fifty million times, Sarah Palin is stupid like it was some self-esteem seminar so he had to convince himself, was odd as well. (Sundance posted this on one Palin thread.)

    • PhillyCon says:

      Here’s a comment from “blerch” C4P:

      Hillyer is starting to come around. He used to be hyper-critical of her. If she is starting to convert people without even campaigning, imagine what she will do when she is out on the campaign trail and participating in the debates.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      The Left tells us who they fear by who they attack the most.

      • yomotley says:

        It says a lot on how the Left really thinks of Obama — they don’t compare him to any other president or anyone in office of anything! They compare him constantly to a working mother celebrity ex-governor author on a book tour holding her downs baby and looking at her hunk of a husband, all the while calling her a quitter and loser. So, the Left says SP is a quitter and loser — and that is who they choose to set up Obama to spar political words with? Very telling on how Lefties see Obama!

  6. PhillyCon says:

    I wish someone could e-mail this link to Allahpundit (h/t Afinch) …. what a weak character … AmEx’s adjectives come to mind, but I could add a few more … cowering, cravenly, ….

    • AFinch says:

      I just don’t think he/she is very smart. Most of the time, his/her reasoning is superficial at best. BTW, I always assumed AP was male, but AmEx’s adjectives put the idea in my mind that AP may be female.

    • PhillyCon says:

      AP is male …. he describes himself as a “beta” male .. and has admitted to having the hots for Meghan McCain.

  7. JRD says:

    What is it about Ms. Palin’s life story that generates this blind loathing? The answer is that, at every turn, Ms. Palin’s story debunks the myths of victimization and self-centeredness that is at the heart of the Modern Liberal ideology.

  8. TN WAHM says:

    Good Morning Honeys!
    Re: Conversation/debate with Pelosi lapdog TN-9 Steve Cohen.
    Yesterday I detailed comments on a link from Steve Cohen’s FB page about the hellcare bill. Well, he’s replied. Rhetorical question. Does he not know that I can think for myself, that I have a good memory, and that I have the truth on my side?
    My comment from yesterday. ~thanks for help from fellow hikers~
    “Of course the “public option” is not the law. But we all know that as increased government regulation makes it more and more expensive and less and less profitable for private insurance companies to conduct business, competition will decrease until eventually the government is the only payer. It is insulting, disingenuous and incredibly short-sighted to suggest that market conditions will remain static as this law gets implemented. Just look at what has happened in MA since they have implemented the precursor to this monstrosity of a hellcare bill you have passed.

    What does the Federal takeover of student loans have to do with healthcare? If this system is so good for all of us Americans, why isn’t it good enough for you in Congress? I’d be more inclined to listen, if you weren’t being such a hypocrite about it. This is about control; pure and simple. More government control over individual American lives.”

    His reply: “Steve Cohen: Wrong again.Congress under same law as everyone.READ THE BILL!and what we did with student lopans was fiscally wise and necessary for law,students,and colleges.Unless you like private lenders making millions off our students who need loans and do so with no risk as loans can’t be bankrupted and were guaranteed then you should say halleluah…thanks..right on!And insurance is going nowhere.They’ll have 32 million new customers who must buy product.”

    As advised by very wise hikers yesterday, I want to keep it on ideas. I’m thinking about answering with the difference between big government libs like him and free market conservitives like me is who we trust to solve problems: individuals or government. What do you think?

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      And insurance is going nowhere.They’ll have 32 million new customers who must buy product.
      What an idiot. Even if SCOTUS says that the individual mandate to buy health insurance is constitutional, it’s cheaper to just pay the fine than it is to buy health insurance. So then, people just wait to buy health insurance until they get sick or injured, and then health insurance companies cannot deny them even though they have a pre-existing condition.

      What will the result be? Healthy people will drop insurance coverage (because it’s cheaper) and sick/injured people will keep their health insurance. Health insurance premiums will necessarily skyrocket.

      What do you hope to accomplish with your dialogue with him?

    • AFinch says:

      Has he forgotten who he works for? I cannot believe the cavalier attitude and compete lack of common courtesy in his posts. Did he not hear the president’s sermon last week on civility?

      You’re obviously not going to convince him and frankly he is not your audience here–the people reading who might not know what you know are. I think I would say something like this:

      Thank you, Congressman. I really expected to hear nothing more than White House-approved talking points about health care, which you have provided. What I did not expect, however, was to be condescended to and insulted by my elected representative–whose paycheck comes from the taxes I willingly pay. Your comments here confirmed for me that you have given no significant and intellectually honest thought to the long term implications of the health care bill on our economy or our health care system. Forgive me for expecting more from the people sent to Washington to represent us.

    • AliRose says:

      Number 1 thing to remember…Don’t let him control the argument. Make it about what you want it to be about and keep it there. Try going back to what you’ve said already and draw on your commonalities, rather than highlighting your differences. (Unless, of course, your intention is just to rile him up and push his buttons. If that’s the case, then just let loose!) Try something like this…

      I’m glad that you and I see eye to eye and that you’re willing to acknowledge that this is about control; pure and simple. The government is trying to control businesses and control individuals, when it’s purpose set forth in the U.S. Constitution is to protect the rights of the citizens, including our right to make decisions for ourselves, both in business and as individuals, as well as our right to fail should we choose to make poor decisions. I appreciate that your choice of language is designed to support your conclusions. However, I can not agree with your argument that students “need loans” in order to be able to attend school. Loans are a convenience that make it easier to attend school, but are not necessary. And like any other convenience, we must pay for them. Plenty of students have paid their way through school without student loans. It takes sacrifice, hard work and dedication, something which seems to have been lost on this “give me” generation who wants everything to just be handed to them with no work on their part.

      As for health care, I ask you again to justify the government’s attempt to force “32 million customers” to buy a product that they do not want and/or can not afford. And yes, health insurance is a product, not a right. I’m glad that we can agree on that, as well. So, please explain to me how the government has the ability to force American citizens to purchase a product and where in the U.S. Constitution (the underlying document for the Federal government) this power has been granted. If you can do neither of these things, then please explain to me your personal justifications for supporting/voting for legislation that is, in essence, illegal under our current government. Our legislators are not above the law.

      BTW…the shouting is just rude and unnecessary. I’m trying to have a civil discourse, here and would prefer if you could return the respect.

      • garnette says:

        I agree about the student loans, what I was thinking is that it is a choice of the individual student on whether they get a loan and for how much. Thus, it is their decision on whether to do business with a company that will make a profit by providing a service to that student. Also, the business does take a risk with student loans in that some students will default on the loans, which is also part of doing business.

        Finally, I seem to recall hearing, so you may want to research this a bit before using it, that tuitions really skyrocketed when student loans became more the norm. It has to do with they could raise tuition because loans made it possible for students to be easily get money to pay their tuitions. (Need coffee so I can explain it better :) )

    • GracieD says:

      This guy needs a wee bit of Therapy, imo. ;)

  9. Moe says:
    Good morning everyone! Another snow day…but only 37 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. Ullsterman has a new email exchange posted with the WH Insider today. I really don’t know if this guy is for real, but none the less makes for fun reading, enjoy!

    • AFinch says:

      Good morning Moe (or is it Sleepless?). Sorry you were stuck in the spam filter the last hour. Don’t know what happened.

    • Thank you for that link, Moe!

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Interesting comments on upcoming book on Teh Won by an anonymous author. Apparently, other books are coming. Unusual to see before 2nd term.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Just read the “birther” comments. Hmmm…

      • Indeed. Two things stood out to me at that White House Insider link:

        1) Obama Celebrates Shortly After Delivering Tucson Memorial Speech

        Here is something that you will never hear from the media but that some witnessed shortly after the memorial service had finished. Behind the staging area, Obama gave Michelle a “high five” and shared a laugh with her. So within minutes of seeing what is Obama’s finest moment as president it is followed by one of his worst. It is this easy and always there contradiction in the president that concerns me very very much. He was just thrilled at his performance. That was priority #1 for him. It always is. The motivation for his speech was not to heal following the tragedy, but to further appeal to the public and get their approval of him… I cannot reconcile with that kind of behavior in a leader. There really is something missing in him. Some basic element of humanity. Or humility??? Even by DC political standards the human element in Obama seems to be utterly absent.

        2) “The birther stuff”

        Something is out there but nobody wants to touch it. The topic is coming up amongst us more than it ever has. I’m talking people who mocked it, dismissed it before, who are now quietly saying something is stirring out there on this subject and it’s got the WH very concerned. Big time worried. There are discussion in the WH about the issue. And I think some of the Republican leadership has a whiff of it but all indications appear to be they want nothing to do with it. It’s being buried deep. For now.

        I still have Questions for Speaker Boehner.

        • yomotley says:

          Well, I did think it strange that the rag “The Globe” had on its cover, at the checkout line, something about Obama losing lots of weight from worry over birther secrets or something. Even stranger was the mag/paper was right out in front — no one tried to hide it behinde a bunch of other mags.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Huckabee? Oh, boy.

      • I actually think Huckabee will win the Republican nomination and the Presidential election.


        It’s not that I like Huckabee more than Palin, it’s that the media will expend 95% of their negative energy against Palin, and her “negative perception” numbers will be higher than those of her peers. Huckabee has shown time and again that he can have prominent Democrats on his show and treat them with respect. He will be seen as more unifying and less “devisive” than Palin.

        Please don’t take this wrong, because I think very, very highly of Sarah Palin. I expressed that from the moment John McCain announced her as his running mate, and she has continued to impress me. I’m not down on Sarah Palin. But a lot of people are because they continue to be influenced by the MSM (Marxist Soros Media). Those people vote, and especially if Obama is not primaried and some Dems switch their registration to vote in the Republican Primary, they may impact the Republican nomination process.

        Huckabee will seem a more acceptable candidate to “moderates”, but make no mistake that his agenda is a very conservative agenda. Look back at his 2008 campaign issues page, and tell me where your stand on the issue differes from Huckabee’s stand on the issue.

        • Patriot Dreamer says:

          My concern with Huckabee is that he seems “too nice”, if you know what I mean. His record of pardons while Gov. of Ark. is going to hurt him.

          I’m still in wait and see mode on potential candidates, though.

        • PhillyCon says:

          I respectfully disagree RedPill … McCain was acceptable to moderates as well and look how well that turned out. I don’t think Huckabee as conservative as you think. Someone who praises Michelle Obama “obesity” program and bashes Palin doesn’t sit well with me. There’s a reason why Joy Behar has “endorsed” Huckabee as an “acceptable” Republican.

          They will Alinsky Huckabee just the same, once they get Palin out of the way. They are setting us up into thinking these things, and it pains me that people on our side fall for it.

          Like I said, and will continue to say regardless whoever ends up being the nominee, the problem (media vilification) doesn’t go away b/c Palin does … its rather naive and foolish to think if we cater to Leftist whims, they will go “easy” on someone else.

          I think history is on my side. I only have to point to GWB, Reagan, and Newt …

        • yomotley says:

          Well, why wait for the State Media to pull the negatives, both true and untrue, on Huckabee? Can’t we start the discussion now saying “Why Huck can’t win”?

          Also, people are starting to think they are choosing Mike Pence all by themselves. Don’t be too sure it is not the RINO that plant seeds for him to be acceptable to Tea Partiers. Rinos know they have to come up with an alternative to Palin THAT the TP’s will just love. Now that doesn’t mean Pence would not be someone to get behind just ask if he would have RINO support and if the answer is yes, what do you think about that? The best way to get people to do what you want is to get them to think it was their idea.

          Next topic. I have mixed sentiments and thoughts on the whole mama grizzly thing. Actually, it has become overused and will come to bite us in the butt. It has the potential to neuter any males that enter into the race. I am still formulating and ordering my thoughts as to why I think think this. There is always the possibility that I just get bored with too much of something, but then, there may be some good thinking to be shared on this. We will see.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          Huckabee is another Pawlenty or Ross Perot.

          If I were to list the things I stand for (or what any one of my 60 first cousins stands for) I could create a list that 95% of Americans would agree with. That has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I should be or could be President of the United States. There’s a straw man element to everything about Huckabee, and I’m not good enough at political argument to define it. So maybe I should keep my mouth shut? :) Huckabee is just a more palatable McCain (and quite a bit nastier in backroom dealings). Nothing more. That’s my opinion.

          When info was fresh on my mind, when Huckabee was still in the midst of primary competition in 2007-8, a young man from our church just lived and breathed Huckabee (and prayed out loud, only for him, at Bible Studies)….but could not respond to a single specific thing I brought up in the context of debate issues at the time. But he sure was 100% for Huckabee.

          Huckabee also reminds me of Pat Buchanan…the eternal campaigner, sucking oxygen out of the air, raising money, enjoying himself, dyed-in-the-woll conservative….but nowhere near winning…ever.

    • TN WAHM says:

      Interesting. I wonder how much of this the WH is behind? Another dem that is trying to “advise” Repubs on who to nominate in 2012. Huckabee? Please, I was a Huckabee supporter in 2008 ~wasn’t really anyone else and I wanted a showdown between Hillary and Huckabee~ and he’s lost me. Either the dems are in panic mode about BO ~saying Huckabee would beat him~ or they are trying to deflect off Palin.

  10. Patriot Dreamer says:

    I missed this article when it first came out:

    Racial Spoils in Obama’s America

    Includes ObamaCare.

  11. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Recent talk given by Stanley Kurtz [author of “Radical-in-Chief”] at the Wednesday Morning Club on January 5, 2011:

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      “Non-reformist reforms. Now, what does that mean? It means that you propose a reform to the capitalist system, which you advertise as just a little bit of a tweak to the system. It’s going to make things a little more fair, a little more efficient. But you know in your own mind that you planned that to undermine capitalism and to put the country on an irreversible path towards Socialism, a kind of stealth Socialism.”

      Hello, ObamaCare!

  12. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Cat ordered to do jury service
    A cat has been summoned to do jury service, even after his owners told the court he was “unable to speak and understand English”.

    Ad rem, is that you??


  13. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Mugged by Medicare

    Federal government claims it can hold people’s social security payments hostage in order to force them into enrolling in Medicare.

  14. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) to announce his retirement today. Will not run for re-election in 2012.

  15. I was offline for a long weekend, and just saw the hat tip that sundancecracker gave me in a post on Saturday.

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s a team effort, and this is a great team!

    By the way, I added a YouTube clip in a comment to that post, showing that at least one Democrat was talking months ago about how he thought Obama needed another “Oklahoma City”.

  16. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Herman Cain is supposed to be on Sean Hannity’s tv show tonight.

    I don’t know which candidate I want to support for 2012 yet, but I’m interested in hearing more from Cain.

  17. Patriot Dreamer says:

    MIT Prof. Richard Lindzen: A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action

  18. Good morning all Honey Bunz…and AFinch…THANK YOU for the shout out on the daily thread yesterday…I was skimming thru and saw your nice comments about my, ahem, affinity for all things foily :)

    Here is what is on my little mind this late morning…in less than an hour, Fast Eddie Rendell will NO LONGER be the Governor of Pennsylvania. My Commonwealth will be RED. Republican House, Republican Governor (Tom Corbett), one Republican US Senator (Pat Toomey).

    Now…Eduardo can be free to roam the cable channels. Night after night.

    • PhillyCon says:

      YEAH! No more fast Eddie!!

      Maybe, now Corbett can finally privatize the state stores. Talk about backwards!

      • And lift the Rendell ‘stay’ on Marcellus Shale drilling on Commonwealth property. Corbett said that would be his FIRST agenda item…I just hope he (and the new Legislators) knows we are ‘paying attention.’

      • Patriot Dreamer says:

        What are the “state stores”?

        • Here in PA wine and liquor can ONLY be sold by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in ‘State Stores.’ Manned by ‘LCB-state-employees. The jobs are patronage (meaning you either are related too, or ‘know someone’ to be hired. For life. With great benefits and retirement package).

          There is NO competition for prices on product. An ‘attempt’ has been made to free up some wine sales in selected (read politically connected) grocery stores via mechanical kiosks which must be manned by (here it comes!!!) LCB employees. To make a purchase you must blow into a ‘breathalizer;’ have your Driver’s License scanned; stand in front of a small camera and have an LCB employees (in Harrisburg) look at and ‘validate’ your ability to purchase. And they will charge you a $1.00 for the ‘benefit’ of this service…and (here it comes)…

          Not only are the Kiosks NOT FUNCTIONING NOW (they failed with ‘computer glitches’) but the company that runs them is owned by a FOFE (Friend of Fast Eddie).

          Tomorrow, we can discuss the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission :)

  19. AFinch says:

    Mike Delph, the Indiana state senator who some tea party groups are trying to recruit to run against Lugar, has proposed legislation to bring Gadsden flag license plates to Indiana.–Tea_Party_Plate/#

  20. marie says:

    grieves me to say this am i heard his poll approval is now at 53%..who the hell are they polling? have people been bamboozled by the “performance” he gave in that speech? couldnt they see it was all smoke and mirrors? wake up America!

  21. GracieD says:

    forgot to add and where they pull their sample from.

  22. PhillyCon says:

    Exactly! Rush is so right … what they are doing to Delay is what they would do to all of us!!!

    He’s so good right now, taking apart that ridiculous ABC poll (which bought out AP’s inner eeryore!)

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