Thursday Open Forum – January 20, 2011

Happy “Almost Friday”! Come on in and have some Joe – or tea – or juice — It is all here to “cozy-up” the conversation.

One of my coffee and tea joys is a press pot I came across several years ago sold at Liquid Planet.  We are talking a 48oz, double insulated, stainless steel press pot! The biggest reason I like this pot is the ease of both preparing a pot of tea or coffee and the ease of cleaning it! Since I spend a good amount of time in denial that the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes, the cleaning thing is of the utmost importance!  All I do is dump about 3/4 cup of ground coffee into the pot, pour just-starting-to-boil-water in, wait a minute or two, put the plunger atop, and press down slowly.  Boombahchingaling!  Coffee is ready.  To clean, simply dump grounds in trash (or compost) and rinse out with soapy water.  Warning: It does take practice to pour the first cup so no leak-outs.  The coffee stays hot, then  warm, for several hours. If I put a towel over a freshly made pot before I go to bed, it is greets me in the morning hot. The pots come in smaller sizes and several pretty colors. (FYI I have the green.)    Take a look here.


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  1. Pat P says:

    That’s nice! I recently broke my glass press pot. My drip coffee maker has the insulated stainless steel carafe, and I love that, so the combo of the two together would be great.

  2. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ All! I’m throwing in Doc Zero while I’m checking out the tubes this a.m. It’s Thursday! Yay!

  3. yomotley says:

    Posted late into yesterday’s open forum and thought I would re-post today.

    Somehow I ended up at the blog “The Conservative Pup” which I quote part of below ( )

    “I found myself this morning at Maggie’s Notebook, a prolific and trustworthy blogger from the Tulsa area. She has written several posts about Loughner, each one with more information about him, his interests, activities, and what he filled his mind with.

    Please go here for Maggie’s latest, which is most revealing, and also includes a list of links to other people’s work who have done the research that the MSM won’t do.”

    At the end of article in Maggie’s Notebook is a link about the Loughner’s mother working for the county.

  4. Auntie Lib says:

    FWIW – Liquid Planet is a Montana company, located in the People’s Republic of Missoula, the uber-liberal home of the University of Montana Grizzlies. My BFF’s son works for them. She’s accumulated some very cool products from them. (I’m jealous of the purple canisters.)

    Ok – now I’ll be quiet and learn good stuff from all you honeys.

    • yomotley says:

      They “feel” liberal. I first ordered one of these pots off of ebay and it took, literally, four months on back order. When I wanted to get another one I had to search a long time, many hours, off and on, until they showed up at LP. So I bought. So, I love. Still don’t know about their “leanings”. (And did not want to find out)

      • Auntie Lib says:

        Sorry – didn’t mean to ruin your coffee. Just wanted you to know that their owners and employees contribute to causes and candidates with agendas opposite to ours. (They are huge Obama/Tester supporters.)

        • yomotley says:

          Well, I wonder how they feel about a capitalist pig (me) and a conservative blog featuring them with a personal testimony — and instead of increasing sales from the “review” they end up being exposed as Commie-loving Maobamists!

          If anyone can find my precious pot sold elsewhere, I will update the post. Afterall, it is the pot I love, not LiquidPlanet; don’t even buy their coffee.

          Thanks for the heads up. It seems most of the things we buy are from Liberal companies lately.

          • Mrs Compton says:

            Isn’t that funny, capitalism and all.


          • ssisco says:

            Hi YoMotley and others – i felt compelled to write in from Missoula, MT. I have worked at Liquid Planet since it’s inception – and though Missoula itself has a reputation for being uber liberal – Liquid Planet certainly doesn’t lean one way or the other politically. We do lean towards a more sustainable way of doing business offering biodegradable to-go products and encouraging the use of re-usable products like the great French Press mentioned above but i’m pretty sure that doesn’t make us “Commie-loving Maobamists”. I’m not sure where Auntie Lib gets her information, but Liquid Planet does not financially or otherwise support any political candidate and either does the owner – We are just out to ‘bring the best of beverage under one roof’ and build a community of beverage lovers. We love Missoula and Montana & the vast majority of the management team, including the owner, were raised in Montana (a traditionally conservative state I may add). So it stands to reason we would build the business here. So please don’t assume we’re anything – again, we don’t take a stand either way politically – Please visit to learn more about us and feel free to email if you have specific questions.

            • yomotley says:

              Welcome ssico! Thank you for jumping in. You have most likely saved a few people from having to do some homework. You see, around here we talk and jest as we think aloud and formulate thoughts. Usually as we banter back and forth one or two will go rush around and find out more. We are very gracious with one another when correction is offered to each other. So, thank you and Welcome — and the welcome is extended no matter your leanings politically. All are invited to join in and discuss — not cuss, as the saying goes.

              And even if LP is a Commie loving Maobamist, I still would keep my press pot! And that is something some here would not do themselves or agree with. (Albeit, since this is a forum of over sixty daily contributors and 2000-3300 hits a day -and only been around two months- I would add another supplier as an update in respectful response to a different approach to spending our own individual monies)

              Again, thank you for coming on in to talk over “morning coffee”.

            • emmajeri1010 says:

              hey ssisco, welcome! Born and bred Montanan myself….from the desolate eastern prairies rather than the beautiful mountain west!

              What Motley says is the absolute truth about things….thanks for speaking up and extending the conversation…

              Grab a rock and set yerself down a spell…

            • violet says:

              Welcome ssisco — good to see you and thanks for the info! :-)

            • yomotley says:

              Ssisco, I apologize for jumping in and condemning LP and making light, which could potential be a negative for the LP; all based on one person’s input. I apologize for the snark.

              Again, welcome!

              • ssisco says:

                Thanks for the apology, much appreciated – Emma- I’m from the Eastern MT plains myself, thanks for the welcome. As far as other retailers you can find them by searching Planetary Design on Amazon – The 48oz in particular is called a “Table Top” you can search that too. They make a lot of great products.

          • yomotley says:

            I have to admit, I don’t drink the coffee because I can’t afford the price of online gourmet coffees. If the coffee is as good as quality as this press pot, it is great!

        • Auntie Lib says:

          Hi All – I just now stopped in for the first time since I left for work right after posting.

          I will apologize for offending anyone, and I will clarify to the extent that I did not mean that all of the LP employees support or contribute to liberal causes or candidates. I will verify the comment I made about the owners and some employees and will apologize if that is not accurate, but at this time I stand by the rest of my comment for the time being. If I was wrong I will let you know.

          I do ask my fellow honeys to carefully re-read ssisco’s comment and notice how it is worded. Notice that he/she talks about LP’s political nature – I referred to the actions of individuals associated with the firm.

          All that being said – I am off to see the Capitol Steps who are performing in town tonight. I will report back tomorrow.

          • Auntie Lib says:

            Quick point – in Montana it is illegal (still) for corporations to contribute to political parties or campaigns. Liquid Planet – as an entity – cannot play in the game. Doesn’t mean they don’t have a favorite team.

          • yomotley says:

            Auntie Lib, in case you don’t get further down the thread, here is how I ended a comment on this discussion.

            “Of course, I have a relationship with Auntie Lib so the gut goes with her but the graciousness goes with Ssisco from LP.”

            I mean that, Girl, and I have a good gut; not my intent to hang you out to dry!

  5. PhillyCon says:

    Good morning my fellow honeys!!

    A must read, an e-mail sent to rebut those who want to write off Palin as a candidate. Via C4P from Michael Perry, editor of Chesterton on War and Peace: Battling the Ideas and Movements that Led to Nazism and World War II,:

    I’m sure you mean well, but what you’re saying in “Palin for President? Forget it” is that slanderous attacks should be allowed to succeed. But don’t forget that, if they work with Palin, they’ll simply continue. It won’t just be Bush and Palin who get this treatment. It’ll be every conservative Republican who shows some promise of attracting the support of middle-America. The Republicans will be stuck with gosh-awful candidates like Romney, who offer no real alternative to the Democrats and hence no chance of winning.
    Sigh! This running from a fight is why I consider myself an independent rather than a Republican. Republicans think like businessmen. “Ah, there’s some fierce competition in this market. Some unpleasantness. Perhaps we ought to place our investments elsewhere.” No, what you do is what I did in my copyright dispute with the Tolkien estate. You fight, you win and you leave the other side gun shy. It works. That’s what the NRA has done with gun control. There’s an unavoidable upside to these vicious attacks. They persuade some voters. You and I have the responsibility to make sure the downside is greater, that lies don’t win, that those who lie pay a painful cost.
    You could, of course, argue that Palin isn’t qualified for the office, but the obvious response to that is “More qualified than who?” Than goofy Gore? Than spineless, no-one-ever-follows-me Kerry? Than posturing Obama? Palin’s brief but obvious executive talent as governor isn’t proof that she’ll make a good President. But it easily trumps anything the most recent three Democratic Presidential candidates have demonstrated. And yes, there are probably people with greater executive skills that Palin, but they seem to lack the heart to fight as well as her communication skills. Never forget how she manages to drive debates after losing for the VP slot, while Gore and Kerry, former senators and Presidential candidates have virtually no impact on today’s debates. In my mind, no one who’s thought Gore, Kerry and Obama qualified is credible saying that Palin isn’t.

    I like to point out to people that every one of the more talented Republican Presidents from Eisenhower on has been attacked as a mental lightweight. Stevenson was regarded as “intelligent” in the same sense that Obama is today, perhaps with just as little justification. The Carter administration actually hoped they’d face Reagan in 1980. In actual fact, Eisenhower successfully led the largest multinational army in history and Reagan was an outstanding success in virtually every area he entered: life guard, union leader, governor, political commentator, and President, excepting perhaps only acting, where he was just so-so.
    There is a sort of individual who seems most likely to abandon a fight just as events begin to turn in their favor. They some how envision themselves as always losing and find victory harder to cope with than defeat. With their attempts to blame Palin for the Arizona shootings, liberals blew away their credibility. Now is not the time to cut and run. Now is the time to redouble our attacks on their credibility.
    When I wrote Chesterton on War and Peace, I was struck by the fact that the wrong people won the debates of the 1920s about WWI. Germany wasn’t unfairly punished at the end of the war. The Treaty of Versailles was far less harsh than that Germany imposed on the Soviet Union in Brest-Litovsk (early 1918) and far less brutal than the one Germany intended to impose on Belgium and France had they won the war.
    The latter would have turned Belgium into little more than a colony of Germany, with its industry run to serve the interests of Germany. It was so unfair German industrialists opposed it. And yet with the exception of Chesterton, none of those who knew that said anything. They let the liars win and the result was appeasement and disaster. We’re doing the same thing.
    And that, in turn reminds me of what armies traditionally have done when the other side uses non-combatants as human shields. They redoubled their efforts, defeated those committing war crimes, and then lined them against a wall and shot them. Whether Palin is the Republican candidate in 2012 is less important than that every one of her more vicious critics get targeted (yes, I’d use that word), defeated, and made to pay dearly for their lies. That’s not what poll-conscious people like you are doing.
    The first principle for winning elections is displaying the courage to lead. If the Republicans let the slanders of Bush, Cheney, Palin and others stand, they don’t deserve to win in 2012.

    • Mrs Compton says:

      I am soooo printing that out and shoving it down the throat of anyone who won’t support Palin!

    • violet says:

      Standing ovation!

    • PhillyCon says:

      This is what I mean, if Palin goes away the problem does not.

      So, trying to nominate someone who is not “burnt” by the media, is a fools errand. The Alinsky machine will get everyone, and anyone with an R, after their name. I’m willing to bet the farm on it.

  6. Library Countess says:

    Here’s a blog entry written by one of my colleagues on Sarah:

    He also did a review of her book:

  7. JRD says:

    Morning Honeys!

    The “RomneyRuffians” are back with a vengeance. They think that the Cuda has been softened up for the kill and they are going in for the jugular.
    These “Romney Ruffians” over at Powerline have never been anything but in the tank for Romney. They are Ivy League POS “High Brow Snobs.” To them Palin, and all of the rest of us, are uppity trailer trash just like Reagan. These are the same POS that were all in for GHWB in 1980. Well we uppity trailer trash need to be co-opted to get their elitist over the finish line and that just ain’t happening. That isn’t what the last election was all about.
    “Romney Ruffians” who worked on the McCain campaign were the first to start the Palin bashing accusing her of going rogue before the 2008 campaign was even over in order to make Romney the front runner for 2012. A “Romney Ruffian” Nicolle Wallace purposely “set up” Palin for disaster with the Couric interview. This jealous, catty, RINO also just happened to work in the Bush White House. What a coincidence? The deck is stacked since Reagan beat RINO GHWB that no freedom loving American is ever going to beat a power hungry RINO for the nomination ever again. We have to address this situation now. Powerline’s Palin bash is merely the latest offensive.
    We were pleasantly sliding into socialism without anyone recognizing it before Dumb-0 got elected. If McCain won we would just arrive at that destination a little bit later. Now that the cat is out of the bag we can’t go back along the same road to socialism we traveled before. The RINO’s are content with socialism. They are just as addicted to the power as the leftists. This is what they are indoctrinated with at Ivy League institutions. They are the best and the brightest. They know better than we trailer trash. Well, the best and the brightest got us into this mess not the trailer trash with common sense.
    A vote for Romney will get us a Scott Brown. Is that who we want? Scott Brown wasted all of our time and money just to get another Snowe and Collins, thank you very much. Romney, Scott Brown, McCain they are all the same DC power hungry individuals that only care about getting re-elected. They don’t care about solving anything. They are content to just kick the can down the road.
    Allen West told us during the campaign that, “The old Greeks and Romans used to fight with their shields locked. If we see the person next to you lower their shield, you’ve got to turn to him and say, get your shield back up. Because not only is that shield meant to protect him, but it is there to protect you as well. So, we cannot have the gaps being formed, because as soon as a gap is formed in the phalanx that is this Tea Party movement, when the gap is created we will get infiltrated.” Infiltrated by RINO’s who had nothing at all to do with this historic election. We did it all without them. We did it without Romney, without Karl Rove, without Jeb Bush, without the guys at Powerline, without the “Romney Ruffians.”

    Man your battle stations. Full speed ahead. And screw you “Romney Ruffians.”

  8. yomotley says:

    Bummer. I go out of town and when I return, WaltzingMtilda is gone; a no show Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Man, I enjoy her past-bedtime visits! Tilda, hope you are alright! ? ?! ! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. yomotley says:

    “Exclusive: FBI Rounding Up 100 Mobsters in Biggest Mafia Bust in NY History”

    Why Now? I recall talk that the Mob helped during WWII and would again help see nothing got done on any Ground Zero project. Perhaps they are already helping in other ways to hold Islam and sharia law at bay, so to speak. Why Now?

  10. JRD says:

    The Union Threat to the Democrats’ Future
    Unless the party confronts its allies in the public-employee unions, it will continue to lose credibility with voters around the country.

    Working-class families are fleeing the Democratic Party en masse, a trend that is likely to continue if their own economic situation remains weak in the face of ever-higher taxes, deficits and debt. These working-class voters see that public employees are continuing to receive more generous benefits and enjoy greater job security than they are. Support for the Democratic Party is now well below 40% with working-class voters who are unionized, and as low as 33% with whites who are not college educated.

    By providing Democratic candidates the bulk of their campaign funding, public unions have essentially bought control of the party. This is particularly true when it comes to the politicians who control union contracts and pensions at the state and municipal level.

    Republicans are already making hard choices around the country: reducing union benefits, weakening their influence and limiting their right to strike and even their right to bargain collectively. Unless the Democrats engage in similar efforts, there will be a powerful new campaign issue for the Republicans to rally around going in 2012 and beyond.

    • Freedom1781 says:

      Boy oh boy. This is a touchy subject in my household.

      Hubby and my late FIL were in a union, in fact, my . All I hear from hubby is how wonderful it was to be a part of a union. It gets to be a heated argument. He does agree with me that there should be no public-employee unions but totally gets p’od when I mention how I’d rather be treated as an individual at work and not be a part of a collective he calls me selfish. Huh?

      I can’t have an intelligent conversation with him regarding unions. I can’t change his mind; he takes my dislike of unions way too personal.

      • violet says:

        You have my sympathy, Freedom. I’ve had similar experiences with close family members and it’s not fun.

        • JRD says:

          Unions are not a bad thing. What is bad is that they have been taken over by the commies. What has to happen is that the union leaders have to change. Unions can’t harness industry where they put them out of business. That sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? If you no longer receive a paycheck what does it matter what your benefits are. Union leaders also get paid too much money for what they “don’t do.”Union leaders are the new “fat cats.” The rank and file are the ones that do all of the heavy lifting. The union leaders pension plans should be co-mingled with the rank and file as the rank and file’s are all under water. The union leaders have protected themselves and thrown the rank and file to the wolves. Ronald Reagan capitalized on the fact that the union leaders did this. These are the Reagan Democrats. Palin can do this also as the blue collar democrats are walking away despite how their union bosses tell them to vote. The rank and file deserted the democrats big time in the last election.

        • yomotley says:

          I register my opinion on the side of Unions are no good and evil.

      • AliRose says:

        Unions, in and of themselves, are not necessarily bad. However, employees should have the right to decide for themselves if they want to join a union. In some places, you are required to join the union when you take a job. This creates a scenario where the unions have unbridled power. Workers who don’t agree with the union don’t have the option to leave or form another union. It’s all about checks and balances. The union bosses need to have someone to fear, too!

        • Freedom1781 says:

          I understand that unions are not a bad thing in general. I should have written that my main beef with unions are the union bosses ie. the U.A.W. I had to do a paper about unions in my college U.S. History class eons ago. When unions were originally created, they were a great thing for workers, especially in the coal industry. It’s really sad that the unions been taken over by corrupt commies and have become what they were fighting against so long ago.

          I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my comments regarding unions…

          • AliRose says:

            Not at all…just puttin’ my two cents in, ’cause that’s how we learn. If I’m mistaken, hopefully someone will correct my point of view ;)

          • MRM says:

            Of course not. My dad was in management so that was always my perspective with regard to unions.
            My opinion now that I’m not completely seeing through that lens, is that organizations like unions are some of the main targets of the left… large groups of people who have given up some of their individuality in order to get better treatment are the perfect demographic for lefty corruption.

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        I was required to join the union when I worked at Lockheed, and decided I would continue to function as an American who had freedom of speech. After a couple of months of enjoying my freedom of speech, I was called into my boss’ office (nonunion member of management). He shut the door and told me to stop speaking plainly. (wasn’t cussing or yelling….speaking) I sort of snorted and looked at him like, “…in their dreams….” and he got deadly serious, knowing I was naively thinking that I still had freedom of speech and said, “You need to stop.’t.” I learned something about unions that day.

        Unions are not inherently good. They’re not even generally good. They may, on occasion, be good.

        • AliRose says:

          You’re right, unions are not inherently good, but the people’s right to form a union is.

          • yomotley says:

            May be the people’s right to form a union but it is the employers right to not negotiate with employees, collectively. It is an employers right (albeit not recognized in America) to not SHARE ownership responsibilities collectively with employees.

            It is the owner’s right to hire and fire at whim, even if unfair or unjust to the employee. A boss once told me,

            “You have a union contract to work here. It is I hire you to do a job for a certain wage. You work it. I pay you. And on That payday we decide if we are going to renew the contract for another week. Plan your life and your work accordingly.”

            • AliRose says:

              I agree. I was purely addressing things from the union-employee standpoint. The exact same concepts apply to the union-employer and employee-empolyer relationships.

    • sundancecracker says:

      Unions, like Liberals, are based around the exact same ideology. “The Collective”. The Union (collective) then works to establish least common denominator job performance. Diminishing independence, individual work ethic, and individual merit. The foundation of Unions then becomes a collective of like minded -and similar in thought and process- employees, who establish mediocrity as the status quo.

      The same way progressive liberalism extinquishes entreprenuarialism and individual excellence in the broad population, and replaces free will and self determination with dependency, the union establishes the exact same ideological principles in the workplace.

      Unions and Democrats (progressive liberals) will always be two sides of the same coin ! They have the same objectives.

      • Jennifer H says:

        They were the brainchild of Communists who hated capitalists.

      • Freedom1781 says:

        Hubby thinks that unions establishing a set wage, no matter experience or job performance, are a good thing. Of course, I think the opposite. I believe in individual merit. If I was in a union and busted my butt harder than John Doe, I don’t think we should get the same pay.

      • AliRose says:

        I see where you’re coming from, but that’s like liberals saying that capitalism and big business are evil and want to take advantage of everyone. The “evilness” is not inherent to the concept of the union (any more than it is to capitalism), but, rather, dependent upon the individuals involved.

        I will agree with you that the <b<desire to join a union is as much a “mental disorder” as liberalism is, because it’s highlighting an underlying fear and insecurity in one’s own self and abilities. However, if all businessman were honest, then unions wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, not all businessmen are honest and neither are all union bosses.

        Natural Consequences should dictate that if an employer is abusive, then people would not work for him/her and their business would fail. Likewise, in a scenario where employees are not forced to join the union, an honest employer could get rid of their union employees if the union became abusive. However, we live in a world where we avoid Natural Consequences at all costs, so we end up with the ugly gov’t/union setup that we have now.

        • sundancecracker says:

          I never said “Unions were evil”.

          Therefore when you establish, […..”that’s like liberals saying that capitalism and big business are evil and want to take advantage of everyone”….,] you are attaching a claim to my statement that never existed. Pure disingenuous argumentation.

          What I did say was the “ideology” behind union collectives, and progressive liberal collectives, are inherently rooted in the same belief system.

          I am open to having that claim deconstructed, and debated, if you believe inaccurate. ;)

          • AliRose says:

            My comment was not intended as a personal attack, so I apologize if it came across that way. My tendency to write things in a hurry sometimes leads to the thoughts not being expressed fully or accurately. Please…Allow me to rephrase my “disingenuous argumentation” so that it will seem a bit more straightforward. ;)

            I was not making the claim that you said that unions are evil. I was making a comparison between your arguments and the arguments that liberals use to say that capitalism is evil. What you say is true, but so are some of the arguments that liberals make about businesses taking advantage of people.

            I then state that the characteristics you describe in your comment, or “evilness” (snarking on the liberal term), is not inherent in the concept of the union itself, but, rather, dependent upon the individuals. In other words, I am disagreeing with your suggested “ideology” behind unions. There may be union members who adhere to that particular ideology, especially in today’s society, but that does not equate to that particular ideology being inherent in the union concept itself.

            Then I babble on…something about “mental disorders” and dishonesty (which ties into liberalism quite nicely)… and Natural Consequences (because it’s an obsession of mine). Whatever.

            Again, I apologize if my words were poorly chosen or my snark was not sufficiently underscored. As much as I would have loved to debate this in greater detail…I simply didn’t have the time. I was merely stating my difference of opinion.

            • sundancecracker says:

              If a union did not conform to the belief system of “the collective being more substantive than the individual” then unions would not exist. Their very organizational structure is grounded upon the belief that an “individual” needs to be protected from…

              I do not subscribe to that belief. No individual needs to be protected from anything, absent of laws and legal protections against illegal activity.

              Individuals can protect themselves quite nicely with their own decisions. The ability to make decisions is grounded upon respect and freedom for the individual.

              • AliRose says:

                Sure…but these very arguments against unions could just as easily be made against government in general. Just because something is set up to protect the individual (as the US Government is) does not automatically mean it is aimed at the “collective” good. Some governments are Socialist, some are not. Unions are no more inherently socialist than governments are.

                • sundancecracker says:

                  Precisly. And with both Government and Unions evolving as described, I advocate against both.

            • yomotley says:

              Ali, you do not have to apologize for THINKING and sharing your brain power! I am loving this discussion. It is Honeys and Hikers at our finest — when we throw ideas back and forth.

      • MRM says:

        I should have read further before commenting above. Sundance, once again you have arranged my random thought fragments into a beautifully stated post. Thank you!

    • Jennifer H says:

      When Unions were first created there was a need for them, there were no child labor laws or safety standards- people were forced to work 14 to 16 hour days for mere pennies. We now have enough civil laws to protect the worker so that Unions are no longer necessary. The Unions themselves should be prohibited from donating to candidates, their individual members can donate what and where they wish.

      • Freedom1781 says:

        “We now have enough civil laws to protect the worker so that Unions are no longer necessary.”


        • violet says:

          As far as I can see, the primary function of unions nowadays seems to be to collect $$$ from members (who often have no choice about joining) and then funnel it to liberal Democrat candidates. And to lobby for a higher minimum wage. And to keep as many young people out of the labor force as possible (to shrink the labor pool and drive wages up).

  11. AliRose says:

    Thought some of you might be interested…it appears the Atlas Shrugged film that was rumored to be in production is currently set for release on April 15th, 2011.

    Naturally, all of Dagny’s love interests are good looking, but Francisco D’Anconia (Jsu Garcia) looks just how I pictured him…absolutely dreamy! From what I could tell, the casting is as close to perfect as possible. I can’t wait!!!

    *crosses fingers* that they didn’t change the story too much (it is 1200 pages, after all)

  12. Mrs Compton says:

    OH MOTLEY!!! Did you have to give a link to someplace to shop for coffee goodies. Oh my aching credit card!

    Now to go back and read the good stuff.

    • Mrs Compton says:

      Ah well, good to know they are commie liberals, that will save me a ton of money!

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        Be sure to read the follow up on that part of the thread later…someone who works there does not agree with that characterization and is asking….

      • yomotley says:

        Uh, I was calling myself a capitalistic pig, which I am and balanced it with the “Commie ….Maobamist” as if Liquid Planet was absolutely so. An employee from the company wrote an introduction and explanation of the company’s stand politically. So, now we are in the he said/she said stage of discovery.


        Of course, I have a relationship with Auntie Lib so the gut goes with her but the graciousness goes with Ssisco from LP.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          I think these kind of exchanges are just fine. Part of what we’re all doing is getting over the instinctive reservations about saying what we think. That process means that once in awhile we will have “oooopps” phenomenae” (that word is like bananananana….I don’t know where to stop)….anyhoo, we intend to say what we think, and are willing to adjust what we say if it turns out that we were thinking was wrong…..we’ve been shouted down for too many years. So yeahh us.

  13. JRD says:

    The War Against Palin Goes On and On and …

    by Victor Davis Hanson

    So why the war against Palin, when Palinisms are not demonstrably different from Bidenisms, Obamaisms, or Goreisms? Uppity-ness I suppose is the short answer.

    How can it be fair that Sarah Palin seems stunning after five children when so many in the DC-NY corridor after millennia on the exercise machine and gallons of Botox are, well, “interesting looking”?

    • violet says:

      Great article — thanks!

      I recall one female commentator (sorry, can’t remember her name) back during the 2008 election season saying that the most annoying thing about Sarah Palin was NOT that she (unlike most women) was able to successfully juggle a large family, a happy marriage, and a demanding career, but that she was able to do it “without breaking a sweat or gaining an ounce.”

  14. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Red Pill (or anybody else who’s interested),

    What’s your take on the recent articles on Hawaii’s new Gov. Abercrombie? Here’s the most recent one:

    Record of President Obama’s birth in 1961 is ‘in the archives’: Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie

  15. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Rep. John Lewis Says Declaration’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Language and 14th Amendment Authorize Congress to Force People to Buy Health Insurance

    • Freedom1781 says:

      John Lewis is a dolt and I can’t believe people keep re-electing him.

      • violet says:

        Makes you wonder if there’s something in the water in his district that turns people’s brains into jello pudding and pie filling.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      Oh, good grief. This bring up a whole new party game: it’s going to be completely bizarre to watch these goofs try to verbalize a connect between their proposed legislation and its constitutional foundations.

  16. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Obama administration keeps new policy on Miranda secret
    The Justice Department has a new policy for terrorism interrogations — but officials won’t publicly release it

  17. Jennifer H says:

    Check out these two proposals for smaller government, and less taxes.
    Boy oh boy ! They are really going for broke here – I am heartened, and crossing my fingers big time that this passes.

    Republicans will announce legislation to cut $2.5 trillion over ten years today. The proposal includes cutting non-defense discretionary spending back to 2006 levels.

    P&G, Big U.S. Firms Push For Lower Corporate Rate

  18. Patriot Dreamer says:

    The Big Inflation Warning Hidden In This Morning’s Philly Fed Release

    That increase over the last four months means that, yes, if Bernanke and the Fed are trying to create inflation it is working. But if businesses can’t pass on those increasing prices to consumers, they may have a problem.

    Also worrying, firms still don’t think there is demand in the market for their goods, so they are not hiring.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      Ah, but it will all be ok….as long as they continue to exclude energy costs (like for driving to work and heating your home) and food costs (to maintain a pulse for yourself and your loved ones) from the cost of living formula, there will NEVER be any inflation. Ain’t that great?

  19. Jennifer H says:
    “I applaud GOProud’s strong, principled conservatism and admire their courage to defy the left’s stifling demand for group conformity,” said Andrew Breitbart. “As a fierce opponent of the cultural Marxism and political correctness that divides Americans into different identity groups, I embrace the American motto E Pluribus Unum as an antidote to the Democratic Party’s divide and conquer strategy.”

    This is cool … :)

  20. Jennifer H says:

    It is shocking to see these brazen calls for violent jihad in English. Yet those few of us here in the West who understand Arabic are sadly not surprised at this–it is actually quite common to hear this type of language coming out of the Middle East. The reason it is so shocking to hear these things in English is because Muslim spokesmen in the West are very adept at smoothing over the violent, intolerant, and otherwise shocking aspects of Islam in order to dupe their Western audience into believing that they have nothing to fear from Islam.

  21. TN WAHM says:

    I’m better in written word than spoken. I just got thru to Bo Snerdley to talk about Steve Cohen, but couldn’t get past to talk to Rush.

  22. Patriot Dreamer says:

    In Norway, an Awakening to the Islamist Danger

    Islamists have made no secret of their desire to impose sharia law on the country

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      On April 12, 1909, mullahs and soldiers were in the streets of Constantinople (between two major episodes of Islam’s massacres of Armenians within a 20 year period), and what they were shouting was “Long live the sharia!”

      I’m nowhere near being able to even do a “book report” on our library tab. At the moment I’m a bit overwhelmed with what I’m learning about the intense political, military, “diplomatic,” historical record of Islam pursuing their goals: exactly the same goals as we see taking shape now; exactly the same methods as we see in Europe now; exactly the same attitudes toward western civilization; exactly the same refusal to “share the religious stage” with anyone.

      One book I’m getting acquainted with is “The Burning Tigris” by Peter Balakian. It’s impossible to exaggerate the focus, the strength or the purposes of Islam against Jews, against Christians, against anyone who will not yield.

      They’re not kidding. The word “Islam” is an Arabic word meaning “Submission to Allah and his prophet Mohammad.” They are not kidding.

  23. violet says:

    Interesting column by Terry Jeffrey on Jared Loughner’s favorite rock group…

    “Liberals, even if by accident, have acknowledged a legitimate premise in the days since the Tucson attack: Political figures can have an impact for good or ill on people’s hearts and minds with the values and ideas they promote and the language they use to promote them. So, too, can cultural figures. Will liberals now then agree that it is a horrible thing for political and cultural figures to encourage disrespect for the sanctity of life?”

  24. Patriot Dreamer says:

    The Definitive Account of Daniel Pearl’s Death

    Interesting how the photo of a hand was used to confirm that Khalid Sheik Mohammed did it.

  25. Pingback: Splodey Squishy Liberal Brains in 3….2….1.. | Honey Trail
  26. Patriot Dreamer says:

    House begins probe into 222 waivers for ObamaCare

    I still want to know, if ObamaCare’s so great, then why does anybody need a waiver?

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      You and your pesky questions!! (I completely agree :) )

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      “One day after the House voted to repeal Obamacare, some lawmakers are turning their attention toward the bureaucracy created by the bill. Reps. Fred Upton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Cliff Stearns, chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, are investigating the new Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO)…”

      And while they’re at it, how about some questions about this “new Center”….who set it up? under whose authority does it function? what is its budget? where was that budget identified and voted on by Congress? who do they report to? who is the head of it? who approved that person? what is his salary?

      Oh, I have questions, too…..lots and lots of questions.

      (And while Upton is getting some qudoes for this…don’t forget that he’s the enabler who helped them push through the Curly Cue Mercury Bulbs that become the law of the land in a year or so)_

    • garnette says:

      My question is why is it that they didn’t want it for themselves – if it is so good for the rest of us?

  27. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Video: GOP introduces ban on federal funding for abortion [Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD)]

  28. AliRose says:

    An interesting like I received. Has anyone heard of this before?

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Never heard of it before. Looks interesting!

    • AliRose says:

      that was supposed to be “link.” Darn muscle memory!

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      I have no idea, but is it possible that is the one reference on Hannitty’s show today? He did a bit on the fact that some Canadian group had to pull a documentary film they had done on what it would like if the Iranians got the nuclear bombs up and running. Political pressure was brought to bear to the point that they were refused the liberty to present their film. Kind of ironic that, if I remember right, the Canadians were all eager to allow the staging of the musical about the potential assassination of George W. Bush….
      Anyway, this MIGHT be the one mentioned by Hannity. The name sounds similar, but not exactly the same.

      • AliRose says:

        LC mentioned this over at FB. Apparently that is the film and they were forced to cancel it after receiving death threats, but later told to go ahead and show it.

  29. TN WAHM says:

    Well, I have been put in my place.
    I’m having too much fun on Steve Cohen’s FB page.

    Midsouth TeaParty posted this on his page: “Government Ruined Health Care versus Citizen Controlled Health Care?

    “Or maybe there are some ‘D.C. ELITES’ who believe THEY can decide what’s best for 90% of us…

    “Take your money…Spend your money for you…then tell you what to do after THEY spent if for you…THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER”

    To which a bright supporter replied: “Why are people with educations and doing well for themselves called ‘elites’ or ‘elitists’? It’s like you want to hate them for being educated. As if being educated and being comfortable is a bad thing”

    My reply: “Being an ‘elitist’ has nothing to do with being educated or being comfortable. It’s an attitude of ‘I know better than you’ and ‘You are too stupid to make your own decisions.’ Maybe you would understand the term ‘ruling class’ better; it’s a synonym. It describes liberals like Steve Cohen to a T. He doesn’t respect people; he looks down on us ‘average’ Americans. We’re seen as someone who needs someone smarter ~like him~ to think for us and make decisions for us. No Thank You! I don’t need a bureaucrat in some government office telling me how to run my life or what medical procedures I need or that they will pay for. I believe you have the same ability.”

    This same bright ~and apprently elite~ supporter answered with this: “I am better than you. Period. I have enough confidence in myself to know that. I’m an American. I am better than most people worldwide. You will NEVER find me calling myself ‘average’! I consider myself to be well above average. I respect you as a fellow citizen, and I would HOPE you would find yourself to be better than status quo too, but clearly you don’t. You just said you’re personally ‘hovering above sub par’– it’s a synonym (ha!)… for ‘average’. You are what you say you are so hear me say: I. AM. AWESOME– AND IN AN ELITE CLASS of American citizens! I wil never be told what to do. Slavery is over. I choose to let civility rule. And civil countries take care of their own so that united we thrive in thought, actions. We’ve spent the last 2 years fighting over dumb s**t like, ‘Should we take care of our health’? Elite people have other things to do. Let’s move on…”

    Right now, I’m laughing too hard to reply.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:


    • emmajeri1010 says:

      About all you can do is thank him for all the self-revelations that reinforce your point. Self-described elites truly come to the fight unarmed when words must be used to discuss ideas.

      (I said “fight”. I’ll go put a nickel in the jar.)

    • TN WAHM says:

      I just caught this phrase that she used:
      I choose to let civility rule. And civil countries take care of their own so that united we thrive in thought, actions.

      Sundance hit the nail on the head again. What is that Rush says, “I know liberals like I know every inch of my glorious naked body.”

      • Patriot Dreamer says:

        “I wil never be told what to do.”

        That’s pretty much ObamaCare in a nutshell: the federal government telling doctors and we “little people” what to do, because we can’t be trusted to make our own decisions.

        Quote from Dr. Berwick, the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:
        “Young doctors and nurses should emerge from training understanding the values of standardization and the risks of too great an emphasis on individual autonomy.”

      • Ting says:

        Oh, yes, I am looking for that “Thrive” word all the time since last week. It jumped out at me right away. “Hope” is so 2 years ago…..

    • TN WAHM says:

      Here’s my reply:
      I am in awe of your brilliance and superior intellect. I am unworthy to be in the presence of such greatness. /sarc

      Actually, your reading comprehension could use some sharpening. I never said that I considered myself “average;” I was explaining to you the term “elitist.” Thank you for illustrating my point so eloquently.

      Oh and about “I will never be told what to do” and “slavery is over;” you should use your awesome intellect to ponder the 2000+ pages of the Obamacare bill. You will find that it’s all about government control. For starters, you are mandated to buy health insurance ~health insurance that the government deems suitable for you.~ See if you can find the 2 dozen new/or higher taxes in the bill. Have a Great Day!

  30. Good afternoon fellow hikers…what a bombshell EXPLANATION by Lame Cherry of Gov. Abercrombie’s major screw up. Though ‘major screw up’ sounds (forgive the pun) LAME.

    Basically, Abercrombie ADMITS that Hawaii has kept ‘two sets’ of books for registering births. One valid recognized one (that an attending MD or midwive would swear too) and another one. For foreign borns.

    Guess which one Duh Won is on? That is why (rut roh) Abercrombie couldn’t find the long form BC…but, its in the “state archives.”

    Abercrombie PROVED the Birthers argument correct!!!!

    Now I know a lot of my fellow Honeys don’t like the deciphering that sometimes is needed when ready the Cherry…but I promise, this article is clear and concise.

    Now. Will anyone act upon the findings?

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      LOL at LameCherry’s use of the term “dupenik”.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      It’s actually unusually clear. And his comments about Abercrombie reflect exactly what’s been dribbling out the last few days.

      • WeeWeed says:

        Wow – I’ze glad it’s clear to you, too – I read it last night, decided I was crazy ’cause I could understand it, and went to bed!

    • garnette says:

      After reading Lame Cherry, I wondered if the governor is setting the stage to make it impossible for Obama to run in 2012 as it is becoming clear in the released poll numbers that he would have a very hard time winning a second term, even with mass voter fraud.

      • MRM says:

        what about that bill they are trying to pass that exempts native Hawaiians from US law….. anyone know what the status is?

    • yomotley says:

      Absolutely love this paragraph:

      “For the real record, Barack Hussein Obama is a foreign secular Kenyan Indonesian Muslim, who knowingly committed espionage against America. This secular Muslim has looted the US Treasury of a known 13 plus trillion dollars, collapsed the economy, left Americans holding the bag on 100 trillion in insurance defaults………..and he been engaged in inter Muslim tribal warfare as he has his fingers on America’s shrinking nuclear weapons stockpiles as he gives Russia and China the lead in nuclear warfare.”

      What is really scary is how profound LC is in this write-up. Anyone else have a “Duh” moment when reading O. born in Canada? Duh, so obvious, it seems.
      Sort of freaking — can’t find where I put my tinnie for this scenario.

    • MRM says:

      Finally had a moment to read LameCherry. Wow. just, Wow. Thanks for the link! I’m not sure I should read his/her stuff right before I go to bed though. ; )

    • GracieD says:

      The Pineapple story in interesting to say the least.

  31. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Greenpeace Founder Questions Man-Made Global Warming

    Keep in mind that Greenpeace is one of the organizations that has been taken over by “watermelons” (“green” on the outside, but “red” [communist] on the inside).

  32. I am hiking from my phone, so I am in WordPress ‘mobile’ format, but Patriot and Emma, Abercrombie has, either by being a ‘Dupnik’ or a clandestine patriot, unravelled and revealed not only widespread, generational fraud in Hawaii…but, the greatest fraud ever…the usurption of the United States Presidency.

    Now, what I cannot wrap my mind around, is why…when this first started being an issue (when they were reviewing McCain’s ellegibility) someone didn’t ‘create’ a Hawaiian Long Form BC? Arrogance, oversight, or hand of fate?

    • sundancecracker says:

      Methinks more like “Plausible Deniability”.

    • Ting says:

      Mary, do you think that LC knows about this other list, or do you think he is making an educated guess? I am never too sure with that guy/girl/prophet/crazy person/take your pick and my pick varies from day to day! I sort of got the feeling he was guessing by reading between the lines.

    • yomotley says:

      Because if they did, it would bring out the “real” one from someplace else, like Kenya or the state where Stanley Ann went to college. It would be like throwing the gauntlet down. Human nature is to prove another a liar.

      • WeeWeed says:

        I know it would never happen, with the lightbringer being the CIC (snort) and whatnot, but the simple ychromosome test with his beggared half brother George (I think?) would prove paternity. That would answer many questions, since even his paternity is questioned. Just thinking aloud…as Sr. was a British subject. And just entertaining myself, a mitochondrial might be amusing as well.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          by mitochondrial, are you referring to the general DNA match/evaluation?….or something different?

          I’m clueless here….what I found by word search brought up stuff both re DNA match issues and also disease issues….

          • WeeWeed says:

            Mitochondrial (mito, for short) shows female ancestry – your mito is exactly the same as your mother’s, whose is the same as her mother’s, and so on (bar the odd mutation, which occurs.) If you were male, the y-chromosome test is the same. Yours would be the same as your dad’s, whose would be the same as his dad’s, and his dad before him, etc.
            Some question that the Sr. Obama is OpieWon’s father – what I’m fantasizing is a y-chromosome test as compared to George’s. If Sr. IS their father, the y-chromosome must match. Like, 99.99999 or whatever. If it in no way matches, then you’ve got all the other conspiracy theories going on, like Frank Marshall (? – forgot part of his name), and on-and-on being the real father.
            Hey, I read the LC last night. I may still be crazy.

  33. Kristi says:

    The Rev. Franklin Graham says just mentioning the name Jesus Christ in the public square is increasingly frowned upon and warns: “The spirit of anti-Christ is everywhere.”

    The Samaritan’s Purse founder and son of beloved evangelist Dr. Billy Graham voiced his dismay at the rapid secularization of society Franklin, Graham, Jesus, Christ, spirit,anti-Christduring a Tuesday chapel service at John Brown University, a private Christian university based in Siloam Springs, Ark.

    Graham, who was banned from a Pentagon national day of Prayer event last year for expressing his opinions about Islam, told students: “Even in our government today, you can’t pray to Jesus in many public meetings. You can pray to God or a god. You can mention Buddha or the name of Muhammad — but you can’t pray to Jesus Christ.”

    The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association criticized the recent memorial service for the Tucson shooting victims.

    Unlike the memorials held after the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11, he said, the Tucson program did not include an official prayer or mention of God. Graham noted gratefully, however, that President Barack Obama did quote scripture from the biblical book of Job.

    The one religious dedication on the program came from a member of the Pascua Yaqui tribe, who delivered a peroration that among other things called out to “”Father Sky, where we get our masculine energy” and “Mother Earth, where we get our feminine energy.”

    Earlier this week, Graham penned an op-ed in the Washington Times saying it was “a shame” that the University of Arizona had failed to put God anywhere on its program.

    “How sad,” the Graham op-ed stated. “Father Sky and Mother Earth can do nothing to comfort Capt. Mark Kelly, who had been at the bedside of his wife, Rep. Giffords, wondering if she’d ever leave her bed. Or Mary Stoddard, who was only alive because her husband sacrificed his life by shielding her with his body. Or the family, classmates, teammates and friends of little Christina, whose life was snuffed out before she could play another se

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