Friday Open Forum – January 7, 2011

Good Morning! I have been stretching this pretty little head of mine and have come to a conclusion. — There is a good combination of fluff and depth, along with a big dose of sincerity here on the Honey Trail. This makes for the perfect environment to organize thoughts and opinions, for debate techniques to be fine-tuned, for laughter to be shared, and best of all, for friendships to be developed.

C’mon in. . . . .

. . . . . . .Have a sit and join the chat.  What IS on your mind, anyways?

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  1. yomotley says:

    Pulling this funny that WaltzingMtilda put up in the wee hours of the morning on yesterday’s thread. It is too funny to be missed.

  2. yomotley says:

    Well, I am not cutting Boener any slack on this one. He says the State of Hawaii saying Obama was born there is good enough for him! Even leading up to the 5:32 moment, he sounds all politician. (That is politician in the negative sense)

  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’, Honeys! Today’s coffee read is good ol’ Doc Zero, who tells us about the always civil discourse used by the beyotch in the above video……y’all have a good day!

    • Jennifer H says:

      Doc Zero is awesome – I like the way he writes. I love the way he characterized Pelosi in this article as being illegitimate which, among other things, she certainly is.

  4. butchcracker says:

    I’m just thrilled he dident cry! I mean, I appreciate a sensative man,BUT come on! Yesterday called for ‘some hair’,if ya’ll know what I mean,and he did ok. I truely kept going come on,hold it together(made SD crazy…hehe..bonus)

  5. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Republican sources in Indiana say Daniels is about 75 percent of the way in for a presidential run. The last 25 percent of his decision will come during the next four months of the Indiana legislative session, when he will try to pass education reform and a budget.

    • Felix says:

      That’s amazing and she does not look a day over 35!

      • violet says:

        She does look amazingly good. I’ve seen cats half her age who were a lot more decrepit! (All my kids have been [and still are] great rescuers of stray cats– and I’m an old softie who can never say no when presented with yet another starving homeless little ball of fur — so we’ve had a constant parade of them passing through our home for the last 30 years….)

    • Ad rem says:

      Can I put you down for 5 more?

    • Where do these alleged felines live?

      I am asking MERELY out of curiosity, so do not take this the wrong way as I am full up with cats at the moment. I really don’t want any more cats. Really.

  6. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Paul Ryan on the Mark Levin show: I’ll eat my tie if ObamaCare reduces the deficit

  7. Patriot Dreamer says:

    What will they call themselves if they can’t use ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive?’

    How about … socialists, marxists, communists or my personal favorite: statists.

    • NotAMolly says:

      Commie Pinko Scum is always useful for these bottom dwelling traitors. :)

    • yomotley says:

      “A look at the growing Marxist movement in New York City. Even though they read Marx and Stalin, organize protests against Israel and play a board game that equates capitalism with barbarism, they shy away from calling themselves “socialist”. As one member puts it, “It’s more positive to say progressive or left.” video

      They can’t make up their minds or get their stories straight!

    • Ad rem says:

      I call them lying sacks of crap…..but, that’s just me.

  8. Felix says:

    Good morning! I would like to thank everyone that offered suggestions on how to fend off the rats in the garden. Though I have started a plan using several of the suggestions, I may not know for a few days what degree of success I may have. We had another cold front come through last night. The little f&%*ers are currently snuggled up somewhere enjoying some warmth. This means it is a perfect time to lay and hang rosemary, mothballs and coyote pellets. This is war.

  9. Patriot Dreamer says:

    HERITAGE: Take CBO report with a grain of salt: Obamacare repeal would not increase deficits

    • integrity1st says:

      Request? Whenever someone posts a link, can they provide a one or two liner relative to what it’s about? I can’t possibly go to all the good links people provide on here, and this would help a great deal.

      • AliRose says:

        I like that idea.

      • yomotley says:

        In this case, I thought just stating it was from Lame Cherry said it all.

        But, you are correct in forum etiquette being to put a word or two or even the title in the url IF no mention of title or topic is IN the url.

        I, personally, don’t care anymore now that I am a linkie junkie — just can’t pass a link up. You should see me on the days the threads are loaded with links; I get almost drunk on the rush of hopping and jumping from site to site. Oh what bliss!

        Seriously, thanks for the reminder.

    • WeeWeed says:

      I fully expected some kind of martial law event before the last election, and still expect one before the 2012′s. I also think it will involve the border/oil states (because king hussein hates us specifically) but I don’t think it will be easy because we are armed (for the most part.) I do NOT believe local law enforcement will assist his minions in any kind of citizen roundup; I believe the exact opposite will apply. And besides, to be totally un-pc here, we pretty well know what his minions are gonna look like. Now, I’m gonna go hang up my work-tinfoil-hat and go have a Coors Light with WMtilda….

    • Ad rem says:

      Ow….my head hurts after reading that. It’s like the Da Vinci Code meets Friedrich Nietzsche.

  10. Library Countess says:

    My contribution for the democratic scumbag file: John Edwards engaged to his hoochie-mama already.

  11. JRD says:

    Howard Dean Says Reagan Didn’t End Cold War

    Progressives are D.E.L.U.S.I.O.N.A.L!!!

  12. Patriot Dreamer says:

    It‘s the Gov’t’s Fault: Fmr World’s Fattest Man Sues British National HC for Weight

  13. PhillyCon says:

    OK guys, those of you who know me, can fully attest my disdain for the RINO elites. However, it has come to my attention, that yes, David Brooks (of creased pants fame) has written an outstanding column on Obamacare.

    I cannot get into the NY Times website, but if someone else can post it, I would appreciate it greatly!

    Yes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • WeeWeed says:

      A fourth; Giving the average Joe the plumber a voice – we all know now that we can call, fax, email, march, bitch and get in their faces, so to speak! That was a very important lesson to me personally. I’m not a public speaker, but stating my mind at my first tea party a few years ago was most….satisfactory, shall we say. The BEST part is meeting like-minded Americans of all stripes – all of us with the same goal – remaining the great, free nation that we all know and love.

  14. Patriot Dreamer says:

  15. TXMom says:

    I am stoked about the upcoming battles. We should keep fighting in the trenches and every time our efforts fail, we should introduce another bill. We’ve read the Constitution, put forth bills to block the FCC, dismantle the czars, repeal Obamacare; and now another warrior, Michele Bachmann, moves to repeal the Dodd-Frank finance law. Keep up the momentum, GOP!

    “Dodd-Frank grossly expanded the federal government beyond its jurisdictional boundaries. It gave Washington bureaucrats the power to interpret and enforce the legislation with little oversight.” [snip] “Real financial regulatory reform must deal with these lenders who were a leading cause of our economic recession,” she said. “True reform must also end the bailout mind-set that was perpetuated by the last Congress.”

    • Jennifer H says:

      Go Bachmann !

    • WeeWeed says:

      Texas girls, don’t forget to email, fax or bitch to your state rep. Monday on the house speaker thing – thanks again, Jen, for keeping it up front. I shall harass Tryon one more time.

      • TXMom says:

        WW, Here is some more info. Rally Information:
        Information on rallies:

        I am thrilled that my daughter is going to Austin! We need as many as possible to storm the Capitol Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday. The following is for those of us who absolutely cannot attend the rallies.
        Local Rally Information – These are the things we CAN do.

        (1) The Republican caucus is scheduled for Monday, January 10th at 1:00PM. If you cannot make it to Austin, please go to your local Representative’s office at Noon on Monday, the 10th. We can make a difference! Go to your local Rep’s office and tell them that you DO NOT support Joe Straus for Speaker. The office will have to call Austin to relay that information, especially if there are enough people going to the offices voicing their opinions. Info link for your Rep’s office addresses and phone numbers.

        (2) Heritage Alliance and Tea Parties are holding a prayer vigil at the Capitol Sunday evening, January 9th, 7pm – 9pm. They are asking those of use who cannot attend to join them in prayer in our homes at that hour…with our family, our friends and neighbors.

  16. Library Countess says:

    This is purty cool…


    • violet says:

      Extremely cool! What a talented, energetic, terrific bunch of kids. Gives me hope for the future to know there are girls like this, and not just the ones you see forever loitering around the local shopping mall gossiping on their cell phones and acting and dressing like sluts. These girls look like the type of person I wish my son would marry.

  17. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Uncovered: New Calls for the Updated Cloward-Piven Strategy to Overwhelm Americas Financial System from Frances Fox Piven with SEIU and Bertha Lewis Coordination

  18. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Anybody here live in Illinois?

    Top Illinois Democrats have agreed to push a plan that would temporarily boost income taxes by 75 percent and double cigarette taxes, Senate President John Cullerton said Thursday.

    Illinois’ personal income tax rate, now 3 percent, would climb to 5.25 percent for four years under the plan Cullerton outlined. After that, it would drop to 3.75 percent.

    That means someone who now owes $1,000 in state income taxes would owe $1,750 at the new rate, then $1,250 after four years.

    • RedGrandma says:

      I was just scanning the posts for mention of this. Yes, I live in the belly of the beast that spawned Obama, and Emanuel and Axelrod, and Daley, and JJJr., anc Carol Mosely Braun, and my own representative, that card carrying socialist, Danny Davis, etc. etc. — Chicago.

      Here is the Chicago Tribune article on this — front page headline.,0,5933761.story

      Here’s a bit of historical info from the article:
      “Last summer, Quinn’s budget director predicted in an interview that Illinois would raise the state income tax rate from 3 percent to 5 percent in early January. The governor admonished the aide for speaking out of turn and suggested David Vaught’s comments were misunderstood by an out-of-state reporter.”

      Looks like the only thing misunderstood by David Vaught or the reporter was the bad taste to bring up this turd in a very hotly contested election. I’m almost wishing we had Blago back.

    • RedGrandma says:

      …and another thing. They plan a 6.25% tax on all online purchases in Illinois which they plan to collect from the sellers. Here is how is dealing with this news in its relationship with associates in Illinois — from the American Thinker Blog:

      “I received this email from Amazon about their associates program:

      We regret to inform you that the Illinois state legislature has passed an unconstitutional tax collection scheme that, if signed by Governor Quinn, would leave little choice but to end its relationships with Illinois-based Associates. You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you are a resident of Illinois. If our records are incorrect, you can manage the details of your Associates account here. ”

      Maybe I should move in with my son in Kansas — or at least have him do all my on line purchasing for me.

      • Jennifer H says:

        They forgot the Law of Unintended Consequences – why are our elected officials so short sighted?

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          I don’t they forgot it (if they actually acknowledge it). They’re just hoping the fool public that keeps electing them doesn’t figure out that they are counting on that concept to keep covering their butts.

    • RedGrandma says:

      And here’s one more Chicago Political Mob connection that we are only to eager to share with the rest of the country — the latest White House appointment — this time for FLOTUS:

  19. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Interview with Herman Cain on the Intangibles and Continuity of Leadership

  20. Accidentally took the day off. Am trapped in the house with an insane 2 year old who is covered in marker and smells like syrup.

    Does anyone know how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

  21. Library Countess says:

    Because Elizabeth Edwards died in 2010, her estate passes to her children untaxed by the death tax! Love it! (And so far, no mention of this on any lefty sites; imagine if she’d been a Republican.)

    • Ad rem says:

      I wonder if they had to pay anything to the state? My MIL died last year, and although nothing went to the feds, Oregon still screwed us for $70,000. Nothing like blue state love.

  22. French reader says:

    On national french TV, during the evening news watched by half of France, a long topic with political comments/photos about Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, an hispanic who will be president of the USA in the coming years, according to the french journalists !

    Really ? I have not read much about him. Is he so well known ?

    Just as a piece of info, I have never heard a word about Marc Rubio or Allen West on the French News.

  23. TXMom says:

    “House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Thursday that the budget produced by his committee will reflect spending levels that assume Obamacare has been repealed and that Republicans will then use ‘mechanisms’ inserted into the annual appropriations bills that fund the various departments of the federal government to stop Obamacare.”
    And Harry Reid said, “House Republicans have to understand that the health care bill is not going to be repealed” and that they “should get a new lease on life and talk about something else.” LOL

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      I am reaaaallly tired of Harry Reid And His Ilk telling us what we should care about, when we may think about it and what we should say about it. Shut up, Harry. Just Shut Up.

    • AliRose says:

      I don’t expect it to be repealed. I expect it to die!

      …as in, ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS. The way I see it, repealing it just means the dems will try to reinstitute it later. Unconstitutional means done. Best case scenario…Obama vetoes it, takes the heat, SCOTUS kills it…it’s a win-win.

    • sundancecracker says:

      *** Breaking News *** Confronting President Obama, the new Republican-led House took a first step Friday toward a symbolic vote to repeal his landmark health care overhaul law, which would provide coverage to more than 30 million Americans without health insurance.

      But the 236-181 largely party-line vote is unlikely to amount to more than a political message, since Democrats who still run the Senate have promised to block efforts to scrap the law and Obama has veto power. Both sides are preparing for a standoff. They will probably take the big issues in the health care debate back to the voters in 2012, when Obama is expected to run for re-election and the House and Senate are up for grabs again.

      The House action set the rules for a debate next week that will culminate in a simple for-or-against vote on repeal, scheduled for Wednesday. The House will also instruct several committees to come up with more modest replacement health care legislation, a process that could take months even if successful.

      The two doofuses congressmen who forgot to get sworn in had to vote present.

    • Amsterdam Expat says:

      I’d say that in my view Dingy Harry should get a new lease on life, but I’d be lying if I did …

  24. The number of people identifying themselves as democrats slipped five points in 2010 to the lowest point in seven years, according to a study by Gallup.

    Number of Democrats Decline

  25. WeeWeed says:

    Hilarious article about a dog that mocked the Nazis….gawd, I can just see him with that paw in the air! Woot!!

    And with that I must get back to pretending to work….our 80 year old hall monitor is baaaaaccckkkkk……….

    • Jennifer H says:

      What an interesting looking dog !

      • WeeWeed says:

        Heil! Bwaaahaaaaahaaaaa!

        • Ad rem says:

          That 80 year old hall monitor wouldn’t happen to have blue hair would she? I used to work with one of those….alternated between the blue and the pink.

          • weeweed says:

            This is a true story. My hair is turning white in stripes. Kinda like Pepe le Pew. She dyes her hair reddish/brown – tries to get me to dye my hair so I won’t look “so old.” Her roots are snow white – I bet it would be pretty if she’d leave it the hell alone. I earned every white hair and I intend to keep ‘em. The end.

  26. sundancecracker says:

    The Congressional Budget Office, in an email to Capitol Hill staffers obtained by the Spectator, has said that repealing the national health care law would reduce net spending by $540 billion in the ten year period from 2012 through 2021. That number represents the cost of the new provisions, minus Medicare cuts. Repealing the bill would also eliminate $770 billion in taxes. It’s the tax hikes in the health care law (along with the Medicare cuts) which accounts for the $230 billion in deficit reduction.

  27. PhillyCon says:

    This was too funny not to post …. ah, Nancy, you are good for some laughs.

  28. JRD says:

    Chief of staff pick just another cog in the Daley machine
    By John Kass,0,7721720,full.column

    This is just too good.

    And lo, the Daley women found the infant Barack floating in a reed basket along the banks of the Chicago River. And they lifted the crying babe from the river, and nurtured and wrapped him in swaddling clothes. They watched him grow to manhood, where he performed great miracles.

  29. violet says:

    Thought for today from Ben Stein: “Fathom the odd hypocrisy that the government wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.”

  30. Patriot Dreamer says:

    The guy who first thought of “cash for clunkers” tells you it’s wasteful

    Looks like France did it in the mid-1980′s. The automakers wanted a handout, and the labor unions and the environmentalists love it.

    • Jennifer H says:

      Integrity has a great comment on the Michelle Bachmann post that addresses this very issue- it’s another great read.

  31. llauren11 says:

    giuliani may run for prez?? i think his chances are good.

  32. Pat P says:

    Donald Trump is running for President as a Republican?

  33. Jennifer H says:
    This is about Texas but affects every one of us, as I stated before when I posted about this same issue: Please get involved in your state legislature’s business and direction where ever and when ever you can –
    Pray for a win here, as it will send a message throughout the nation.

  34. Oh, and for the record? Orrin Hatch is following me on Twitter.

    So you best respect.

    • integrity1st says:

      you kill me. post more often.

    • Ad rem says:

      He’s over 50….on the list?

    • yomotley says:

      ‘Tilda, we need to talk. I so love your blog. You gotta new post coming anytime soon? I am sorta, like, looking for a laugh fix that is reserved just for your dishouts.

      Best Respectfully, Motley

      • I have this one in the works that features the Gingerbread Crack House and the Coors Light Christmas Tree Ball (both real items). But you know, everyone writes about their holiday traditions.

        And thank you kindly for your nice words…I am such a lazy ass when it comes to the blog but ti’s so great to know someone is reading it.

        • Integrity1st says:

          And this time it really happened. You know how you guys are always making those jokes about spitting on your screens because you were made to uncontrollably laugh? Well, I was reading Waltzing’s blog, (which until Motley pointed it out, I was unaware of – duh), and I was just trying to overcome how gross her dream of Obama was when it happened. For. Real. It was when I got to the post on Bueller. You totally owe me a new screen or atleast some handywipes.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          I’m still wondering how things turned out for the small person who was being raised-voiced-at (I know Waltzing wouldn’t yell)….not to break the Baby Jesus when they were decorating the tree last month. How about it, Matilda, still the same # of small people in your house?

  35. WeeWeed says:

    Totally of no importance, but the King and Tom Jones hated John Lennon. The world still turns, believe it or not.

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