1.1.11 – Saturday Open Forum

Happy New Year!

May blessings abound for you and yours.


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  1. Debra says:

    This is an interesting article, the company, Milliken and Co., is the parent company of my parent’s franchise that they own and operate in our area, MilliCare. It’s always a wonder to me when my parents rail on big business, I don’t think they realize they are a part of big business! I, for one, am grateful to this man and his legacy – he enabled my parents to be business owners and create a great little life for our family.


    • yomotley says:

      “Another job practice Milliken didn’t tolerate was unionization. He became infamous with unions in 1956 when he shuttered a Darlington mill after employees voted to unionize. The employees sued and battled him in court for more than 20 years. The case was finally settled, with Milliken paying $5 million.”

      I think calling unionization a “job practice” is brilliant! That was a heck of a long time — twenty years — for one company to hold out against the unions. The settlement of 5 million dollars was a LOT of money in the mid seventies.

      Thanks, Debra. I never read anything about the man before.

      • Debra says:

        I wonder if they were ever forced to unionize? Geez, and think of all the attorney’s fees they had to pay in addition to that. Grrrrrr…..unions piss me off!

    • Ting says:

      What does Millicare do? I would guess something to do with laundering uniforms or linens, but it could be just about anything! I know that he was a tremendous help to Converse College. Thanks for the link.

      • Debra says:

        I think they do a lot of different things, but the reason my parents knew of the company was because they made and sold commercial carpet tiles – my dad was an installer and salesman at a commercial carpet company until that company could no longer make payroll. My dad took his contacts and started up his own installation business (the company was on it’s way out of business).
        Later, when MilliCare started, my dad invested and purchased a franchise. MilliCare is a commercial carpet cleaning business using a dry method of cleaning. It was also my first job. I remember going with my family to sites while my sister and I worked for minimum wage cleaning carpets. Sometimes my parents friends would come and help when we needed workers, and I remember one dear family friend helped out for free, because she wanted to help us. What started off as a little family run franchise has grown to where my parents employ 10-15 people at a time and don’t have to work very much in their old(er) age. Not a huge franchise, many can get much larger, but it’s been a blessing to our family. And my dad put in many 80 hour weeks in his youth, so I’m glad he’s getting a nice retirement. :D

    • Pat P says:

      “He truly learned if you don’t remember the past you are condemned to repeat it, and he took that to heart.” A truly wise man, a visionary. Too few of these men today.

      A side note: He left this world in a year where his estate will not be liable to any estate taxes, though I am sure he has done his best to protect his assets.

      • Ting says:

        That is true that his estate will have no estate tax in 2010, but did you know that his heirs will not get the “stepped up” basis on those assets? To me, that is almost worse than the estate tax, because they have to figure out exactly what he paid for each thing that he owned, and when the heirs sell the assets, they have to pay capital gains tax on the difference. I know the capital gains rate is much lower than the estate tax rate, but it is the searching all over for documentation that is so burdensome. 2010 is the only year for which that is the case. In other years, the “basis” for the assets for the heirs is the value on the day of death. It is a lot easier to find out what IBM stock was worth yesterday, than trying to find out exactly when in the 1960′s your relative bought it, how many times did it split, did he ever sell any of it over the years, and how much did he pay for the shares that he had when he died. Believe me, it is a nightmare, even when the deceased was a great keeper of records. This impacts even those estates that are way too small to have ever been subject to the estate tax, too, so I think it is important to see that the renewal of the “stepped up basis” is a part of any future action on estate taxes. For this reason alone, every single one of us should pay attention to what happens in Congress with the estate tax.

        • Pat P says:

          I knew that if you received a gift and then sold it that you paid tax on any capital gain realized. Why would you have to pay a capital gain on an asset that is inherited if you retain it, rather than selling it?

          Wouldn’t he have used some other vehicle to transfer the company to his heirs – such as a trust? I don’t know much about these things, obviously.

          • Pat P says:

            I suppose that it would apply to any assets inherited that exceed a certain limit (such as the one on gifts)??

            • GracieD says:

              You assume correctly, Pat. I am relatively certain that he had some sort of Trust set up for his family. I know a few wealthy folks, and they have asset protection attorneys just for setting up trusts, etc.

              • Ting says:

                You only have to pay the capital gains tax if you sell the asset. Putting the assets in a trust does not change the basis, however. Just like a gift, the trust inherits whatever the basis was.

                For example, say he bought IBM at $1/share in 1960, then in 1970 he established a trust. If the trust still owns those same IBM shares, which go for over $100 a share now, the trust still has the $1 per share basis no matter when he dies. If he had left the IBM shares in his own name, in any year other than 2010 his heirs would have the over $100 per share basis at his death. It is confusing, and that is why so much money is spent with lawyers and accountants trying to figure it all out to best advantage. It has been very hard for wealthy people to plan the last 10 years, and it remains so. It is very expensive to start a trust, and it can be expensive to maintain it as well. People who are on the borderline just don’t know what to do. It really becomes important when there is a family business involved, because the value of the business gets added in to the person’s estate, often pushing them over the estate tax limit, when other than their business they may be quite ordinary.

  2. yomotley says:

    Happy New Year, Honeys!

    “Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future. Faith is having the courage to dance to it today.”

  3. JRD says:


    Fast foward this video to 2:57 to see a young Dr. Sowell school marxist Fraces Fox- Piven. Whoo-Hoo. It is from a 1980 episode of Milton Friedman’s program, “Free To Choose.

    Happy New Year everyone.

    • Ting says:

      “Like most people, I have never seen a pollster.” That is a line to steal! Thanks, JRD.

    • TXMom says:

      A superb find, JRD! I’ve been gathering all the info I can find on Cloward-Piven for some friends, and this is a great addition. Thank you!

  4. AFinch says:

    Happy New Year, Honeys!

    We never have big New Year’s plans and last night was no different. DH and I invited a recently divorced friend of ours over for “movies and mimosas”. We supplied the mimosas and he supplied the movies, one of which was “Solitary Man,” with Michael Douglas. I can confidently say that it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Our friend insisted that it wasn’t THE WORST movie ever, but when we challeged him to name a worse one, he couldn’t. As it turns out, one of his very liberal friends recommended it, which I took as another data point for the working theory that liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Debra says:

      I watched a much, much better Michael Douglas movie last night, The Jewel of the Nile. We had watched Romancing the Stone two nights ago. I hadn’t seen either one of those movies in AGES! They were both really fun to watch again. And the 80′s music was just classic.

      • Pat P says:

        Two of my favorites! Others favorite recently watched are the Indiana Jones movies.

      • SleeplessinCA says:

        Wild Hogs is what we watched last night…..it’s one of our faves!
        Woke up to SNOW! Need more CO2 emissions around here. In all our 22+ years, this is a first for Jan. 1.


        • Bijou says:

          SNOW??? Are you kidding?
          Here in Ontario, it’s almost 50°F and raining.
          At Christmas we had two feet of snow on the ground and it’s all gone!

          Algore, call your office.

          • AFinch says:

            You should check out http://wattsupwiththat.com

            From what I understand from the articles and comments over there (some of which are very technical) Canada is experiencing unusually high temps, while Florida and some parts of south America are experiencing record lows–it has something to do with some artic swirl and gulf stream shifting stuff–all explained by hard science and consistent with tens of thousands of years of the planet’s history.

          • Pat P says:

            I think they said that this warm weather we are experiencing (also here in SE Michigan) originated in the Gulf off the Texas coast.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      We need to have a contest: what is the worst movie of all time. My nominee

      Manos: The Hands of Fate

      If I remember correctly, even Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) even apologized for this movie. It was that bad.

  5. PhillyCon says:

    Hey everyone:

    A happy and healthy New Year to you and your respective families. May God bless your lives, give you strength to face problems, and wisdom to figure out life’s constant puzzles and riddles.

    We are all blessed and gifted in some way or another. I pray for each of us to find it, appreciate it, and most of all utilize our talent! Here’s to a great 2011!

  6. Felix says:

    A Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone!

    !Felicidades y prosperidad en el Año Nuevo!

    Ein glückliches neues Jahr und properours!

    Een gelukkig en properours nieuwe jaar!

    Yon kontan ak properours ane nouvo!

  7. Auntie Lib says:

    Happy New Year, honeys!

  8. GracieD says:

    Happy New Year Honeys! I am most grateful to know that I am not the only one who loves America, and wants to see her restored to the America that we knew in out youth.

  9. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Happy New Year, Honeys!

    I am so happy to finally say goodbye to what it perhaps the worst Congress ever. The 111th will be known as the Congress of hubris. Goodbye and good riddance!

  10. Patriot Dreamer says:

    The Valley That Jobs Forgot


    California’s Central Valley has the worst unemployment in the country.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      And check out the map at Verum Serum:


    • Pat P says:

      Detroit area is only at 14.4%, according to the BLS, but they include the surrounding suburbs in the calculation (Livonia, Dearborn, Warren). If they were to select Detroit only, the unemployment rate is much higher.

    • SleeplessinCA says:

      “While Michigan and Florida have a mix of problems, including (in Michigan’s case) a history of bad management decisions on labor contracts, California’s Central Valley woes are entirely a government creation.”
      Saw this first hand as we traveled down I5 to LA for Christmas. Tumbleweeds and dead and dying citrus trees. Lots of signs that read “Congress created “DUST BOWL”.
      This is criminal!! Thanks PD for posting!

      • Pat P says:

        Another discussion we might have some time is why the Southwest has been allowed to use such a large proportion of available water resources to green up deserts (such as growing rice in formerly desert areas). California has been a leader in this area. At least they have instituted controls on watering lawns in southern California!

        Being from Michigan, we keep a careful watch on our water resources – other states would love to get more water from the Great Lakes so that they can increase their populations with abandon.

        • AliRose says:

          We were just discussing Michigan’s water yesterday. My husband was saying he didn’t want to move back to MI when he gets out of the service, because it’s gone way too liberal, especially in Metro-Detroit. I disagreed, saying that I wasn’t going to give up and let the liberals have a very valuable state and all the water that goes along with it!

          • Pat P says:

            There is always hope in Michigan! Tell you husband that we inaugurated a Republican governor today, and have Republican majorities in both the state senate and house.

            We have some excellent representatives in the U.S. house (e.g. Candice Miller). I would like to see Candice Miller run against Debby Stabenow for the Senate seat in 2012, but I don’t know if she will. Could be that Sheriff Michael Bouchard (Oakland County) will run for her seat.

            • WeeWeed says:

              My dad’s cousin & family live in Livonia. I tend to keep an eye on MI for them and were grateful for the turnover there! Good conservatives, they are.

          • NotAMolly says:

            West Michigan is quite nice…… :)

      • Kristi says:

        That is so sad. When I lived in Sacramento we drove to LA and the central valley is/was gorgeous.

        I would hate to see it now.

    • Thomas Hooker says:

      Did they vote out any of the Democrats that caused that damage?

  11. Patriot Dreamer says:

    I never heard of this until today:

    Back in October, Stuart Varney reported that the CEO of IBM offered free technological help in identifying fraud in MediCare and MediCaid, but Teh Won turned them down.


    Some estimates of fraud, waste, and abuse of these programs is in the range of $60-$100 billion a year. More than enough money to pay for health care for American citizens who want health insurance but cannot currently afford it.

  12. Patriot Dreamer says:

    *UPDATED* Radical Cause and Effect: Van Jones Policies Are Redistributing Wealth to Hate Group New Black Panthers


  13. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Frances Fox Piven Rings in The New Year By Calling for Violent Revolution


  14. AFinch says:

    Thanks to a link over at National Review, I found what appears to be a very interesting site that deals with AGW myths, among other things. Here’s a recent article discussing record highs, lows and snowfalls in the US in the past week. Fun stuff.


  15. wendy ann says:

    Happy 2011…it’s the first day of the 2nd decade of the 2nd millennium….

  16. sundancecracker says:

    REPOST: Because I “used” to like Charles Krauthammer.

    Krauthammer: ‘Rather Weak’ Palin has ‘No Chance of Winning’ in 2012…On Friday’s broadcast of “Inside Washington,” Krauthammer offered several reasons why Palin shouldn’t be considered the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election.


    • JRD says:

      Someone ought to inform this insecure cretin that his unhinged criticism of Palin is having the exact opposite effect that he desires. The more elitists like him bash her, the more people identify with her and take these elitists criticisms personal. Keep it up Chollie. More people are taking a second look at Palin than ever before. Watch her numbers go up and you elitists continue to tank in the court of public opinion. Ivy League bashing is all the rage or are you still in denial Dr. K? Why it was just yesterday that I heard an indy describe Palin as “Truman in a skirt.” Truman, that’s a democrat Dr. K.

      • PhillyCon says:


        I thought of you when I saw this, and wondered what your opinion would be! Remember, this is the same guy who said we should not de-fund Obamacare, and that Obama is the comeback kid …

        Anyway, it seems to be a weekly occurrence with Mr. Krauthammer. I find it incredibly weird with his constant fixation of a potential Palin candidacy, and quite odd how the others are left out of the microscope. It does the party no good to fixate on Palin’s so-called negatives, while ignoring everyone else’s. If she’s not the nominee, then we are really screwed, b/c the nominee will instead be vetted by the Leftist media and Dems.

        CK’s candidate is Daniels, so, is he a guaranteed winner with his VAT tax and social issues truce? How about those questions?

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        He’s defining himself, yes. Not Sarah.

      • AFinch says:

        Truman: also VP to Dr. K’s favorite president, FDR, and one of the 8 presidents in US History who didn’t have a college degree.

        • JRD says:

          Yeah and the media hated Truman. They said he was dumb when he was self taught and very well read. He was constantly reading a book just like Reagan and Sarah. While FDR was soft on communism and there were many communists in his government including HARVARD EDUCATED Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White (and believe me I could go on and on naming them all), Truman hated their communist butts. Truman wasn’t afraid to call a communist a communist just like Reagan wasn’t and just like Sarah isn’t. That’s the dirty little secret with these Ivy League educated idiots. You don’t call a communist a communist. I say we adopt Truman’s slogan of “Give em hell, Harry.” Give em hell, Sarah!

    • Bijou says:

      Sundance, I can’t even click on the vid, because I’m a recovering Krauthamaniac, but can no longer stand him.
      He does have a brilliant mind, but it’s infected with the same old elitism, combined with the unforgiveable fact that he is a Male Chauvinist Pig.
      When my Mother introduced me to him a few years ago, I thought he walked on water.
      No more.

      I’m comforted by the fact that Palin will have the ‘last laugh’.

    • AFinch says:

      I’ll repeat my comment made in response to Sundance’s earlier post. This is the man who worked to defeat Reagan–twice. His idea of strong candidates: Carter, Mondale and most recently, Romney. This man is no conservative.

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        How does it happen that he has gotten a CW reputation as a conservative?….

        • AFinch says:

          I don’t know. Someone a little older and much more well-read than I would have to explain it, but I suspect it has something to do with his 1985 article in Time praising Reagan’s SOTU address and elucidating Reagan’s foreign policy, calling it “The Reagan Doctrine.” He is also perceived as a bit of a hawk on foreign policy–but how anyone even remotely associated with Carter can be called a hawk is beyond me.

          I think people like his clear thinking and that he beats up on liberals when they spew stupid talking points. He’s done a pretty good job concealing his big government, elitist tendencies EXCEPT where Sarah Palin is concerned. She sure does have a way of forcing people to reveal themselves.

      • Patriot Dreamer says:

        Is he one of the liberals who became conservative after 9/11? He still seems to be an elitist, though.

        • AFinch says:

          I don’t think so. Here is an article from March 2001 on the newly articulted Bush doctrine:

          “This is folly. America is no mere international citizen. It is the dominant power in the world, more dominant than any since Rome. Accordingly, America is in a position to reshape norms, alter expectations and create new realities. How? By unapologetic and implacable demonstrations of will.”


    • Jennifer H says:

      Did he change or did our perceptions of politics and our government change?

    • DeniseVB says:

      I remember something Karl Rove (another Sarah critic) said defending his barbs towards our Mama Grizzly. Paraphrased, “….the Dems will throw a lot worse at her, if she can’t take criticism from a friend, then she definitely shouldn’t be running…..”

      This could all be a political game to get the Dems to take their eye off the ball. Then again, the GOP is probably more divided than the libs were in 2008.

  17. Menagerie says:

    Happy New Year to all. May we bring blessings and be blessings to our world this year.

  18. Kristi says:

    Happy New Year!

    I hope 2011 is much better than 2010. I had a very boring, very sad (my 15 year old dog died), and a broke year.

    2011… my son will graduate high school! I am in the running for a new account.. which should double my income (say a prayer I get it)

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Good luck! May you receive financial blessing in this new year!

    • Jennifer H says:

      Good luck Kristi, and I feel your pain- we lost a 16 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback this past year. I will always miss her.

      • Kristi says:

        Awwww… isnt is awful !!??? I am sorry for you too.

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        Apparently (the list of symptoms is long) we will be making an appointment on Monday to have our Siberian Husky, 13 1/2 years old, put down. Things that have not been good since May have been escalating. All of you doglovers will understand why we aren’t telling our close-by friends. We’ll shed enough tears after the deed…I can’t deal with the advance tears of others who also love him and how guilty we would feel having to repeatedly say out loud why we’re deciding to do this. Dogs always take a part of our heart that we never get back. And we do give it gladly, don’t we?

        • AFinch says:

          Oh, so sorry to hear that. A good friend just had to have her Husky put down last week. They do take a part of us with them when they go, but they give much more than they take.

          “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” Will Rogers

        • Pat P says:

          So sorry, Emma. Let your ‘imaginary friends’ commiserate with you instead.

          My daughter’s Border Collie will be 14 soon, and they adopted a 12-week old puppy on Thursday to begin to fill the anticipated hole in their family. My oldest grandson will train her, so he will bond with this new dog before losing his old one. It will help a little, anyway.

        • Menagerie says:

          My heart goes out to you. We have four dogs and they own me.

        • WeeWeed says:

          Ohh, I’m sorry for all you guys…..we had to do it to our dear “Killer” – a teeny, tiny girl we had for 16-1/2 years (just this past September.) It is a tough, tough thing to have to do but I know it’s worse to watch them suffer. I still tear up at times.

        • Kristi says:

          Aww Emma, I am so sorry.

          Its so sad to lose a dog. They are a big part of the family.
          I cried for weeks. Ours died after surgery.

          You can post a tribute to your baby. It actually helped me. I got notes from all over the world.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          Thank you all for your caring….Kristi, I’ll check that site out later in the week and perhaps post something. Have y’all read Mark Levin’s book, title I believe was “Rescuing Sprite”..? Absolutely amazing and heartbreaking and so well written…

    • sundancecracker says:

      Kristi, you already have won the new account, you just don’t know it yet. Great Job !! Congratulations.

    • Integrity1st says:

      rooting for you ALL THE WAY!

  19. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Is Ambassador Jon Huntsman thinking about running for POTUS?

    The Manchurian Candidate
    When Barack Obama posted Jon Huntsman to Beijing, it looked like a crafty way to sideline a 2012 rival. Don’t bet on it.


    Funny Newsweek chose that title. Pretty sure the Manchurian Candidate is already in the White House.


  20. WeeWeed says:

    I apologize if someone’s posted this in an earlier thread but I just came upon it recently. Most gag-worthy.


  21. Are y’all watching the Mummers?

    If not, why?

    Please explain.

  22. Kristi says:

    Just went to Kroger in my Tea party sweatshirt and got stopped by an older man who said.. “the tea party is supported in my heart!”…. I smiled and said Me too..

    The he went on about the joker in office now and he was going to vote for Palin.

    Too cute. I love this sweatshirt.. I get lots of smiles when I wear it.

  23. DeniseVB says:

    Remember Jon Huntsman? Rising star in the GOP, former Gov of Utah, and probably the deepest foreign policy resume of the current group of potential 2012′ers. Crafty Obama offered him, and he accepted, the Ambassadorship of China … and he was forgotten…….well looky here:


    • sundancecracker says:


    • sundancecracker says:

      Ok. Just finished my initial research on this guy. Gotta say any article that states Democrats fear him, yet he is unknown to Republicans, doesn’t pass my sniff test. If he was a worthy conservative, we would know him.

      Regardless.., attach Huntsman’s irrelevance this year, of all years, to the fact the article, and potential candidacy, is essentially driven by David Plouffe and I get the immediate sensation this is a Democrat attempt at candidate selection. Sniffs like another John McCain snow job supported by Democrats. Plouffe name used just to get some credibility, and legs on it.

      Besides this guy looks like a social liberal, and fiscal moderate. Pro cap-n-tax, pro “reproductive rights” aka abortion (looking at his governorship), and pro big government. Has all the sniffs of a Decepticon candidate who the Demoncrats would enjoy too. Romney and him could exchange tailoring information, and perhaps enjoy eachothers company over a glass of Pelligrino, after a splendid game of squash.

      Fool me once shame on you……..

  24. PhillyCon says:

    Did any of you see this Kirsten Powers video of the death panel debate? Well, the news is that she had no clue Bush vetoed the end of life planning provision. However, in my opinion, is the Left’s ongoing campaign to legislate much of their “death” practices either through judicial dictate (Roe), or executive regulation.

    Do you notice the pattern? The people are cut out of the decision, we are not given a voice. This is how they circumvent the popular will and basically violate the principles of a free republic.


  25. sundancecracker says:

    Sorry…. first day of the new year and I gotta call bullshit on Obama already !!!….

    ….. WASHINGTON – In his weekly address, President Obama resolved to do everything he can to make sure the economy is growing, creating jobs, and strengthening the middle class in the new year. With each party controlling one house of the Congress, Democrats and Republicans will share the responsibility to move the country forward, and the President reiterated his commitment to work with anyone who has a good idea in either party…..

    This is Bullshit. Obama has his mind made up about everything. There is very little, if anything, in his agenda that is meant to strengthen the middle class. The Obama administration was, in his own words, “going to fundamentally change America.” Yet, in this address he says 2 times that America is the greatest country on the planet. Why would you seek to fundamentally change the greatest country? The man is a LIAR. ……. P.E.R.I.O.D.

    ps. My New Year resolution is not to back down even an inch !!!

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      He will not rest … laserlike focus on jobs … yada yada yada.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      I heard that, too, and had to briefly considering throwing something across the room. My first thought was….”oh, you mean like a year ago Christmas Eve when you ran across our faces with obama care?”…..and like 6 months prior to that when the Republicans were trying to get meetings with him to talk about the plans they actually had been trying to present, and they couldn’t even get a meeting……

      I guess we actually are going to have to start keeping track of the detailing, itty-bitty details of everything these liars do….it’s so energy-consuming dealing with endless liars when the jury is made up of people willing to be deceived: you have to disprove each of their lies point by point by point (and then, of course, they’ll turn around and accuse you of being nitpicky).

    • sundancecracker says:

      Here’s the direct video. Gag…. Says Republicans have a responsibility or something like that. I think I puked a little in my mouth so I might have missed the exact verbage the first go round.

      Also, obviously someone needs to get to bed earlier, or something. Looks like he is about to fall asleep. ?

  26. yomotley says:

    Hey, Mr. Gorebull, didn’t you say something about the icebergs melting or something?


  27. At mom’s for New Year’s traditional “ground meat soup” (recipe to follow).

    She was just saying she has nothing “to say” (not true, BTW, as you will soon learn…) because she doesn’t go anywhere or do anything. So I told her about y’all (I love how people’s eyes glaze over when you tell them the backstory of your internet hangouts! How dare they not be fascinated!) and she had me bookmark the site for her. Already we’re fighting over the mouse…meanwhile back in the real world my kids are drinking milkshakes and watching Oomi Zumi. Because we are all about health and education in this family.

    So, keep an eye out for her, would you? Don’t know what handle she’ll use but my guess is PA56kath.

  28. SleeplessinCA says:

    A glimmer of light for 2011…..HOORAY!!
    “Next week, at least five states plan to begin an unusual coordinated effort to cancel automatic United States citizenship for children born in this country to illegal immigrant parents.”

  29. yomotley says:

    Viewing this cartoon reminded me of a pet peeve of mine: Caricatures of Obama never seem to resemble him. His ears will be highlighted but, for the most part, the face does not even resemble him.


  30. Patriot Dreamer says:

    In today’s edition of moonbats who make no sense:

    MSNBC Says Bush Book Sold Better than Clinton’s Because ‘He Was Hated By So Many People’


    So many people hated Bush that they bought his book to get back at him???

    • WeeWeed says:

      Well sure!! Everybody that hates/hated him is in line to send him money! Makes perfect sense! /s A$$clowns. If that were true I’d own B. Hussein’s and all the other marxist’s works out there, huh? What irks me is that most of the country that actually listen to these morons are sitting there bobble-heading in agreement…yup, yup….

    • sundancecracker says:

      Only in the logic of a Liberal would this make sense !!! “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      I saw that headline and just couldn’t bear to expose myself to the details. These people need to be put out of our misery.

  31. sundancecracker says:

    Looks like the “Religion of Peace” will be taking credit for the Egyptian Christian New Years Day Massacre. It looks like the calling card of Islamic Al-Qaeda, when was the last time you heard of a suicide bomber in Egypt?

    …..” Evidence indicates that a suicide bomber caused the explosion outside a church in Egypt on Saturday that killed at least 21 people, the country’s interior ministry said.

    Authorities believe the bomber was killed in the blast, the interior ministry said in a statement. Forensic testing confirmed that the explosive device used was homemade and contained nails and ball-bearings, according to the statement.

    Egypt’s health ministry said 79 people were wounded in the attack in Alexandria, the country’s official Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported. Four of them were police officers posted outside the church to protect the Christians worshipping inside, the interior ministry said“……


    Islam The Religion of Peace? Give me a freakin’ break….. sickens me.

    • sundancecracker says:

      Wow, here’s a surprise (not). Islamists blame da Jooos…

      …..” The Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas also condemned the attack, saying it was “certain it was the work of elements acting against the interests of Egypt and looking to promote confrontation between Muslims and Christians”. A top Shiite Muslim leader in Lebanon, Sheikh Abdel Amir Kabalan, denounced the attack as a “terrorist act aimed at sowing chaos and fear in Egypt”. “This terrorist act bears the fingerprints of Zionists who keep on targeting religious sights and are working to … sow discord between Muslims and Christians,” Kabalan said in a statement.

    • NotAMolly says:

      Obama is claiming muslim victims of this attack. I guess homicide bombers are victims in Barry’s sick diseased mind.

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