Planes, Trains and Automobiles … Friday November 26th

Friday Open Thread …… doors are open!

No door crasher specials here today, I’m afraid.
I won’t be lining up at 5 am … that’s what Amazon Prime with prepaid shipping is for …. :)

How did everyone’s travels go yesterday? Apparently on the NJ Turnpike yesterday, they had to just open up the tolls — the traffic backup was THAT crazy.

The National Opt-Out Day Campaign is declaring success.

While traveling around the Inner Tubes, found this travel blog with some interesting comments about the back scatter machines:

And saving the best for last –

This is hilarious, from a fun blog called “Drive By Thinking”.

Make sure you scroll through after clicking and read the comments — and look at the dates they were written.  Oh, we were so naive.

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  1. AFinch says:

    Good morning all. Thanks for opening the store today YATZ. That last link kills me. If you’re looking for an example of cleverness and humor that everyday people have in spades, be sure to check it out.

    If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an example of someone who only thinks she’s clever and funny and insightful, check out Peggy “Nincompoop” Noonan’s latest op-ed in the WSJ. (Or better yet, wait until it’s out from behind the pay wall.) I can’t believe I ever thought this woman had something meaningful to add to the debate.

    In her latest pile of drivel, she suggests that what the President really needs is “an assistant whose sole job it is to explain and interpret the American people to him.” This advisor is necessary, she argues, because no matter how connected with the people a president might have been, living inside the presidential bubble inevitably leads to a sense of detachment. (I can think of one potential 2012 candidate who would never need such an assistant. Can you?) Once again, Ms. Nincompoop gets the basic premise wrong–that the President actually cares what the American people think.

    Oh, and by the way Peggy, we people from Indiana call ourselves Hoosiers, not Indianans. I guess you won’t be applying for the position of “reality tsar.”

  2. emmajeri1010 says:

    The report from illustrates once again how the media plays the game and distorts reality. Those who draw conclusions about reality solely from the media also vote. Good grief.

    But….I love the article, because it pieces events of the last week together from another POV that makes sense. TSA has backed down again and again and again over the past days, and has in each backdown presented it like a calm and planned moved. I wonder how much yelling is going on behind closed doors.

    As someone else pointed out on the China/Russia denouncing the dollar thread yesterday, people are rising up, speaking out, having public/appropriate tantrums about the heavyhanded authorities. We have gotten so used to being ignored, that it would seem we are a little surprised at actually being heard.

    A couple of days after the election I saw an article on American Thinker that was making a point I was already tired of: “the Tea Party/the Republicans/the Conservatives can’t lay down down now…..they had better understand they are just beginning this pushback”….because I thought, “good grief, we KNOW that.” Then, of course, I wondered: am I just assuming everybody “knows that.” It would appear that the great majority of those who have their dander up about what the left has done and intends to keep doing to this nation had no intention of just dandering up for the election. We’re in this for the win. They said last evening that the Cowboys were “playing for pride” against the Saints. That gives a certain motivation, of course. But not the kind of motivation if they were playing for their lives. We are, and we know we are. USA! USA! USA! (now I’m going to back to bed and finish sleeping….Happy Day After Thanksgiving, everybody! Can’t wait to see that Auburn game this afternoon…I loves me some college football)

  3. AFinch says:

    This is a day late, but the lesson is timeless.

    Yesterday’s Morning Bell from the Heritage Foundation focused on the first Thanksgiving. Did you know that there was no privately owned property in the early days of Plymouth Colony and that the colony flourished only after private property rights were restored? Yet another thing I wasn’t taught in school.

    • yomotley says:

      No, I did not know this and will keep it handy to toss at a liberal who wants to engage with me on the “oh-its-oh-so-wunnnderful-to-be-a-socialist” mantra.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      Every Thanksgiving Day Rush covers that entire story….telling the real story of Thanksgiving…..

      • AFinch says:

        Oh good. I’m behind in my podcasts, so I’ll look forward to that on Wednesday’s show.

        • Ad rem says:

          PBS (of all people) did a series on the Plymouth Colony a few years back with costumed characters and minor scripting. They covered the failure of the commune lifestyle and the subsequent flourishing of the colony after private property right were established.

    • Ting says:

      Here in Virginia, as 4th graders, we learn that the first Thanksgiving took place in 1619, which was a year before the pilgrims even landed at Plymouth Rock. The site was Berkley on the shores of the James River, just east of Richmond, and the service is repeated every year since. The land was given in a grant in 1618 and the site became Berkley Plantation. It was the birthplace of 2 Virginia Presidents – Benjamin Harrison and William Henry Harrison. Today it is still a private residence, but the grounds are open to the public at times. Some of you may be interested to know that the first bourbon was said to be distilled at Berkley, and that “Taps” was composed there during the Civil War as a good night signal to the troops there (Union troops, but we forgive them!) I love the fact that it is still a private farm. I think it only left the Harrison family in the 1900′s, and the current owners are good custodians of this beautiful site who share it with charities holding fund-raising events and various other gestures of community good will.

      • ytz4mee says:

        And my MIL sent me an article a few years ago how the Jamestown settlement almost perished because they were top heavy with aristocrats who liked to “plan” and “dictate”, and pretty thin on skilled tradesmen and people who actually knew how to get things done. The colony was only successful after they imported a bunch of skilled trades from Poland (glass makers, stone masons, blacksmiths, etc). Originally these trades were brought over in the hopes of turning a profit, but it became apparent that these skills were vital to the lifeblood of the community.

        There’s a snotty group in VA called “First Families of Virginia” (FFV), but I like to tease Studmuffin he needs to start a group called FPFV, (First Polish Families of Virginia), because, apparently, without FPFV, FFV never would have made it.

      • AFinch says:

        Oh I probably misquoted Heritage. It would have been more accurate to say that they discussed early Thanksgivings. No disrepsect to Virginia. ;-)

        • Ting says:

          Oh, we are used to it. When we learned about the Berkley Thanksgiving as kids, the Weekly Readers the same day were all about Plymouth Rock! It is amusing, and not a big deal at all, but I just thought it might be an interesting tid-bit since the Berkley Thanksgiving was held at a private land grant site, an illustration of the Heritage article’s discussion of property rights.

          I really don’t take all of this Virginia heritage stuff too seriously, but I have realized over the years that we were taught really well about our state’s contribution to the country. I have been thinking that we were lucky to be able to travel all over the state with our school groups to actually see Jamestown, Williamsburg, Berkley, Mount Vernon, Monticello, etc. and maybe that is why it all stuck so well in our psyches. As we learned it, we experienced it, too. St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry gave his “Liberty or Death” speech is a working Episcopal parish not 10 miles from my home, and I have been to weddings and funerals there. The building has been modernized, with electricity and plumbing and HVAC systems, but it is otherwise the same. It can be a humbling experience to pray on your knees and wonder if this was the exact same spot where Patrick Henry prayed for guidance and courage before standing to speak. I am so lucky to live here, and any of you who want to come to visit are most welcome at Chez Ting, where the specialty of the house is Pie.

    • phillycon4 says:

      Hey everyone:

      Here’s the Rush Thanksgiving story:

      • AFinch says:

        Thanks Philly. I’m becoming such a dittohead that I’m giving 24/7 memberships for Christmas!

      • phillycon4 says:


        Do you mind me asking … how much is the membership?

        • AFinch says:

          Not at all. It’s $59 and some change, includes a t-shirt and a a subscription to the Limbaugh letter.

          • NeeNee says:

            Wow, I’ve never gotten a deal like that!
            And I’ve been a 24-7 member since 2003. The radio/computer option is all I get for my $59.99

            Since 1992 I’ve subscribed to the Limbaugh Letter, and the best extra thing I could ever score was a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” coffee mug . . . . are you sure about this? If so, it must be something new because MaHaRushie NEVER gives you that kind of package deal!!

            • AFinch says:

              Yep. Just double checked. $59.90 s/h gets 52 weeks 24/7 membership, 12 months of the limbaugh letter and last man standing t-shirt.

  4. yomotley says:

    Good Morning. Are we hungry yet? Although I am not hungry yet I had some pecan pic, brownie pie, a to-die-for orange roll, and a cup of coffee for breakfast. The turkey carcass is simmering for stock and it feeeeels nice.

    Well, the “Beast” (the wood cook stove) is up and running. Our stove is a combo coal and wood. About ten years ago we tried coal, but, yuck, we we always cold. Well, this year we are behind on getting wood so I picked up some coal, read some more, found out I did everything one before when I tried to burn coal, and we are loving it.

    Everything I read said we would have to add more coal about every twelve hours. We did not have to reload for nineteen hours. AND the house was so nice and toasty when we awoke. This is just way to cool. There is a big price diff between wood and coal but the coal is still cheaper than propane. Yeah, economically, we will still mostly burn wood, but if Santa wants to give me some lumps of coal for Christmas it is ok with me.

    • yomotley says:

      “everything one” is “everything wrong”. The rest of typos can be figured out. I will finish my coffee before I continue.

      • Ad rem says:

        We have a large Vermont Casting wood stove in our family room. We used it off and on the first winter, but because we’re in SoCal and it never really gets that cold, we’ve gone back to the forced air. (It’s amazing how quickly one of these can heat up a house.) If Obama is successful in crashing our economy and driving up fuel prices, it’s nice to know I’ve got this option as well as a cookstove on top.

  5. AFinch says:

    Sorry to dominate the open thread this morning, folks. I assume others are still in their turkey-induced comas and will join the conversation shortly.

    Earlier in the week, I shared that I had been invited to sit down with Sen. Lugar in a small group setting in early Dec., and many of you provided links and information to help me prepare. (Thank you.) My two main objections to Sen. Lugar currently (aside from the fact that he has been in D.C. too long) are his positions on the New START and the DREAM Act. I feel pretty well versed on DREAM thanks to that Politico link someone provided (JRD?), but I’m less confident on New START.

    As I see it, here are the problems: (1) we need to see the negotiating record, which hasn’t been provided in the 7 months since the treaty was signed; (2) we give up a lot (not only nukes, but missile defense capabilities and the ability to update deployment mechanisms) in exchange for a little (Russia’s program already lags ours and the treaty doesn’t address its 10,000 tactitical nukes); and (3) the verification mechanisms are weak. Have I missed or mischaracterized anything? Am I making too big a deal of it?

    Predictably, I also recently received an invitation to a fundraiser for Sen. Lugar in January. I politely declined, stating that while I am happy to meet with him, I have not yet decided who I will support in the 2012 primary. Maybe if enough of us issue similar messages to him and others, we can keep the RINOs on their toes for the next two years. Hopefully, Indiana tea partiers will be able to put up a stronger candidate in 2012 than they were able to do in the race for Bayh’s seat this year.

    • pistol pete says:

      Lugar has stated he will vote for cloture on the DREAM ACT,but Ben Nelson,(he of the Cornhusker kickback) will vote against cloyure,so they cancel each other out.Problem is,Susan Collins,(RINO-Me.)is leaning toward voting for cloture.I still wouldn’t trust McShamnesty,Graham or Voinovich.The election is over,so I expect Juan McLame to drop his conservative facade anytime.Keep in mind Mark Kirk hasn’t been seated yet and won’t be for at least another week.Well,time to get off my Rino rant and get back to work.Hope all our Honeys have a blessed day!

      • davesmom1 says:

        My prayer is that somebody challenges Lugar in the republican primary.
        That dope sure didn’t pay attention to the election… if he thinks he is a safe in 12.. he is insane.

      • frankie says:

        McStain still has to come home and face us here in AZ so he dang well better watch his step. He won’t be running for anything anymore but his long time supporters w/ deep pockets around here still expect him to walk the walk of his campaign talk. He’s been coughing & sputtering about “borders security first” all thru his re-election campaign. To go back on that now will really put him cross-wise w/ his peeps here in his homestate. If he dances sideways on this issue, no one will give credance to a single thing he says – ever again! Much as he might WANT to vote for the Dream Act, he knows better than to deliberately go against the will of the masses here. I do, however, know better than to trust the guy. He can take a lesson from Ben Nelson of NE. After being paid off, Nebraskans came down HARD on him – wouldn’t even stay in the same restaruant with him or shake his hand. Note he’s voting with Conservatives these days. He heard the people, loud & clear.

        • Bijou says:

          The START treaty is very bad for the USA, period… which is why BO is all for it.

          People need to wake up! He clearly wants to weaken the US against the every-growing nuclear threat. This is not about Russia, but NK, Iran, and ‘rogue’ groups that want to take out the infidels en masse.
          It’s his old ‘redistribution’ theme, writ large.
          Big ole scary USA been boss of the planet too long. NO FAIR! Must disarm it, so little guys can catch up. Even the playing field…yada…yada.

          Dr. K distills it down in a few paragraphs. Here is just one snippet:
          “Obama’s New START treaty, like the rest, is 90 percent useless and 10 percent problematic. One difficulty is that it restricts the number of delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons. But because some of these are DUAL-USE, our ability to deliver long-range CONVENTIONAL weapons, a major U.S. strategic advantage, is constrained.”

          Thanks, sleepless, for posting!

          • sundancecracker says:

            When the ‘ultimate’ goal is a NWO global meme… All participants must be equalized. Not just economically, but also militarily. Strengths must be diminished to a point of equivalance amid all participants.

            That has been what START looked like to me from the beginning.

          • GracieD says:

            Wow Bijou, coming from North of the Border, that is a strong sentiment. Thank you for standing with us!

      • AFinch says:

        Oh thanks so much for these links. I thought Bolton had addressed START but I couldn’t remember where. I hadn’t seen the Krauthammer piece, which raises a whole different issue: Why is the White House in such a rush to get this passed when the real nuclear threats are Iran and N. Korea?

        • Ad rem says:

          I’ve also heard they’re cutting back on the Christmas vacay so they have more time to ram things through the lame duck. They just can’t screw us fast enough!

    • ytz4mee says:

      Spending, spending, spending.
      The solution to being in generational debt is not to open up another credit card. :)

  6. Good morning!
    Can’t resist piling on:
    I wonder if that plastic TSA agent has gloves???

    • Thomas Hooker says:

      May I point out that VETERINARIANS wash their hands between patients. Why should American citizens traveling by plane be treated with less cleanliness?? My daughter has already purchased tickets to fly home at Christmas and I am very concerned about both the machines and the groping.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      MRSA, anyone?

    • Integrity1st says:

      Re TSA: Is it any coincidence that this whole TSA travel mess was introduced right before the holidays, when many a traveler would foresake standing up for their rights and privacy for the end result of getting to their loved ones for the holidays?

      What really concerns me is how when they take, they don’t give back, they just lessen the blunt by over reaching, and then settling for something less, never bringing it back to where it was or improving it. Think of this when they take POWER, TAXES, RIGHTS and more. When the dust settles from this TSA power grab designed to humiliate and disempower us, we will inevitably not have our bodies shown naked, and groped, but in its place will be something where our government will take control of yet but another aspect of our lives/freedoms. This will be another example where we will end up winning the scan nude groping battle, but the overall war will be set back some more because new encroachments on us will be such a relief from what they were doing to us. Gag, the battles never cease.

  7. yomotley says:


    integrity1st says:
    November 26, 2010 at 1:24 am (Edit)

    I’m here, I’m here. There’s so much to read, and I haven’t gotten through more than half. And I have so much to say, BUT, I have already learned so much, including things I would have said, that got clarified – – – like we have to get Aussie out, and save others, and, and, that conversation about us not hurting his reputation . . . we’re angry now, but we won’t be later . . . NO. It’s about not letting any others be duped or go through what we are all recovering from. All I kept thinking, when I read and learned more and more was how we could leave anyone behind. That’s not anger, that’s trying to save people.

    I’m so tired now. I have been reading here all night. It is surreal. First, did that really happen, and now, that THIS is happening. It is an absolutely amazing thing that this is happening, and those lefty, (I assume), people that allowed you guys to stay in their guest rooms. Wonderful. Beautiful. Amazing, and beyond my greatest expectation that we would all land here and find each other. And those lurkers, and those dropping in for a visit and wishing us well. It’s all so beautiful.

    WHAT A HOMECOMING ON THANKSGIVING DAY! Thank you all, and happy Thanksgiving. I’m so overloaded right now and my eyes are killing me so I am signing off, but cannot wait to get back to all of you, (and finish reading all) What a site this is going to be, and I know we have to move forward, but I’m guessing I will feel the need to vent first, and lend whatever insight I might have on the matter. Where do you want me to go, in private or something? Til tommorrow, I won’t be back to check in, so, until then –
    LOVE. YOU. ALL. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yomotley says:

      Welcom Integrity. Wow. Take your time reading and digest slowly all that is shared by the HBrefugees. We don’t want you suffering from drama overload.

      I can not retrieve my gravatar (yobrogo); the one that reminded you of your sister. I was bummed. It made me feel connected personally to you. So glad you are here, “Sis”.

    • Jennifer H says:

      Hurray! My wish for the day is that we find the rest of the wounded, or that they find us:)

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      Well bless your heart!!!! (I know….GracieD [I think it was] has explained to us the pointed underpinnings of that phrase in the south….but I simply mean it the way we mean it in Minnesota when someone comes with a rhubarb pie and pitcher of lemonade on a hot July day….) It is SO great to see you here!

      I love your description of “saving people out” and that should not be defined simply as anger. You are so, so right. Welcome. Enjoy!

      And the lefties who let us stay in their guest rooms…..I suspect they’ve got some genuine American hearts still beating. They were kind and gentle with us. Look forward to your timely venting as well!

      • Bijou says:

        Emma, re the lefties who let us bunk in their guest rooms, I think it was as much the fact that they are ‘for’ anything that’s bad for KD (which our ‘defection’ definitely was/is) as any feeling of goodness from their hearts.
        Mrs. Polly came out swinging at him yesterday, because he posted another ‘hate-mail’ along with the sender’s name and hometown.
        (BTW, it’s a ghosttown at HB. Seriously.)

        • ytz4mee says:

          Hate to snark, but did anyone notice the T-day thread? The shot is a bunch of elementary school “crafts” and playing cards from Alaska.

          When I saw that, I thought…a group of grown men making and displaying child crafts?
          Sad. So sad.

          And yes, it’s tumbleweed city over there.
          The magic is gone for me, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

        • yomotley says:

          I was able to google the lady’s and city and, bingo, there really is a person by that name in that city. Tempted to call her so if it is her she has a heads about this total violation of privacy.

        • phillycon4 says:

          I’m telling you guys, there’s a brain drain going on.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          You’re probably right, Bijou. I’m often too generous in my first responses!!….your comment makes all sorts of sense. It may have just been quite delicious for her to throw open the door and ask us in full internet view…..

      • GracieD says:


        “Bless your heart” means good things in the South as well as bad, it is all in the inflection.

        • yomotley says:

          Around here we skip changing inflection. If we intend it to be negative we say, “Well, bless your little black heart.” (That is black as in sin or black hat vs white hat, etc..)

    • I guess I’d best be keeping that mask ON, then. Or shall I just change my name?

  8. pistol pete says:

    In vase you haven’t seen Sarah Palins Facebook Thanksgiving message,here’s the link:

    I laughed so hard at the first paragraph,I think I need one of OBOZO’s “corpsemen” to give me artificial persperation!

    • Hey Pete, long time no see!!

      • pistol pete says:

        A lot of old HB and M4U buddies have changed their ID’s,but I remain the old Pistol Man!This site is definitely the bomb!

        • AFinch says:

          So what ever happened with M4U? Did you all just revert back to HB when KD started posting again or did it just fall off?

          • Essentially, M4U got to be too much for our “homeroom host” and she had to give up the site.
            For me, HB had lost it’s charm and I would only lurk occasionally but that’s all. Had to change my ID due to an email change. AKA: PVG

            • Ting says:

              I really wish that I knew how to get in touch with our M4U hostess. She provided me with a place to keep learning after HB went silent, and it was just priceless. I could never have kept up on my own – there just wasn’t enough time left in the day after I finished my work, so all of the articles that Pete and NeeNee and JRD and the others posted were a lifesaver for me. Along the way I grew to really care for everyone there, and I think that is already happening here, too. It will be enriching for us all, I am sure.

            • yomotley says:

              For reassurance, this gathering spot has been set up with growth expected and procedures to handle such. We are not going to have this house foreclosed on.
              We have the benefit of learning from those that bravely started this before us (like M4U). Thank you.

            • Ting,
              I sent her the link. No reply as yet. Pray.

    • davesmom1 says:

      I just read that on Ace..

      She is hilarious and very clever.

    • Bijou says:

      Glad you posted this here, pete. (I saw it on Lucianne as a ‘Must Read’ and LMAO.)

      Mr. Thin Skin would freak if his babysitters let him read that. And good for Sarah for posting the links, because there’s no WAY the LSM can rebut. LOL!
      Beautiful, smart, and a killer sense of humour to boot. What’s not to love?

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      That is hilarious. I actually to start the paragraph about 3 times before I got past the reaction of “whaaaaaat is she DOING?”….she’s good.

    • AFinch says:

      Someone here mentioned Barbara Bush’s statement that SP should stay in Alaska a few days ago. Doug Brady over at C4P has a nice analysis of the establishment’s relentless attacks against Palin.

    • Thomas Hooker says:

      I wish she could have fit corpseman in – he did that on two separate occasions.

    • phillycon4 says:

      How refreshing is it? A conservative who actually fights back.

      • frankie says:

        Amen to that! For years I’ve been wishing that Conservatives would step up & fight back and put the “politically correct”, go-along to get-along crap into a deep hole where it belongs. I think that is what we all find so refreshing and wonderful about Sarah. If it’s “poo” she says it & doesn’t try to disguise it as something other than “poo”.

    • Richdet says:

      Thanks for the posting, Pistol Pete. SP’s Facebook piece has to be read in its entirety. Impressive. There is so much noise surrounding SP — lately I think it has the perverse effect of clouding the woman (candidate?) herself. This Facebook posting is especially good partly because it is SP controlling her own message and choosing her own targets.

      I actually caught the Laura Ingraham radio interview Wednesday morning where Ingraham got SP to retort to the Barbara Bush audio. Ingraham has a “stir the pot” streak that I don’t like, and it was in play bigtime during that interview. My take was SP really didn’t want to go there.

      What nobody mentions is that Ingraham also was trying to lump Chris Christie with those in the party who are dismissing Palin. She played some remark by Christie right after the one by Mrs. Bush, and tried to pull another “colorful” quote from SP. By that point in the interview I think SP was tiring of Ingraham’s mischief-making and didn’t indulge her.

      • AFinch says:

        Yeah–I admit I’ve been a bit out of the SP loop recently and was astounded to see all the articles when I stopped by C4P this morning. Is the noise just because of the release of her book or are the elites genuinely concerned about her candidacy at this point?

        My response to people these days to people who say she shouldn’t run is (1) why are you opposed to her even entering the race and (2) can we both agree that we will support whoever wins the primary? They usually don’t have a response to either, which tells me they are not interested in what is best for the party–only what keeps their turf undisturbed.

        • Richdet says:

          AFinch, I think a lot of the “noise” is self-serving by those who ramp it up. As you say, some in the party seem to be trying to head SP off at the pass because they see her as a likely candidate in 2012 or potentially too much of a power-broker within the party itself. (I.e., she might not run herself but she will greatly influence who the nominee turns out to be.) But that doesn’t bother me so much of late; I expect SP’s rivals to have sharp elbows, and I bet she does too. The last thing she needs is a coronation somehow magically sweeping her to a nomination; some tough primary contests will strengthen her in the long run.

          What is making me wary is this growing perception I have of elements among SP’s so-called “friends” who are using her, exploiting her really, to push an agenda of their own. They want to settle scores with people within the party, are getting off on the notion of a civil war because it gets their blood rushing, and seem to forget that Obama is the target. That’s what I heard going on in the Ingraham interview. Ingraham is no friend of the Bushes, and is in fact sore that he didn’t do an interview with her during his book tour, and has admitted as much on her program. So there is SP thinking the interview will be about her book, and instead it turns into “why do Barbara Bush and Chris Christie have it in for you?” None of that is especially useful for SP right now (Barbara Bush has about zero influence on the primary process, and Christie may prove to be a useful ally in taking a blue state or two or twelve), but Ingraham scores points — via SP — against people she doesn’t like.

          And, having said all that, I would also cite Kevin duJan as someone who is exploiting the Palin phenomenon for purposes of his own. I was resisting that thought for a long time. I stopped doing that within the past few weeks.

        • Richdet says:

          Sorry, when I say “he didn’t do an interview,” obviously I mean Pres. Bush 43. Ingraham was a loud critic of Bush 43, especially on the Harriet Miers nomination and on immigration issues. I am surprised that she is so surprised that she didn’t make the cut for radio interviews on his book tour. But she definitely is, and very irritated about it.

          • Ad rem says:

            I was just going to add this to your comments above, but you beat me to it! I recall Ingraham wasn’t invited to the White House meet and great with the other conservative radio hosts either.

  9. JRD says:

    Stanley Kurtz book Radical-in-Chief is THE BOMB!

    It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt why the NY Slimes shut down Anita Moncrief’s story from being published prior to the 2008 presidential election. Exposing how deeply Dumb-0 was tied to Acorn was a game changer.

    PJTV is doing a 3 part series with Kurtz.

  10. Pat P says:

    Good morning everyone! I haven’t finished my coffee yet, but will give it a try anyway.

    Everyone else is still asleep here. My youngest grandson (whose birthday was yesterday) starting vomiting about midnight. The dogs and I got some sleep, but no one else did.

    The poor little guy just got up to get some water and give me a hug, but went back to bed to rest.

    Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers were terrific, as usual. My SIL’s family has a big party planned for today, and a small birthday party following at the other grandma’s house. I hope everyone is up for all of this partying!

  11. AFinch says:

    I received the following apocryphal story via Chrissy’s bloggy mail Wednesday. Some of you have likely seen it and even though it’s probably not true, it’s fun to believe that it is.
    A United States Marine, who had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, was attending some college courses between assignments. In one of the courses he had a professor who was an a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU.

    One day the professor shocked the class by his beginning action. When he started the class, he looked to the ceiling and declared in a loud voice: ”God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I’ll give you exactly 15 minutes.”

    The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed: ”Here I am God. I’m still waiting.”

    It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his seat, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him–knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence.

    The professor eventually came to, and noticeably shaken, he looked at the Marine and asked, ”What the heck is the matter with you? Why did you do that?”

    The Marine calmly replied: ”God was too busy today protecting American soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid stuff and act like an idiot. So, He sent me.”

    • TXMom says:

      LOL!!! Too good. Thanks, AFinch. I am sending this chuckle out far and wide.

    • NeeNee says:

      Always someone out there that never saw this great
      Marine story. Thanks, AJ!

      Speaking of Marines, our son who’s a 13-year lifer called
      for T’sgiving yesterday and we talked for over an hour.
      I flat out asked him, “If/when this all goes into meltdown mode,
      are you obligated to enforce any orders against civilians that

      BO might give? Aren’t you obligated to enforce the CONSTITUTION
      instead of the president?”

      His answer was, “Mom, we take an oath to uphold the Constitution.
      BUT, in turn, we then have to obey orders of the President because
      he’s the Commander in Chief and enforcer of the Constitution.
      HOWEVER, if he gives orders that violate rights laid out in the
      Constitution, then NO, they would not be obeyed.”

      Asked who determines that, and he said probably a group of officers
      who are authorities on Constitutional powers.

      I then asked him if he was deploying after the first of the year,
      and his answer was, “I can’t say.” Several months ago, he’d mentioned
      Afghanistan, and when I reminded him of his answer then, he
      repeated, “Mom, I can’t say.” Then I brought up North Korea, and
      his rote answer yet again was, “I cannot say.” Hubby who’s a Navy
      vet said that doesn’t surprise him because you never know what
      innocuous piece of info would get passed on & on & on, until the leak

      compromised a unit’s position.

      Quite unlike the “leakers” we seem to have in Washington!

      • AliRose says:

        I know I’m a little late to the party, but FYI…
        Enlisted military pledge an oath to the Constitution AND the President. The officers’ oath is to the Constitution ONLY.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      I had seen that before, but I absolutely love it! and forwarded it again. We have a bunch of Marines in our family it’s just so perfect.

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        …and I also have to say I know Army and Navy and National Guard patriots who would do exactly the same….

        • AFinch says:

          But not the Air Force. (Jokes, jokes, it’s all just jokes.)

          • emmajeri1010 says:

            Oh, shoot….I knew I was forgetting somebody!! BAD BAD OF ME: one of our sons was a Marine and the other (and his wife) Air Force!! So we know better than to get into that there thang!

  12. JRD says:

    Next Tea Party Target: Corporate America that Backed Obama’s Socialized Medicine

    Johnson & Johnson and GE

    • AFinch says:

      I can’t wait to see what they propose. They should also target those 80 millionaires who sent a letter to Obama asking them to raise their taxes. Of course they’re perfectly free to donate as much of their money to Uncle Sam as they see fit, but progressives aren’t happy unless they’re telling everyone else what to do too.

    • phillycon4 says:


      Great post! I forget who it was, but I think it was Irving Kristol, who said that business/industry leaders did not do enough to defend capitalism; instead, they cave and shell out protection money to the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

      For once, it would be nice to hear an executive say, “No, my company is not evil we provide a critical good and/or service to the marketplace. Profits are not evil, they allow us to hire people etc.

      Big business has become almost as bad as big government. Palin outlined this concept in a couple of her FB posts. Big business and big gov’t partner with each other to drive out the little guy.

    • frankie says:

      I hope there is some backlash for those big Corporations that supported the Stimulus and the Obamacare.

      My DH cancelled 2 big contracts with GE and deliberately went around GE when purchasing 2 *major* pieces of medical equipment for the hospital where he is CEO. When asked his reason for doing so by a GE Rep, DH flat out said that he refuses to do business w/ a company that supported Obamacare which is going to be so detrimental to hospitals all over the country, especially in rural America. The Rep didn’t argue with him & said “you know, we’re hearing that from many people”. Whether the Rep’s statement is true or not, who knows. All I know was I was certainly proud of DH’s decision.

      He also rejected an award for his hospital from American Hospital Assoc. The award was for 30 yrs of support for the Organiz. DH said he’d just cancelled membership with the group because of it’s support for Obamacare (for reasons stated above) so he certainly wasn’t going to accept an award from them. They INSISTED that he come to Lincoln to get the award but he held his ground and held fast to his decision. He’s always professional but he left no doubt that he’s not happy with their politics. Now the Organiz. is trying to do the back stroke on Obamacare as they see how badly it will impact Healthcare. They & so many others were told “read the Bill” but they were on a fast track to support Obama. They supported it, now they have to live with the consequences as their memberships are dwindling. DH is one small cog in a big wheel but people have to start speaking up and let it be known that WE the PEOPLE are not happy and aren’t going to sit quietly while they ram crap down our throats. Saying “ooops” after the fact isn’t going to cut it any more.

      • JRD says:

        Wow, a CEO with integrity. Good for him. You should be proud frankie.

      • Ad rem says:

        Three cheers for your DH!!!

      • Bijou says:

        frankie, please convey our ‘thanks’ to your DH for his principled stance.
        I hope it IS true that GE is getting flack for their actions.

        • YTZ4Me says:

          I am so grateful for individuals like DH that stand up for their convictions.
          I used to be a big fan of Jack Welch — but lately, between their politics and other issues I have become less enamored of GE of late. In a very microsense, they were the only company that #OS has applied to to work in China that has been rude. The little things often say more about a company/organization than “big picture” photo ops or press releases.

          At one point I worked for Toshiba medical imaging in Markham, ON so I understand just how big a deal ($$$) your husband’s stance was. Good for him. Corporations need to pay the price for their PC choices.

          • frankie says:

            Thanks guys. Will convey your pats on the back to DH. Nice knowing it wasn’t just wifely pride showing over what he did. You’re right, YTZ4Me – medical equipment = BIG BUCKS. GE tried their darndest to get the bids – meant LOTSA $$$$. Not to mention the service contracts that went along with the equipment. Hit them HARD and he ended up with as good or better equipment and some other company happy as a clam. :-) Everyone happy but GE.
            Boo, flippen, hoo!

  13. sundancecracker says:

    He defended the TSA assaults…. He defended the pat down / feel you ups’…. Now he admits he was wrong. Good article.

    What changed his mind? SUMMARY: “where will it end”?

    Is the line between security, freedom, and liberty so weak, the common man cannot request consideration prior to its movement. Or perhaps, just perhaps, many would prefer to travel ‘at risk’ with liberty, than ‘safe’ and disparaged.

  14. Auntie Lib says:

    Morning All –

    Late start today – had emergency run with dog to vet’s. He’s getting old and has been lethargic for a couple of days and was visibly hurting this morning, so off we went. Bad infection, but should be ok. So much for shopping – disposable income has been disposed. “Off-hours” = major bucks. But one dose of antibiotics and he’s much improved.

    I have a bit of a dilema though – please advise. KJD had invited me to do a weekly “Ground Report” from Montana and the second installment is due today. I now have very mixed feelings – HB still gets way more exposure than my own blog (you know, those 13 million readers are nothin’ to sneeze at!) and I had hoped to leverage that into much needed early support for the Steve Daines for Senate campaign – we have to get rid of Tester and the D’s aren’t going to go down easy!!!

    So what do I do?

    • sundancecracker says:

      #1. Turn off your pre-scripted thoughts (head).

      #2. Listen to your spirit. Pray or just reflect peacefully.
      #3. Follow the response that stems from your heart.
      #4. Be at peace with the decision.

      You already know the answer. It is within you. Always.

    • Bijou says:

      Auntie Lib, Sundance’s advice is good. Here’s my ‘take’, which is less gentle.
      First of all, you owe HB nothing. Now that the curtain has been pulled back and the truth revealed, all bets are off.
      You were ‘invited’ to file on-the-ground reports simply to pump up the site’s content. For FREE.
      (Look at what happened to Chrissy!)

      That said, if you feel the bit of exposure (and these days, it IS just a bit) would help Mr. Daines, go for it! But don’t do it out of guilt or a sense of obligation.
      Any commitments made in the past were done under false pretenses.

      Sad, but true.

    • yomotley says:

      Write the update on your own blog and let the requester write a little ditty and link you. Like how we did here with a couple of YTZ’s blogs. This is the first step to building traffic on your own blog. The neat thing about this is that you have one day every week or so already written. Next pick another day to write on something personal to you, a couple of days on hot stories in the news, etc. (Naturally, my answer is not as mature as Sundance’s.)

      The requester can keep calling it Montana Ground Report when he links, but you may want to change it to something else.

      Oh, and it is not 13 million readers, but 13 million HITS (I probably and responsible for at least a half million alone!

      Best wishes and you will be included in prayer as you ponder and pray.

    • Richdet says:

      AL, for what it’s worth, I am thinking HB has had 13 million “hits” over time (not readers). A lot of that has to be return traffic, posters checking in multiple times per day, etc.

      If you choose to submit another Ground Report, proceed with caution, don’t over-invest yourself in the next report just in case HB chooses not to clear it.

      All in all I think one of the truly inspired things that happened at HB was the “Ground Reports.” And all of that reflected the input of posters like yourself, not KdJ himself. I am thinking before 2012 rolls around, that idea can be re-created elsewhere, such as here or Lucianne’s “Connection.”

    • AFinch says:

      I hope your dog is back to his old self soon.

    • Thomas Hooker says:

      From another doggie geriatric home, best wishes to your friend.

    • Write it, use HB to plug your site. It’s not personal, it’s business! Unless it IS personal…..

  15. Patriot Dreamer says:

    New ad from GM (Government Motors). Thanks for the bailout money!


    • It wasn’t exactly the same, but the music was certainly “borrowed” (how appropriate!) from “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.” I guess it must’ve been retitled, “It Ain’t Heavy, It’s Our Car Company.”

  16. TXMom says:

    Good morning, all! The exceptional Bill Whittle on American Exceptionalism.

  17. davesmom1 says:

    I love these flash mob things… this group sings Hallelugah in a food court.

  18. yomotley says:

    Time to exit and go make a turkey sandwich with lettuce, lots of mayo, and on cheap white bread. Yum….

  19. Richdet says:

    Not to snark needlessly at HB but, what the hay, did anyone catch KdJ’s recommendations yesterday for dinner-table chat at the family Thanksgiving dinner? He advised his readers to engage their nearest and dearest Democrat relatives in Socratic dialogues on Obama, Sarah Palin, Obamacare, and voter fraud. As in: is Palin “polarizing” and how big an idiot were you, Uncle Bob, to buy that “hope and change” pig in a poke anyway? (What, no rumbles over the USO?)

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last thing I want at Thanksgiving dinner is raised voices, strained tones, and inhospitable behavior, but that’s me. If political debate is a family favorite, then go for it, but a day without political chatter (make that “hollering”) is more than fine with me — and, by the way, can I have another helping of that terrific dressing?

  20. phillycon4 says:

    Just saw your mention of the NJ Turnpike. Yes, my cousins, aunt, and uncle were on that strip of road for 4 hours!

    It was a mess.

  21. Integrity1st says:

    Still reading, and don’t want to miss a word of your wisdoms and love for fellow man, especially exiled buzzers. At some point I want to go into more detail, but I have spent so much time reading, I must get back to things at hand before I can really write you guys what I would like to say. I at least want to tell you that I have enjoyed every emotion of from when a new buzzer is found and much, much more, and it tryly made for a beautiful Thanksgiving. I have also shared so many of these emotions that have been discribed, the whole gammit from betrayed to feeling foolish, though I might get the award for oblivious!!! I didn’t even know of my being told off UNTIL this [below]. When NONE of my posts went through on the USO thread, I tried posting on another thread and sent Kevin THIS to insure he got my response to a poster he was gutting: (more later – LOVE. YOU. ALL.)

    From: Hill Buzz
    Subject: Re: URGENT
    To: (Me – Integrity)
    Date: Monday, November 15, 2010, 12:38 AM

    You need help.

    We do not want you as a reader.

    Best of luck with all your endeavors.

    Please get help.


    On Sunday, November 14, 2010

    > Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh to devranauf. Before reading Bev’s rant, I wanted to say that, and now even moreso. I have NEVER, NEVER, been or thought anything about Kevin but that he was great, loving, brilliant, awesome, and much, much, more, and I’m quite sure I have said all that in these blogs, and also by email directly to the boyz, BUT NO! Abusively taunting those of us who don’t have ANY reason to, or want to discuss what we do for our country or others is NOT acceptable, and I found it shocking, to say the least. I had hoped it was a hacker or an excusable breakdown, but I am certainly dissappointed that it is neither and is/was a condescending dressing down of people for whom little more is known about their world than what has sporadically been shared here.
    > But what was even worse were those buzzers who speak of “having their back” for the boyz when things get really scary, or for Kristi (who nervously lives in an apartment and wonders how to survive if the worst happens). Give me an F-ing break!

    > I can only laugh at such absurd proclaimations. If you can’t have buzzers backs when they are emotionally and unreasonably hurt with WORDS, than please don’t profess you will have their back when they are financially destroyed, physically threatened, or in Kristi’s case, need food because things in this country have gotten so bad [hypothetically, I hope]. Pleeeaaaase.
    > What a disgrace of a site I thought was anything but THIS, but then, it’s just what the left LOVES to see – us attacking and eating our own. I will not “volunteer” to delineate what I have done for country or for charity, but I will, if not accepted at face value, do so to PROVE that I can match any one of you for helping my country or fellow man, and I am certain that I have been targeted, threatened, financially, physically and in every way possible BEYOND anything Kevin even imagines has or will happen to him. (Therefore, I have readily
    > accepted how bad it is for him)
    > I further anticipate the worst is yet to come for me, or my family as I devote every waking moment to stopping the corruption at every level I personally see or experience it first hand. And, I understand Kevin not wanting to be friends with . . ., as I too have drawn the line when people are not of the ilk and calibur that I think warrants my support or friendship. But I don’t demand they justify their existence to me. I base it on whether they are good or evil, and have provided me with certifyable proof of such by what they say or do, not because they don’t rattle off lists!
    > Still, I found comfort in what I thought was a great community here. More importantly, I felt safe. It was a refuge from what I’m up against daily, and it provided sanity from the insane that was going on around us. Not more I guess, except that I know I can still learn much from here, and I never want to not be where I can read the wisdom of many of the buzzers, Sundance comes to mind, and the adorable and thoughtfulness, Ad Rem comes to mind, but there are many more, too many to list. But THIS, this is not what Hillbuzz meant to me, and brings me much stress and sorrow for a place I so recently promoted to hundreds.
    > I will hope with all my heart that this site finds its wonderful bearings from which inspiration, motivation, and greatness sprung, but THIS is not its finest moment, and instead brings out the ugliness of many. Sad. Very, very sad.

    • AFinch says:

      Wow! What else is there to say, but wow?

      • Bijou says:

        Mega-dittos on ‘Wow’!

        Integrity1st (BTW, your name suites you to a ‘T’!) I am more grateful than ever that you found us.

    • davesmom1 says:

      That was really mean to tell you get help.

      Just goes to show.. it was the readers that made that site fun and interesting.
      I am so glad most of us have been found.

      Oh and THANK YOU! I appreciated those words of encouragement that day and on a different thread on here about me freakin’ out for the future.
      Truly God sent you all with your words and advice.


      • The USO thread debacle could’ve easily been averted at the very beginning by Kevin, who had a vast reservoir of good will (and, at that point, ignorance about his behind-the-scenes shenanigans) from his posters that would’ve purchased pretty instant forgiveness of any perceived slight. A few soothing words from his prolific fingers, and I am convinced that trouble would’ve been headed off at the pass.

        Instead, he chose to double down. He allowed people to speculate about evil hackers, defend his “good” name, attack other posters, etc. A lot of people, Aussie and Bev in the forefront, went WAY out on a limb on his behalf, and he never lifted a finger to stop any of it. Why? To me, the inescapable conclusion about a man who allows a brawl to continue that he could stop immediately, is that he wants it. In some unspecified way, he not only tolerated it, but I think he enjoyed it. There are people in the world who like stirring up conflict between others, while they sit back and amuse themselves with the carnage. Is he one of them? Decide for yourself!

        • Integrity1st says:

          Agreed. Even days later, he could have explained, and I at least, would have continued . . . like an idiot.

          But what do you suppose was his real agenda? There’s got to be something to this that I am not seeing, dah, but he harmed himself and his reputation, as much, if not more than he did us. And what of all his brilliance? There were, after all, many very good ideas. I had started to see that the writer of the Blog Kevin was not as nice as the Kevin, and or others that chimed in on the threads. (I at least noticed something, huh?) So sometimes, when I would feel he was just too good to be true, i.e. the conservative gay who seemed to think so closely to my thoughts, I would wonder if he was a plant from the left, trying to win conservatives over so that the Gay Agenda could take a foothold with our blessing. Is there any chance some of you thought like that? But then, if so, why did he blow himself up? Was it simply the inevitable imploding of a FAKE?

          I continue to be so wildly confused, and will try to focus on the future as soon as I get a little more input on my venting and confusion. I know we need to move on, and I see that many of you have. I have every intent to re-read all past posts for the ‘business’ and learning aspects of it, as I have focused on bizarro world from HB that I had no idea so many others were affected by. Can’t WAIT to read the subject of WTZ’s newfound fame and much more. CONGRATS WTZ = )

          • Richdet says:

            Frankly, your post is so on target. I asked myself much the same. And Sleepless takes us a long distance in resolving the mystery, but, like Integrity, I also wonder how much self-sabotage was at play there, and why. Or was the con-man conning himself more than he was his readers, and just carried away by his belief in his own awesomeness? Or was he just drunk (literally I mean), which was my first impression when I read the USO thread — if I recall correctly, all his postings happened very late during the course of a weekend night. (Richdet rule of thumb — bloggers embarrassing themselves repeatedly over the course of a Saturday night probably could use a pot of black coffee. Pronto.)

            Which brings us full circle back to Frankly — why didn’t KdJ just man up and fess up in a 50,000 word “my bad” posting. You know all would have been forgiven — that time anyhow.

          • GracieD says:

            Integrity, I’m so glad to see you. Been praying for you. You do what is right, and let God handle the rest. What is right for one, may not be right for all.

        • Ad rem says:

          And, he made understanding even more difficult by the witholding or deleting of pertinent comments……like those of Integrity1st, which seem to have been deleted from the get go.

    • sundancecracker says:

      Integrity1st, It is one thing to make a mistake, and quite another thing not to admit it. People will forgive mistakes, because mistakes are usually of the mind, mistakes of judgement. But, people will not easily forgive the mistakes of the heart, “the ill intention”, the bad motives, the prideful justifying cover-up of the first mistake. Hence, our refugee camp, and place of comfort, amid the realizations of your eloquent statement and our similar discovery.

      Welcome home !! :) Damn glad to see ya.

      • davesmom1 says:

        Uh… I am sorry afinch… When I wrote saying leave it be.

        I didnt know he was writing people after that hateful USO post.
        Its one thing to write that to a non reader but Integrity was there a long time and a supporter.

        He just banned me. I have no idea why. I never posted that day of the USO thread.. I slept in and had to work that day.
        A week or so ago… I just couldnt post anymore. No idea what I did but.. I really dont care. My favorite posters are all here.

        I still wouldnt put his name out there.. but good grief. .. writing people that they need ‘help’ is uncalled for. I hate to see people doing things that will hurt them….. and they dont even realize it until its too late. God has a way of evening out the score… ya know. Call it Karma or wh

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