Open Forum – Saturday December 4, 2010

It was a busy week & several discussions are still taking place; “Fireside Chat” is filled with preponderances and compassion while the “Because Today Has Been Too Darn Heavy!” continues to make us laugh (put your favorite funny up ). C’mon in for a Chat.

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  1. yomotley says:

    Good Morning! Just a reminder, post the funnies in the funnies forum. Keep ‘em coming cuz there are giving the house new vids to post on Facebook. One of my sons and I fought over who got to post the mouse one. He won.

  2. yomotley says:

    what is going on at Drudge? Just the title and no picture on top and no lead-in stories in top left corner. Just looks out-of-place.

    • AFinch says:

      Interesting. There was a time in the not-too-distant past when I would be frustrated that films like “Fair Game” were even made. Now, I laugh and hope that Hollywood continues to churn out this nonsense until their bankrupt morals and ideologies drive them into actual, financial bankruptcy.

  3. Dunno, it does look strange. I read this yesterday and, at the risk of being “disappeared” thought I’d post it here. I love this guy!!!’s+thunder

    • phillycon4 says:

      “Mike Pence is no Sarah Palin. And that should worry the daylights out of the left.”

      Uh, if he was a threat to the Left, he would be “palinized” in no time. No one is getting a free pass to dethrone Obama. Its naive on the part of these pundits to suggest otherwise. They need to study history.

      • WaltzingMtilda says:

        Agreed 100 per cent. History indeed…particularly recent history. McCain, anyone? The “conservative” darling of the LSM until he won the nomination. And then *BLAM*.

        • violet says:

          And that’s exactly what will happen to whomever is the GOP nominee, be it male or female, conservative, moderate, or liberal. So we might as well nominate a true conservative for a change. One with a ramrod for a spine and a really thick skin, because he/she is going to need both.

    • yomotley says:

      No disappearing here, Jessica. I am glad you put up the post. I, personally, am not for or against Sarah for president. It is just that I don’t like to pick and campaign for someone until I know they really are the best, which means I like to wait to to see who is showing up to party. If I pick my choice before everyone comes on stage I may not pick who really is the best because of a premature commitment. It does not mean I condemn other”s approached to picking a candidate.

      This does not have to be a 100% SP forum. There are already those. This can be discussion and presentation of each of our choices. The reason this is good is because if my guy/gal loses, the primary I have already been filled with enough positive info on the winner that it will be easier to make a decision on the final two. Basically, homework will have already be done if I am willing to listen to everyone share who they think is best and why.

      • phillycon4 says:

        I remember you as Motley from back in the day, and somehow that’s stuck in my mind :)

        I have absolutely no problem with others advocating their preferred guy/gal, but it seems these days, it always involves gratuitous knocks on my gal. Why do you they have to “build X up”, by knocking down Palin? After all, if X wins the nomination, he or she will have to stand on their own merit, against Obama.

        Sleepless has nothing to do this, but my response was directed at the intellectual laziness of the pundit implicitly buying into the “polarizing” argument.

        • AFinch says:

          Same for me. I have absolutely no problem discussing each candidate on his/her own merits. It’s the gratiutious swipes at Palin that get my hackles up.

          • phillycon4 says:


            Eye to eye, baby! :)

          • yomotley says:

            I try to see, but don’t always succeed, before I post if the answer to this question is “yes”:

            Am I staying on text and issue?

            My hackles go up whenever people veer into the slammery, as I call it, but thought I was just impatient about having my time wasted on reading extra words that don’t fit the argument. That goes for any candidate or issue.
            Hmmmmm…….got an idea for an “exercise post”

        • Could be a cheap way to grab attention. But agreed, no need to resort to “knocking down Palin” or anyone else for that matter. Mike Pence stands up on his own with a sound voting record that speaks for itself.

        • AliRose says:

          I hear you. This is a really valid point, which, I believe, you were trying to make the other day. Something definitely worth repeating and delving into a little bit more deeply.

        • yomotley says:

          Philly con, you and I must have been typing away at the same time. My reply was to the comment about being “disappeared”, actually, and explaining why that won’t happen. It showed up after yours like I was commenting on your comment, too.

          Your comment is great and beneficial to the discussion. It is the type of response that keeps good dialogue between all of us on our toes and looking at issues from all angles. (Someone posted a link. You read it. You commented. That is how it is suppose to work. )

          Keep it up.

      • I like the way you think yomotley!

      • AliRose says:

        I agree. I like Sarah Palin, but I’m not committed to her as the only possiblity for a candidate. There’s a lot of time between today and election day. Information on any candidates is definitely useful.

    • AFinch says:

      “Liberal mouthpieces are desperate for Palin to emerge as the leading GOP presidential candidate, and try to pretend that the former Alaskan governor and vice presidential hopeful is the way-out-front candidate.”

      This is a new trend within the past week. Now that we’ve fingured out that the media will try to pick the candidate that they think stands the least chance of beating Obama, pundits across the spectrum are pretending that SP is the media’s choice (and thus the candidate least likely to beat Obama). So THAT’s why they have spent the past two years telling us how stupid she is and doing everything they can think of to get her to sit down and shut up? To encourage her to run against Obama? Got it.

      The other thing that bugs me about this article is that the author puts Pence on a pedestal, holding up his policies as oh so sane and mainstream, implying that Palin is not, while completely ignoring that Pence and Palin are saying the exact same thing. Of course he doesn’t point out how Pence’s policies are substantively different from Palin’s. We’re all just supposed to know that she’s a wacko.

      Finally, Pence is not running for President–he has no executive experience. He is running for governor of Indiana.

      • Kristi says:

        Totally agree…

        Pence and Palin stand for EXACTLY the same thing.

        Mike Pence is running for Governor… after 8 years as Governor.. then I think he will run for President.

    • TXMom says:

      I love Mike Pence……and he rides horses. :) Read his excellent Hillsdale College speech on the Presidency. Full text of speech:

      • I love Mike Pence and Sarah Palin. I love Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Eric Cantor, Rubio and some others. I predict it will be a Gingrich/Palin run in 2012. Imho, that would give Palin experience in the job and then she can be President in four years possibly with Rubio who then will become President.

        • AFinch says:

          Just curious . . .what experience does Gingrich have “in the job”–or any executive position–that Palin doesn’t have right now? I think there is no way that she will ever take second billing on someone else’s ticket again, and certainly not someone who, like Gingrich, has taken positions so different from hers.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          I don’t trust Gingrich. He has changed positions and alliances more times than some of the tribal nonsense on Survivor (which I don’t know…what I know about Survivor I learned in checkout lines at the grocery store). The standards that are applied to Palin by apparently co-opted conservatives would never be applied to Gingrich or Romney. Therefore, I ignore their application to Palin.

    • AliRose says:

      I just read the article, and noticed the mention of Imprimis “magazine” from Hillsdale College. My mom is a subscriber and always passes them along to me when she’s finished. For anyone who’s not familiar, the articles are ususally quite brilliant. It’s not really a magazine, but a short reader (generally one long article). You can sign up to receive them for free or read them online at:

    • phillycon4 says:


      To further illustrate my point, I can wholeheartedly say that now with all the “Pence” talk, the DNC is starting an oppo research folder on him.

      They are probably digging through every tax return, going through all his family ties, and anything else … oh, don’t forget they will probably ask the Pentagon for info along with the 15 others.

      Trust me on this one.

      • Kristi says:

        Oh for sure!

        They are wasting their time.. he is running for Indiana Gov.
        Its all the talk here in Indiana… all over talk radio ect.

    • TNWAHM says:

      As Rush says so eloquently, whoever emerges that articulates the conservative/constitutional message will/should be the nominee. At this point, I LOVE Sarah Palin, but I could easily get behind Pence or DeMint ~even though they are old, white guys~ or someone like them.

      Palin has said herself that we shouldn’t be afraid of competition. It’s good for the consumer and marketplace. It’s Free Market Capitalism at it’s best. She’s not afraid of competition; neither should some of these others ie Romney. That’s the beauty of Palin for me, she’s got the record to stand on and is not afraid to take on the competition.

    • AliRose says:

      To quote a certain Troll Buster…”We’re going to be in so much trouble when they reach this.” (May 23, 2010)

      HA! I coldn’t resist. I does feel good, though, doesn’t it?

      • Ting says:

        What was she talking about?

        • AliRose says:

          A lot of people were “testing” their avatars. She went down the entire thread, scolding and arguing with each one, telling them to “Stop it.” I’ve always thought she was kind of rude, but I was really struck by just how rude she was in this particular thread. She and Aussie actually got into a little bit, before K finally stepped in and told her, “Thanks…but please stop.”

          • Ting says:

            Oh, yes, I think I remember that now. I try to block out all that bossy stuff.

          • phillycon4 says:

            Yeah, now I remember that episode. I was one of those “illiterates” who could not master the avatar, until Chrissy, dumbed it down with arrows, and step-by-step instructions.

            Just another annoyance to tack onto the already long list.

      • AliRose says:

        d’oh…I just realized…that would be “read this.”

  4. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Hold the Brownies! Obama Set to Sign Bill Limiting School Bake Sales

    Fedzilla get out of our schools! Give the power back to the states, local governments, and parents! Sheesh!

    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      Our school board started “recommending” last year that we only bring in healthy treats to celebrate the kids birthdays. Nothing official, mind you…just “guidelines”.

      “You vill be bringing bananas, ya?”

      • yomotley says:

        OK. Make Velveeta chocolate fudge. Tons of protein that balances the sugar carbs! And kids love it. Nice, solid, big chunks of chocolate fudge for each child.

        • WaltzingMtilda says:

          Yay! Cheese + chocolate = teh yummy.

          And what fool doesn’t know a “treat” is a “treat”? Doesn’t the name imply it? No, we are all too stupid to know you shouldn’t eat Munchkins every day. On that note, who are they to tell anyone that we shouldn’t eat Munchkins every day?

          Em asked me today if I knew that SF had banned including toys with any meal that was over 600 calories. When I was 9 (back in them days where you walked to school uphill both ways) I didn’t even know what a calorie was. I asked her what she thought about the people “in charge” thinking she and her parents were too stupid to make their own decisions about what they eat.

          She replied:

          “That is some serious bullshit.”

          Well, she didn’t exactly use that word but she was NOT happy about the whole thing, especially when I told her it could happen here too.

          Then we went to Mickey D’s for lunch and got Happy Meals in protest.

      • Pat P says:

        My daughter took fruit skewers for my grandson’s birthday last week …. The year before she did ice cream.

    • EZBurns says:

      An child at birth needs 200 kcal per kg of weight. Adults can get by on as little as 20 to 30 kcal per kg. IOW, kids need calories to grow.

      Crikey, this woman would let the air out of a kids birthday balloons if she could.

    • wendy ann says:

      HA! “Fedzilla” – says it all…I am sooo going to borrow it!

  5. AFinch says:

    It’s a snowy Saturday here in central Indiana. A perfect day to stay inside and get some online Christmas shopping done.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Here, too, in Kentucky-ana!


    • JRD says:

      It’s a perfect 10 in south Florida with no humidity. I am having the best time putting up all of the Christmas lights outside. I can’t light the place up enough. My street wins the award every year. We live on a deepwater canal so we light up the back of the house also. This weekend is the boat parade where every boat is lit up and blasts Christmas music. We just love pissing off the left. No sheeples here!

      • AFinch says:

        Love it! As a native Hoosier, though, I have to say that the idea of hanging Christmas lights in sunny, 70 degree weather, just seems wrong.

      • WeeWeed says:

        Ooooooh…please take a picture for us when you get all “lit!” And, mornin’, all!

      • sundancecracker says:

        JRD is Connie Mack Jr. your Congressman?

        • JRD says:

          No Mack isn’t. A good thing too because I would have a hard time not slammin his Glo-Bull warming wife! No this is Lt. Col. Allen West country.

          I lived in NJ all of my life. Never thought that I would like it here. Found myself relocated here after my husband got caught in the World Trade Center bombing.

          I never thought I’d say this but I don’t miss the cold weather at all. I guess I’m getting old. I always get my family fix for a few days in NJ but then I’m outta there!

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Lille bunny snow tracks on our deck this morning.

    • NeeNee says:

      This will get you in the mood . . a classic!

      By The Drifters

      • Bijou says:

        NeeNee, thanks so much for posting this!!!!!!!
        I was going to go through my ‘files’ later to see if I could find it.
        The first year I got this, I just sat at the computer watching it over and over and laughing so hard I cried.

      • TXMom says:

        Thanks, Neenee. Love it.

    • Auntie Lib says:

      It’s a brilliant, freezing cold football day in Montucky. NAIA Semi-finals – Carroll College – 13, St. Xavier U – 3. Go SAINTS!!!!

  6. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Sen. McCaskill really is clueless. In the video clip at the link she talks about the battle over the expiring tax cuts and “if we don’t give more money to millionaires”. Good grief, it’s not their money to give!

    • Debra says:

      Sigh…that’s my senator. And to think, when I was the wee age of 12 I campaigned against her for Jackson County, MO DA. If only Pat Peters had won instead of McCaskill maybe she wouldn’t be where she is now.

    • sundancecracker says:

      • sundancecracker says:

        ….”Since you mentioned deficits, Claire… We know you don’t want people to see this but your democratic colleagues tripled the national deficit two years ago and then nearly matched it last year….”

        Dumbass progressives… Aaaargh, who’s flippin’ money is it Claire? Hint… It ain’t yours. I’m Sick of listening to these progs with their stupid hypocritical ideology… Sick. Where is the budget Claire? Don’t stand atop your self created mountain of BS and claim to ‘represent’ anything except stupidity… Yeah, your stupidity.

        Wanna smack down these ridiculous progs with one question.. then just ask them “Where is the Budget”? Ye of pondwater scum sucking hypocrisy…. Don’t even go there with your spittle and crap about ‘fiscal responsibility’ and dare to mention ‘Tea Party concerns’….. you creaton. Where is the budget? Yeah, I’m gonna keep beatin’ you over the head with that until you come to grip with it…. You cannot stand in a place of relevance on financial responsibility and be a part of a crew of usurpers who didn’t even propose a budget for consideration.!!!

        Pitchfork that.!!! You want pitchforks…. fair enough… but consider that you will be among the first skewered.!!

        And BTW the guy who sold you those glasses lied. “it ain’t the glasses”, they didn’t help!

        Oh yeah, and did I ask “where is the budget? Perhaps better worded “where is the federal budget”? Or maybe I should ask “where is the budget”….

        • Menagerie says:

          At the rate they are spending, why bother to write a budget. They are spending faster than they can write it down in our checkbooks. And McCaskill’s attitude sadly reflects the fact that they don’t even think of the money as ours first anymore, it’s just theirs before they even fricking steal it from us.

    • emmajeri1010 says: Oh well, just confirms it again….the government doesn’t have any money. That’s why they keep takings ours.

      I think millionaires (and bazillionaires) should be able to keep their money. If they spontaneously send me a check, I’ll cash it!:) but they.don’ (Even if they inherited it…)

      • I agree with you emmajeri1010, anyone who earns money should be able to keep it. Those who are proposing allowing the current tax rates to expire are not even logical in their arguments. Is it logical to propose that failure to end the current tax rates would ‘cost’ $700 billion? It does in their little pea brains because they have already spent the money. It doesn’t cost any more in January 2011 than it does in December 2010….idgits!!!!!!
        Also, it is only extremists who want to deconstruct our economy that even whispers of a tax increase for anybody. There should never be a tax increase of any kind during a down economy. Never.

  7. Patriot Dreamer says:

    You all will enjoy this bumper sticker:

    Yes he is!

  8. AFinch says:

    Big Hollywood has a fun piece up about Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. The feelings John Nolte describes having about the Palin family are similar to mine. If the left had just left her alone, she probably be enjoying a quiet life in Alaska right now. As they continued to beat up on her, I started to take notice and realize that as “they” treat her, “they” would also treat me and my friends and family. Clearly, I’m not alone.

    • Kristi says:

      Ya know.. I feel the same way.

      Everytime I hear or read the left saying awful things about the Palins… I think they are insulting .. me, my son, my parents, my friends… they are insulting everyone of us who live out side of NY and LA.

  9. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Cancun talks start with a call to the gods [globull warming]

  10. ZurichMike says:

    You are the first to have the link for the Christmas video (photos set to music):

    My other photo albums and videos are also available to view as well.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Tried the HTML attributes. Didn’t work. Here is the link to copy and paste.

      • yomotley says:

        Help, It does not up load faster than play so keeps starting and stopping. How do I fix that on this end?

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          I have that “process issue” all the time, every video I download. Either our server, our service or my hardware can’t process it fast enough. I just turn the sound off, let it take as long as it takes to down load the whole thing (10 minutes for a 3-4 minute video sometimes!! ) and then hit “replay”. That’s why I don’t watch much video on the innertubes.

      • AFinch says:

        Cool thanks for sharing ZM. (I had no problems viewing via iPhone).

      • Ting says:

        Gorgeous! I started out seeing if I could figure out which country each picture came from, but I was so caught up in it that I couldn’t concentrate on anything but just experiencing the video. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing that, ZM.

  11. TNWAHM says:

    Had our care planning meeting for my daughter yesterday with her medical team. Medically speaking, her kidneys are past kicking in on their own. ~We know that God can heal at anytime. ~ We are starting the process for kidney transplant. Please pray for wisdom, for peace, for strength and mostly for healing. Thank you.

  12. Patriot Dreamer says:

    20 Million Americans Have Multiple Social Security Numbers Associated With Their Name
    Research from ID Analytics Shows High Rate of Duplication Among SSNs

    • AliRose says:

      “…more than 27,000 SSNs are associated with 10 or more people.” ????

      How does this happen? I understand clerical errors, but I think it’s a big deal to have two or three people associated with the same number, let alone 10!

      Hubby has a hard enough time keeping things straight between him and his dad (who has the same first name). I could’t imagine trying to straighten out a mess of ten different people.

    • TNWAHM says:

      My SIL worked at a bank in rural AR. It’s part of the welfare scam. Because of privacy laws, she could never report them. Where I do most of my grocery shopping, I’m the rare one who pays for my own groceries. Most of it is people using “their” EBT card or WIC. They are usually talking or texting on a cell phone with nails and hair done to the nines.

      I went to Kroger on election day and forgot that it was the first of the month. I came home cussing and telling my hubby that if you get a check from the government, you shouldn’t be able to vote.

  13. NeeNee says:

    Haven’t seen this one here before. New to me.
    Another jab at the abominable TSA . . .

    “Help You Make it to Your Flight”

  14. Thomas Hooker says:

    I’m not seeing mention of this elsewhere, but the wikileaks includes fun stuff related to Al Gore’s climate disaster. One cable quotes the EU president: “Van Rompuy said the Copenhagen climate change talks had been “an incredible disaster”. Looking forward to the current negotiations in Cancún in Mexico, the European leader predicted that these would be a disaster too.”

    Several postings at

    And Wesley Pruden points out that many Copenhagen attendees are just too busy for Cancun this year – “Nobody wants to get the smell of the corpse on their clothes.” [Yes, corpse not corps]

  15. Patriot Dreamer says:

    DoT exploring technology that would disable cell phones in cars

  16. WaltzingMtilda says:

    Wait…what month is it? ; )

  17. sundancecracker says:

    Aaaaaargh….. More progressive PC nonsense

    ….” Chase Bank told a businessman to remove the Christmas tree he donated to a local branch because it could offend people. Antonio Morales, owner of Bellagio Day Spa in Southlake, had assembled and decorated a 9-foot-tall tree in the lobby of the Chase Bank branch at 1700 E. Southlake Boulevard as a favor to the branch manager, who is one of his clients.

    The tree remained in the lobby from the Monday before Thanksgiving until Tuesday. Morales said his friend called him Wednesday to tell him the tree had to go. She later showed him an e-mail from JPMorgan Chase saying that the tree had to be removed because some people were offended by it.

    The bank referred questions to corporate offices.
    Greg Hassell, a JPMorgan Chase spokesman, said that the company’s policy isn’t anti-Christmas.
    Read more:
    Err, yeah moron… it is exactly anti-Christmas. What else would you call it.? So instead of a slim or infinitesimal chance that someone “might” get offended, you have guaranteed NOW that a larger number of people “will” get offended. Here is your STUPID sign. and Booo Chase Bank !!!

    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      This frosts my shorts to no end…Christmas exists. It is a holiday. No one is saying it’s the ONLY holiday. But it IS a holiday and a lot of people celebrate it. If you are that insecure in your own holiday that you have to go after someone else’s maybe it’s time to re-think.

      Also??? A Christmas tree does not = the religious aspect of Christmas. A “real” Christmas symbol would be the Baby Jesus (how offensive!!!). When my kid comes home from school with her “holiday” coloring pages, Christmas is represented by a snowman or Santa or a tree. If the basic premise is that Christians are trying to force their religion on everyone else, how does a tree count?

    • Bijou says:


      Mr. Morales blew it. He should have simply responded that there had been an unfortunate misunderstanding.
      It wasn’t a ‘Christmas Tree’. It was a ‘Holiday Tree’.
      Or a ‘fill in the blank’ Tree Of Your Choice:
      – Kwanza

      – Festivus
      – Hannakah
      – Our Lady of L’Oréal
      – Other

    • Jennifer H says:

      Yeah that happened in Texas too (
      These freaks are every where.

    • zmalfoy says:

      . . . Good thing it wasn’t me, I would made a fuss about how his demand to remove the tree was blatant Anti-Paganism, and then would have demanded satisfaction for the suddenly restless souls of my North European Ancestors. Oh, and “don’t you date touch the star on top, or I’ll tattle to the local Wiccan Covens and sic them on you! You racist!”

      . . . even though I’m a devout Catholic. . . dummy like this prolly can’t tell the difference anyway . . .

  18. NeeNee says:

    Yay! For the time being anyway, Obama’s letting
    Bush tax cuts expire is blocked. Of course ole Harry Reid
    is looking to attach still ANOTHER unemployment extension.

    “The Senate blocked President Obama’s and Democratic leaders’ tax cut plans Saturday in a foreordained symbolic vote that now sends both sides back to the negotiating table to work out a viable deal.

    “A bipartisan filibuster, led by unified Republicans and joined by four Democrats and one independent, proved there isn’t enough support to back Mr. Obama’s preferred option to extend income tax cuts for couples making less than $250,000 and tax increases for those making more than that.

    “The negotiators seem to be headed toward an agreement that would extend all the 2001 and 2003 income tax cuts temporarily. Still to be decided was what sweeteners Democrats would secure to make swallowing the tax cuts more palatable. Possible options included extended unemployment benefits.”

    • sundancecracker says:

      R’s need to play hardball on this one. No “sweetners” either the D’s vote to extend current tax rates, and avoid increases, for everyone or NOT. Period.
      If the D’s don’t do it well they will be the blame for everyones tax rates going up. The conservatives need to know the majority of Americans ain’t buying into this Class Warfare narrative. We never have.

      Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome.

      If this is a game of political chicken…. The conservatives need to remember their cajones and hammer down… We are on the right side of the argument here. No concessions. No quarter.

  19. WeeWeed says:

    Governor Good-Hair makes Chuck Norris an honorary Texas Ranger.

  20. Bijou says:

    Hey, Honeys!
    Just thought I’d mention something some of you might want to check out.
    The REAL Susan Traversy dropped in overnight and left a thoughtful post in Friday’s KD thread.
    FTN, she has some kind words for you. You too, Integrity.

    You won’t believe what she says KD is now threatening to do to her!

    Dude’s off his stick! I’m talkin’ Looney-Tunes!

  21. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Film Furor: Narnia Star [actor Liam Neeson] Says Aslan Can Symbolize Mohammed

    Enough with the PC crap already.

    • Kristi says:

      Oh good grief.

    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      It’ s never enough for them. Never. A metaphorical book about Christ, written by a Christian author…can now refer to Mohammed? Riiiight.

      In the last book in the series, one of the characters who is clearly meant to be a Muslim is allowed to enter the “kingdom”…if I recall correctly, this character was basically a stand up guy even though he was on the wrong side of things. While that does not gel with how true salvation is achieved, it ain’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Islam.

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      And such nonsense obviously proposed by someone who hasn’t read or doesn’t comprehend the question asked and answered within the series,

      ‘If there’s anyone who can appear before Aslan without their knees knocking, they’re either braver than me or else just silly.’

      ‘Then he isn’t safe?’ asked Lucy.

      ‘Safe?’ said Mr. Beaver. ‘Don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.’


    • wendy ann says:

      Shut up and Act, Liam!!

    • sundancecracker says:

      • sundancecracker says:

        Watch the video first…. then sing along….

        “Shopping sprees paid for with taxpayer money,
        Pretending that things in my bedroom are sunny,
        Whining, complaining, while wearing haute bling,
        These are a few of my favorite things”…

        “Yelling at servants I don’t have to pay for,
        Scolding Barack when he watches his gay porn,
        Whining, complaining Barack isn’t King,
        These are a few of my favorite things.”

        …. “When the crowd smites,
        When the pawns bitch,
        When I’m feeling mad.
        I simply embrace my most visible scowl,

        and then I don’t feel so bad.

        “Shaking my finger at Christians and workers,
        Saving my big smile for my Commies and shirkers,
        In my own mind I’m the Grand Empress Ming,
        These are a few of my favorite things.”

        “The sheeples are nasty, I don’t have to like them,
        Contempt for their common sense, helps me to spite them,
        Children with runny nose, trying to see..
        The wonderful brilliance that always is me.

        (2nd Chorus)
        “When the crowd smites,
        When the peasants smirk,
        When I’m growing mad…
        I simply remember the wonderful me
        and then I don’t feel so sad…….

        “Wife of a King, I will act with contention,
        Calling them minions, and faking affection,
        The American masses will swoon at my feet,

        Or I’ll reflect hate to in-sure their defeat.

        “Their Bitchin’ and moaning is making me weary,
        They should indulge my life, and make me cheery,
        What more could they want but the brilliance of me….
        Shut up with those signs and enough with the Tea.

        ..”Oh, when the crowd smites,
        When the pawns bitch,
        When I’m feeling mad,

        I simply embrace my most favorite scowl,
        and then I don’t feel ……. sooo baaaaaad…… !!!!

    • Bijou says:

      I LOVE MOTUS! She’s one of the brightest stars on all the intertubes, IMHO!

  22. Thomas Hooker says:

    Who knew that recent regulation included the “requirement that retailers report whether their goods contain “conflict metals”: gold, tungsten, and the like mined in war-torn Central Africa.” Economic death by one thousand regulations. Good article here:

  23. WaltzingMtilda says:

    Have just realized that when you yell:

    “Damn it, do not break the Baby Jesus!”

    it is probably time to take a break from decorating.

  24. Kristi says:

    I have spent the day doing laundry and finishing GW’s book.
    Wow… is it ever a good book!

    I will be done tonight and will start on Palin’s book tomorrow.

    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      I have a waaay better idea…I also have some laundry. It’s clean, it just refuses to fold itself for whatever reason. You could come and do that instead of reading. I will pay you in dollars or cookies, whichever you prefer.

  25. Whether or not you are interested in Obama’s (in)eligibility, you should know that a records request made under the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), Hawaii’s Open Records law, for a black and white copy of the Hawaii Department of Health’s (HDOH) departmental seal as described as “Exhibit A” in their agency administrative rules has yielded disclosure of an electronic copy of the Department’s embossed seal.

    And guess what…

    The seal on the “COLB” that was produced at and by the Obama campaign headquarters doesn’t match! It has some significant differences.

    Unveiling the HDOH Seal

    MissTickly has done it again!

    (She’s the one who helped surface that the State of Hawaii issued Dr. Fukino’s second news release AFTER the U.S. House passed H.Res. 593… in other words, the State of Hawaii was not willing to publicly state “Obama was born in Hawaii” until the U.S. House said so FIRST!)

    Here’s a post I wrote about that:

    Which Government Organization Was The First To Say, “Obama was born in Hawaii”?

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      Until our Current Elected Authorities in Congress think it matters where he was born….does it matter how much confirmation may become available that he was not born in Hawaii? Our primary problem is not “where was the liar born?” Our primary problem is that our Current Elected Authorities do not think the Constitution is a relevant document.

      • Even the ones who claim to strongly support and defend the Constitution did not personally fulfill their obligation under section 3 of the 20th Amendment to ensure that the President and Vice-President qualify. They outsourced that responsibility to (an unelected, unaccountable third party with connections to Obama via Annenberg… they are Annenberg Political Fact Check, and Obama was chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge).

        The Congress is called to take action if the President and/or Vice-President fail to qualify. That implies that they must first determine whether or not the President and Vice-President qualify.

        Members of Congress have failed to perform this qualification, and have failed in their sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution.

        • emmajeri1010 says:

          Your last paragraph says it all. And THAT is our primary problem. Even if we found out tomorrow that it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the liar was born, raised and educated in Billings, Montana and attended a Methodist church youth group there all the days of his life….we still our primary problem: a congress full of individuals who don’t have the guts (or integrity?) to do their duty.

    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Has MissTickly posted this at Free Republic?

  26. WaltzingMtilda says:

    Oh, y’all. I feel bad. I have an FB friend who is a friend of Brother’s from way back. His status wanted to know what you are doing to combat the spread of AIDS. My reply:

    I am not having unprotected sex with a non-monogamous partner. Does that count?

    I know he is trying to do good…why am I so snarky?

    *bangs head on table*

    • Ad rem says:

      You just can’t help it? (It’s the beer talking honey.) ;-)

    • emmajeri1010 says:

      You’re not snarky. Common sense just sort of looks snarky when presented right next to self-important PC “I’m more loving than you” setups in broad daylight. Anytime PC is exposed for what it, those who spew common sense are supposed to feel bad. So stop it. ;)

    • what you are doing to combat the spread of AIDS

      If everyone practiced abstinence until marriage, there wouldn’t be much spread of any STD, would there?

      There also wouldn’t be out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

      People can try to argue that that is not “reasonable”, but they can’t argue that it’s not true.

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        You’re right. ….they are arguing that the truth is not reasonable. If that can be established, it shines the light where the problem is….and the problem is not with “defending the truth.”

      • WaltzingMtilda says:

        On the out of wedlock pregnancy note, why does everyone act like getting pregnant “before you’re ready’ is such a big deal? You see all these movies and books about how terrible it is…but if abortion is so bad, why agonize over it? yes, progs, I’m talking to you.

        • I think you meant “isn’t”, not “is”, right?

          As in, “if abortion isn’t so bad, why agonize over it?”

          They agonize over it because they know that it stops a beating heart. They know that, if nature were allowed to take its course, a baby would be born. So they know, in their heart, that abortion will end that baby’s life.

          I am not in favor of anyone being forced into parenthood. But I believe that any woman who does not want to be the mother to the child in her womb can make the self-sacrifice to carry that child to term and put it up for adoption.

          Even in cases of rape or incest, why should the innocent child receive the death penalty for the father’s crime? We wouldn’t support that penalty in any other scenario. For example, if the father of a 1 year old baby were to rape another woman, should the 1 year old baby be put to death for the father’s crime? No way! But some think that would be perfectly OK if the baby were still in the womb and the father had raped the baby’s mother. I can understand the mother not wanting to raise that child, but why murder it? Why not carry it to term and give it up for adoption?

          Choose life.

          • Kristi says:

            Agreed… Choose life.

          • TXMom says:

            Adoption is the answer. There are so many people who seek and pray for children. God brought me the most beautiful and sweet baby girl I could ever imagine….but He was able to bring her to me only because the mother chose to sacrifice her feelings for the child’s welfare. She had aborted once and decided she could not handle the emotional pain and sorrow ever again; she knew there was a better way. My point is that these children are wanted, treasured and unconditionally loved. My girls are now in their twenties and I have always loved the adopted one the same as the one of my womb. No difference….and what a joy!

            • What a wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing that.

              I know personally several couples who wanted to adopt but were told they would have to adopt from overseas. They paid thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars and travelled far (sometimes literally halfway around the Earth) in order to have the privilege to adopt a child.

              There are most certainly parents who would joyfully adopt the babies produced from so-called “unwanted” pregnancies.

            • JRD says:

              God Bless you TXMom. You have the biggest heart! That’s what I love about you.

            • violet says:

              You are so right. There is no such thing as an “unwanted child.”

          • WaltzingMtilda says:

            Yea, I guess “isn’t” is a better word. It isn’t anything until x point in time. My own darling little sister admits she thinks life begins at conception but first trimester abortion is ok.

            I say choice begins when you have sex. I din’t always feel this way…even after them two kids I was all pro “choice”. I dunno what all flipped me…heck, I’ve been born again for years and it wasn’t too long ago I still bought the whole rape/incest argument.

            As to my OP, it irks me that the left will endlessly question this decision….my gut and my Mom has always said if you question that much, DON’T DO IT.

            Simple enough, I think.

            • Kristi says:

              I was pro choice.. bought the argument ‘its was a just a clump of cells’.

              Until my sister had an ultrasound at 8 weeks pregnant. There was my nephew.. a living human being. That clump of cells is now in his first year in college.. is a sweet, loving young man who is a blessing to this world.

              I also met a woman who was raped in a mall parking lot… resulting in pregnancy. That child is now a grown adult.. She kept him. Never thought of murdering him to get rid of the pain.

            • Kristi,

              I can’t reply directly to your comment (we’re too deep in the nesting), so I’ll reply to WaltzingMtilda and this reply should show up directly underneath yours…

              Thank you for those two testimonies.

              I was pro-choice before I was saved… back when I was a college male who wouldn’t want to be held accountable if my pleasure-seeking resulted in a pregnancy.

              Now I know that the Bible says that God knew me in my mother’s womb.

              And I know that my unique DNA was established at the moment of conception… when an egg from my mother’s body stopped being just a part of her body and started being my body, growing within hers.

              A common Pro-choice mantra is “my body, my choice”. But if my mother had aborted me, she would not have been removing a part of “her body”; she would have been removing my body from hers and destroying me in the process. Where is the “choice” for the aborted child?

              Organizations like Planned Parenthood are not “Pro-choice”. They are not in the business of giving young women all of the best information and letting those women make an informed choice. PP is in the business of making money from performing abortions. The more abortions they perform, the more money they make.

            • Kristi says:

              PP kills babies for money. Exactly right.. there is no ‘choice’.

              I have another nephew who was born premmie. He’s 8 years old now. Obama would have no problem letting that him die in a trash can if my sister in law would have tried abortion rather than going into premature labor.
              All those babies I saw in the intensive care unit were human beings.. not worthless problems to get rid of.
              Some were so small .. they only weighed ounces. Same size as aborted babies.

              Its sickening… and more importantly…its evil.

          • violet says:

            Rapists don’t get the death penalty in this country, so why should babies conceived as a result of rape get the death penalty? The baby didn’t rape the woman, and you can’t undo the rape by killing the baby.

            It’s awfully easy for some people to be in favor of killing as long as they’re not the one who’s getting the ax. People who advocate killing babies for the crimes of their fathers ought to at least be consistent about it. If they found out that they had been conceived as a result of rape, would they then commit suicide on the grounds that they ought never to have been born?

          • TNWAHM says:

            This is why I have a problem with those that believe that abortion is a “social” issue. It’s a Constitutional issue. Without Life, there is no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness.

            • TNWAHM says:

              RedPill: Thank you. Great article.

            • violet says:

              A Constitutional issue, indeed! But when will the clowns who took an oath to uphold the Constitution ever realize this and begin living up to their promises?

              Abortion has been decriminalized nationwide since 1973. Our so-called religious leaders won’t do anything about it because they say it’s a political issue, and our elected officials won’t do anything about it because they say it’s a religious issue. And so we end up with fifty million dead babies, and apparently it’s no one’s responsibility.

            • zmalfoy says:

              @ Violet,

              Your religious leaders aren’t doing anything? My religious leaders have been all over this like white on rice since Roe V Wade. They have limited power, true, but for us Catholics, it’s a big effin’ deal. Big. And I know a lot of Evangelical Churches are also very strong in the Pro-Life area. The March for Life is filled with religious leaders of many differen religions and denominations, every year.

            • violet says:

              @zmalfoy, I’m very glad and thankful that the leaders of your church are engaged in this battle and trying to save lives. I should NOT have tarred all religious leaders with the same brush; that was unfair and untrue, and I stand corrected. :-) I just get carried away because I’m still steamed that so many people who profess to be Christians, including many prominent religious leaders, were in the tank for Obama in 2008 — despite his being the most militantly pro-abortion and pro-infanticide person ever to run for president.

      • violet says:

        @redpill: You are so right; well said.

        I actually think this is something that women need to take the lead on. What would happen if every woman in this country flat out refused to sleep with any man she was not married to? In addition to eliminating STDs and illegitimacy, welfare dependency would drop dramatically, saving taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Crime rates would plummet, since a disproportionate number of criminals come from fatherless homes. Our communities would be safer and happier places. Divorce rates would drop, since so many divorces happen as a result of infidelity. Marriage rates would skyrocket. The percentage of children growing up with both parents in an intact home would increase. I could go on and on. There’s just no end to the benefits that would happen.

        • TNWAHM says:

          The number one indicator of whether a child lives in poverty is whenther they live in a single parent home. Violet, you are right.

          • violet says:

            So true. According to researchers who study these things, the absence of the child’s father (biological or adoptive) in the home is the number one predictor for a big long depressing list of pathologies: poverty, welfare dependency, dropping out of school, juvenile delinquency, ending up in prison, abusing drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancy, psychological problems, suicide attempts, and so on ad nauseam. It’s our country’s greatest social and economic problem, but our elected officials won’t address it as such because to do so would mean incurring the wrath of the hags at NOW, and most of them are too emasculated to deal with that.

            • Kristi says:

              My husband of 14 years abandoned us 6 years ago. My son who was 12 at the time went through a terrible depression.
              He is fine now.. not on drugs, not depressed, not flunking out. But it was a very hard 2 years after he left us.
              (he hasn’t seen our son in 6 years nor has he paid any support)
              I was lucky.. I have a wonderful father who stepped up and a wonderful brother who did the same. My sons school also took charge and got him help and the male teachers took my son under their wings. We are lucky to live in such a wonderful town. I assume most towns arent like mine.

              I agree women should lead the way by saying no to men. But there is no shame for men anymore who do what my husband did to us. NONE.
              In my parents day.. a man would have been shunned from society for abandoning his family for the other woman. Today its more normal than I ever thought.. before mine did it to me.

            • Kristi,

              I hurt for you and your son. It’s difficult to even begin to imagine the kind of pain that comes from such abandonment.

              I am happy to hear that your son is doing much better now. Still, some things are on my heart to share with him and with you, and I hope you don’t mind my doing so…

              Your son was abandoned by his father, and you were abandoned by your husband, but God will never abandon you… He will never leave you.

              You said

              But there is no shame for men anymore who do what my husband did to us. NONE.

              I agree that as society has moved farther and farther away from a Biblical foundation (largely influenced by the Court’s misapplication of the 1st Amendment and two generations of students being led away from the Bible) immorality has become “normal”, and morality has become “abnormal”.

              But I don’t think that your husband is completely without shame. Society may not be shaming him, but in his heart, he knows what he did is wrong. Without even knowing the man, I would guess that he is very unhappy inside. He hasn’t liked himself for years, maybe even decades. And rather than turn to God, he turned to worldly pleasures. He ran away from responsibility, and ran into the arms of an immoral woman. But that will only make him feel worse about himself in the long run.

              He still loves your son, but still hates himself. Which is why he doesn’t want his own son to see him. He secretly hopes that his son will be a better man than he himself was.

              And while your son has “lost” his father, and you have been “widowed” by the “loss” of your husband, God makes you both another promise… God will be your son’s father, and God will be your defender.

              A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

              Psalm 68:5

        • Thanks, Violet. You’ve made some very good points yourself.

        • zmalfoy says:

          Wait, wait. . . you mean, Abstinence until Marriage? Like, chastity and all that? Scandal!

          This approach is what the Catholic Church has been supporting, and has been ridiculed for. Indeed, in his much reviled Humanae Vitae, Pope JPII noted that all these social ills would come about with the devaluation of the sexual act into something cheap and crude– instead of sacred as it was meant to be held.

          You’re absolutely right, Violet. But people have been pushing your approach for a long time, and they’ve been vilified and mocked from one coast to another. Maybe, soon, the rest of the world will realize which position has been right all along.

          • violet says:

            You are so right, zmalfoy. We live in a society that considers virginity and chastity to be forms of sexual deviance. And I’m used to being vilified for my outlandishly old-fashioned beliefs. (My two older children dismiss me as a hopeless uptight traditionalist, not to be taken seriously.)

            But everyone who has a brain and who has actually thought about it knows that chastity would single-handedly solve (or greatly alleviate) all of those seemingly intractable social problems enumerated above. They may scorn the notion of chastity as unrealistic, even impossible, but that’s nonsense. They need to ask themselves: Do you know anyone who actually practices chastity? Anyone at all? Yes, you do, and so do I, and so does everyone else, if they are honest. That shoots to pieces the theory that it can’t be done. Most people may not practice chastity, but it certainly isn’t because they couldn’t; they simply choose not to.

            Lest anyone get the wrong idea, I’m NOT advocating for government control over people’s private lives — far from it. This is a matter for mediating institutions — families, neighborhoods, churches, etc. — to handle.

            However, the fallout of illegitimacy and divorce, in terms of the cost of welfare, increased crime rates, the cost of maintaining prisons and juvenile detention centers and drug and alcohol rehab programs, are things we all have to pay for. We live in less safe neighborhoods, we pay confiscatory taxes, we have to worry about our kids more, etc., because of other people’s bad choices. That does make it our business.

        • EZBurns says:

          Violet, I most kids in foster care and juvie come from single parent homes. It’s that simple.

          I only ask for one qualifier— every ‘fertile’ woman in childbearing range shouldn’t have sex without marriage.
          I will never ever marry again— neither will most of my friends in my age range (over 50 singles), but we
          have relationships. Marriage is a must for childrearing, but after a certain point in time, it isn’t.

          I won’t go into the specifics, but I flatly refuse to be a replacement appliance, a warm body on the sofa to watch
          TV with, a nurse with a purse or maid, mother and housekeeper. Love? Soul makes? Best friends? Lovers?
          Yes…but married and living together….. no thanks.

    • WaltzingMtilda says:

      And this is exactly why I adore you all.

      Ali, yup, I just can’t help it. I am so so nice until Saturday night. Then I am just like eff it…gotta speak my (or Coors Lights, who can tell?) mind : )

      Emma (aka nicest person on the Internet) : that is so TRUE. I despise that I am caring you are not stuff…I do care and I show it in many different ways…like a lot of us, who just DO and don’t talk about it.

      RedPill: People can try to argue that that is not “reasonable”, but they can’t argue that it’s not true.

      Too effing right.

      • Pat P says:

        Have I told you that I like you (and love your posts?)

        You make me laugh. And I think you FB post is completely reasonable. What else would you be doing? What is he doing to combat the spread of AIDS? Why ask that question?

    • Bijou says:

      Thanks, Patriot Dreamer. I’ve been watching for ‘part III’ of the latest interview.
      That story about Moochelle is just disgusting, although I’m not in the least surprised.
      Ugly, ugly, ugly woman…inside and out.

    • Ting says:

      That story about the Virginia fund-raiser made me wonder if the insider is Terry McCauliffe.

  27. When bad men combine, the good must associate;
    else they will fall one by one,
    an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

    Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

  28. WaltzingMtilda says:

    Free advice:

    if your kid comes home from a Christmas party featuring Santa Claus giving her an actual gift from her list that you secretly provided beforehand and that broke when she was playing with it and then she is all pissed and wants a whole new one even though it is now going for 3x retail on The Ebay….

    You are not a bad person if you threaten to burn the defective toy in front of her ungrateful eyes.. Really. I swear.

    I am obviously having a bad night.

    • Thomas Hooker says:

      It will be better in the morning

      • WaltzingMtilda says:’s morning and you’re right!

        I am so over it.

        Also re-thinking what I am teaching them kids. The wee one says “I KNOW it’s a gift and I know I should be grateful. And I AM. But I want the best. Mommy”

        So what is the lesson here? Is it be thankful or go for the best?

        I am so effed, parent-wise.

        • AFinch says:

          Hmmm–that’s a tricky one. Of course, it’s not enough to want the best and the gift giver is not responsible for satisfying the recipient’s wants. Perhaps the lesson here is the sometimes you get what you want, but more often you have to get what you want for yourself. Or maybe the lesson is that sometimes what you thought you wanted just turns out to be a cheap piece of crap. Live and learn.

  29. yomotley–I wanted to get Susan Traversy’s email, but can’t find honey trails’ email. Could you repost this site’s contact info again, please? Tx.

  30. yomotley says:

    Frankly, Honey Trail’s email is still listed in Friday’s post. Unfortunately we are not at liberty to give email addresses that are attached to comment log-ins. Perhaps Susan will see this post and email us requesting her address be forwarded to you.

  31. I thought she already did, but saying in her post that you could give her email address to any one of us who asked for it. Maybe I misunderstood, but it seemed pretty straightforward to me. Or maybe she didn’t know the rules…

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