No, It Is Not Dejevu!

Originally posted on by yomotley — It was not deliberate to erase the TSA post. I clicked something and, whoosh, it is gone! Now Keverly Place can write a 6000 word post on how vain this site is and we will only keep posts up if they are over ten comments or something. On a serious note, losing posts and comments will not be a habit. Anyone know where the trash container is on WordPress? Thanks for the understanding.

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  1. g8rmom7 says:

    Ha ha…that is SO something that would happen to me. No worries. :-)

  2. sundancecracker says:

    No worries at all :)

    Thank you for all you are doing.

    Just an open thread every day would be totally fine. Keep it easy and simple. Don’t want to see you burdened.

  3. Pat P says:

    I wish I could help, but I am absolutely clueless here.

  4. AFinch says:

    Hilarious — did you mean to say “Dujanvu”?

    So, I’m off to post the clarion call at Lucianne and C4P. I encourage everyone here to do the same at your regular haunts. I have no idea how so many people found their way here, but it is truly amazing that in the infinite space of the interwebs we found each other again.

    We still need to rescue JerseyGram — she is still posting over at the HizzBizz as of yesterday.

    Longsufferingtribefan, IAmDagny, and AmEx have not been around recently, but I still hope we can find them.

    And how about the woman who started it all — shelby68? I think I have seen her at one of the Breitbart sites in the past. Can someone get her over here too? If for no other reason, so that we can thank her properly — both for her family’s sacrifice and for freeing us from Bevin and Keverly.

    • yomotley says:

      Oh man, you have me laughing so hard. Dujanvu? Do I dare edit the title and cross out the first and put this next to it? Beven and Keverly? What a way to start a day; with a huge laugh!

    • Ad rem says:

      I e-mailed Ann (IAmDagny) last night. Got a message from her this morn saying she’d be over to check us out. She might be one of the people in line for moderation?

    • integrity1st says:

      Hillarious A Finch, and Motley, the first thing I did when I read this post was LIKED it. Guys, I will have LOTS to say when I get to the end of this thread, but in the meantime, I can’t even tell you how often my eyes are watering reading and finding you all here . . . LURKERS included. Love. You. All.

  5. hxbuff says:

    How about Zurichmike, anybody know about him?

  6. jimbojimmierayjimbob says:

    What was recently my favorite blog I now know only as “KillBuzz”.

    • sundancecracker says:

      Frilliant !! :)

    • Bijou says:

      jimx3, how ya doin’? Welcome!

      I agree with Sundance…’KillBuzz’ is EXcellent!

      We loves our snark. Hehehe.

      • JRD says:

        Hey, jimbojimmierayjimbob, nice to see ya. Yeah KillBuzz is a good one. I have to admit I also liked HizzBizz.

        sundancecracker, does frilliant mean flippin brilliant? Have you noticed since Sarah’s program last Sunday people are using the word flippin? I have heard it used alot this week. I think that our Sarah is more popular than the pollsters are willing to admit.

        Hey did you guys see Barbara Bush was on with that dinosaur Larry King and she said she hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska? I was so PO’d .

        GHW Bush was a nice person but he are responsible for the compassionate conservatism BS that put a halt to the Reagan Revolution. What is it with these republicans and their conservative bashing? I can’t believe how Sarah threatens the elites. It is going to be harder to secure the Republican nomination than it is to beating Dumb-0 and his cheating minions.

      • TXMom says:

        JRD, That remark by Barbara Bush has a lot of Texans unnerved and rumors are flying around here. God bless ‘em all, but the Bush family is “the Republican establishment”. The rumor is that Barbara is already enacting battle plans against Sarah because she is protecting her young, Jeb Bush; and Sarah is “rogue”. President Palin would dash Mama’s plans and hopes of Jeb carrying their lineage back into the White House. I love the Bush family and I understand that Jeb is strong and conservative…but, please….enough is enough! JRD, how do you grade Jeb as governor? I’ve always been told he was the best. What say you about him?

      • JRD says:

        TXMom, I think Jeb stinks on ice. He was the one that recommended orange Charlie. Rubio was supposed to be his guy but he refused to endorse him until orange Charlie went independent. Screw the Bushies.

      • Ad rem says:


        Jeb is open-boarders just like his brother GW. That’s a total dealbreaker for me.

      • TXMom says:

        JRD and Ad rem. Thanks…..those two points are deal breakers with me as well.

  7. Hi Folks!

    I am an X-HB’er from years past. I too learned A.D. (after donating) that he/they/she didn’t pass the smell test. Lots of friendships have been forged in the wake of HB psychosis…..fear not!

  8. YEP! It is I……….and still wondering where IS that stinkin’ birth certificate?? Ting eh? Your secret’s safe with me kiddo! So good to be among friends.

    • Speaking of that Stinkin’ Birth Certificate… (if it’s real, then he was born a British Subject and is ineligible, and if it’s fake, then he may or may not be a natural born U.S. citizen but he would be guilty of fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc.)…


      No. 10-446


      Charles Kerchner, Jr., et al., Petitioners


      Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, et al.


      October 4, 2010

      Lower Ct:

      United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

      Case Nos.:


      Decision Date:

      July 2, 2010


      ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      Sep 30 2010

      Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due November 3, 2010)

      Nov 3 2010

      Waiver of right of respondents Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, et al. to respond filed.

      Nov 3 2010

      Brief amicus curiae of Western Center for Journalism filed. (Distributed)

      Nov 8 2010

      DISTRIBUTED for Conference of November 23, 2010.

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