Hearing everyone. Working on something. Hey you regulars, will let you know tomorrow where we can convene to privately compare notes, find missing puzzle pieces, and just talk over a cup of coffee. This way we do not have to do to kevvie what he does regularly to people –hang people publicly without all the facts. In the meantime, let’s keep i sort of general. And, heck, go ahead, start a “What’s in my head” comment.


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  1. yomotley says:

    And welcome to all you ex HB lurkers. I am curious why you never posted over there. Why now? What is the difference? Thank you for the encouragement. We look forward to getting to know you. We are willing to be open to anyone but are not obligated to continue with toxic posters. With that said, be assured no one will be shoved out on the sole discretion of myself. Such will be a corporate decision, based on corporate awareness, and made by the charter members of honeytrail. You give us a try. We give you a try. Again, welcome. We all are in for quite a ride.

    • Ting says:

      I did post, but am using a different name here. I reminded Sundance several days ago about being the victim of the troll seekers. He might remember.

    • redseagal says:

      I posted a couple times when I first came to HB about a year and a half ago, but I preferred to stay anonymous, especially as the site got busier. As to why I’m de-lurking now? Well even though I wasn’t active on the comment board, I still got emotionally involved in the site. Was worried about Kevin and “the boys” safety, rooted for them when Rush read HB’s letter on air, and prayed when requests were made. When the USO piece was posted, it really disappointed me, like I had just been insulted by a good friend. After an entire week had gone by and he finally got around to the hurt feelings and still wasn’t sorry, he lost me. That’s when I started looking around to see if some of you were still around. Guess I do feel like commiserating a bit, but also I loved how insightful, funny, and well written you all were, and thought if you were moving on to some place better, well I’d love to join!

      No toxicity here, I promise! :)

      • redseagal says:

        Also, if there are things some of you would rather discuss privately, my feelings would not be hurt. Like Little Susie Sunshine suggested, maybe there’s a way to make a thread private? If not, I can totally see how de-lurking at this time seems really suspicious. :( Sorry!

    • Menagerie says:

      Motley, thanks for the site. As I mentioned on the other thread ( or maybe it was at Lucianne – got too absorbed yesterday) I am pretty private – I’ve never been a poster. I found Hillbuzz because I went looking for reasonable opinions from reasonable people. I was turned off not only by commenters on liberal sites who refer to “rethuglicans”, but also some conservative commenters who are just as hateful. Sometime after I stumbled onto HB, Bev and Cat had their confrontations. At the time, I thought Cat attacked Bev pretty badly – if I remember correctly, I think she called Bev a troll. This made me even more wary of posting. At the time, I was begininng to delve into political knowledge with a depth I never had before. I wanted to learn – not from the supposed experts, or God forbid, the media, but from concerned citizens who really cared about our country. I knew I would agree with some, very much disagree with others, but I would have resources from many people to enable me to grow. However, you guys hooked me on more than your political commmentary. You (here I mean you personally) revealed glimpses of your family life and struggles. We all prayed for TN WAHM’s daughter – still do. Emma’s husband, the “boyz”, Kevin, whatever anyone asked for, you were joined in prayer by who could say how many like me you never knew about. You all became a part of our day. I answered Pat P on Lucianne because I was looking for all of you. I knew that what you had forged at HB was totally independent of one person and one site – it was all about the relationship. I’m hoping by speaking up now that you all understand there may be a lot more people who care about you guys out here, and I’m counting on the reason you are starting this site keeping it friendly to newbies like me. Not to say you won’t get some unfriendlies, but maybe by stating my thoughts now, I won’t feel like I’m under a microscope. Also, for sometime, I really got turned off by one person who seemed to think they were the final boss of all telling people “This needs to STOP”.

      Sorry for the long run-on paragraph. I hope my very fine 7th grade English teacher will forgive me, as well as you guys.

      Going to work now – I’ll be back for more later today.

      Thanks to all of you. You didn’t know you were there for me, but you were.

      • sundancecracker says:

        I think you’ll fit right in. For all the reasons you outlined in following the HB conversations and threads many found the same enjoyment. This is just a good bunch of folks with keen insight and a common sense way of approaching political views.

      • Menagerie says:

        Thanks you Sundance. Looking forward to all the new posts and comments.

      • Ad rem says:

        Goes for me too. BTW…..I’m a good “cat , not of the variety you mentioned above. ;-)

  2. g8rmom7 says:

    Sorry I didn’t keep that post on my blog from sundance…I thought I kept the notice from WP in my email so I could copy and paste it, but I deleted it too. Oh well. I know that it may surprise you all how easy it was to convince me of all the facts. I wouldn’t say I was “tight” with Bev, but I did look to her, because I have never been very good at spotting trolls and I thought she was pretty good at it. Even during the USO thread, I kept looking for a voice of reason and I remember concurring with Sundance’s post there. I was one of the people that thought the site had been hacked and that by keeping it going, it was just getting worse.

    Chalk it up to being totally fooled. As I indicated in my other post here, I have learned to be cautious with all online relationships with people I don’t know personally. One thing that was weird was the 828 rally…even though I didn’t go to the meet-up location, I’m not sure if I ever heard of anyone going and if anyone saw Kevin there. I had my daughter there just for the day and we were taking a bus back to Florida that afternoon. I wanted to let her see as many sights as possible.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if I should be concerned about using my G8rMom7 moniker everywhere. I’ve got different avatars for both WP and the Luzianne site (chip and dale), but I don’t think I have it in me to come up with a bunch of new user names…it’s hard enough to keep track of passwords and user names between personal and work. So far, I don’t know if anyone at HB is aware that I am one of the ones “in the know” so I don’t know if I can play double agent or not. I’m not above doing it as it wouldn’t be the first time. I could never do it in person because I have a horrible p-p-p poker face. :-)

    • g8rmom7 says:

      Okay as I was cleaning up my kitchen it just occurred to me that I should not have worded those last two sentences above as I did. Here i was talking about being who I am online, and then I talk about being a double agent, like I’d go to HB and tell them what you were doing while telling you guys what they were doing. NOT what I meant. I meant that if I’m still in good standing over there, I could just keep watch and see what I could find out about how things are playing out. I would never volunteer information on any of you to anyone over there. And honestly, I’m not all that eager to post over there just because I don’t know what to say to any of them. I definitely can’t lie and sugar coat anything knowing what I know now. I just can watch and see what happens when I post a “nice job” here or there.

      Just wanted to clarify. I value MY privacy so I certainly would not want to infringe on anyone else’s right to their own.

    • Ad rem says:

      Yup….I remember you agreeing with Sundance’s post there too. Your heart has always been in a good place Gatormom. Also, I really look to you to give me all the dish on DWTS stuff….the east coast edition is shown live right? By the time us west coasters tune in, anything a little too interesting has been edited out.

      BTW…..I miss your old avatar from HB. (Smiling face was an upper.)

      • g8rmom7 says:

        I just went to reply to this and it gave me that little login form thing above the reply box like it does on HB, only under “website” it had So I went back to remember what the link is for my own blog and when i came back here to reply it just has be logged in already. Weird. I’m paranoid I guess.

        Anyway, I changed my avatar because I felt uncomfortable having my face out there. Once I feel a little more secure, I may bring it out again. Thanks though!

  3. RedDoor says:

    Another longtime HB reader (and disillusioned follower) here… I’ve been a solid lurker there since before the election, never commenting but gleaning a lot by what you folks had to say. I’d love to be part of the community here. Things there started going downhill fast and furious (kind of like the posts on some days!). I still check in occasionally, but the USO post was the last straw for me. Anyway, if you are open to other contributors here, I’d be honored to join you. If not, since I’m a newbie that you won’t recognize from HB since I only lurked, I get it. Thanks for the consideration!

  4. Well hello all…and thank you to the FB friend who led me here.

    As I told that Former Buzzer…I feel incredibly stupid and stunned. I thought (this is how techno challenged I am) that I had somehow messed up in logging in at HB; I reset my WP password (twice!) and cleared my BlackBerry’s cookies; cache thingies; changed the ‘font’ and then find…I was doing it all for not because (apparently) I am banned too. As my comments there (since yesterday morning) have never surfaced, and most of what I have done (in retrospect) since Sunday isn’t ‘there’ either. But, stupidly, it NEVER occurred to me that I was ‘blocked.’ My last actual HB posts were on the Agriculture/Pigford thread (and I even did backstory research on American Thinker to a story from back in July) from yesterday morning.

    I wish I had known that I ‘offended’ or did something off? I dunno…like I said…I feel very, very stupid.

    I just wanted to say hello…and hope that I can come back here to visit with kindred spirits…

    There is another site, that was mentioned (in my FB heads up) so I am going to check that one (if I can find it) to see if I can get the full ‘back story’ though I know it goes to the USO thread (which I feel additionally duncey for posting I thought HB had been hacked or dashboard left ‘on.’)

    Will check back later…MQC

    • g8rmom7 says:

      You are not alone in feeling stupid…I feel that way for many reasons each day but the HB thing was one for the record books for me. Welcome.

    • sundancecracker says:

      MQC, great to see you found your way here. You have expressed what so many have felt, and come to realize. You are by no means stupid. None of us are…. methinks we was duped.

      It is great to see you again. I always enjoy the humor and wit you are able to bring to any consideration, along with great insight.

    • AFinch says:

      Wooooo Hoooooo! MQC!! It is so good to see you. I’m sitting here laughing at myself because it is crazy that I get so excited about seeing posts from people I’ve never even met. Do you have any way of getting in touch with PhillyConservative or AmEx. I feel like we’re leaving soldiers on the field.

    • Hi Everyone (again!) and thank you for the warm welcome! I changed by avatar/gravatar thingy (same theme, sorta) and I hope everyone ‘sees’ the new Good Witch/Fairy/Glinda wannabe.

      I ‘caught’ up on alot of the history. I still feel slighted (and hurt, taken, bamboozled and generally STUNG)…but I’ll get over it.

      A couple good things (other than learning to be alot more cautious on the interwebbies); met a group of like minded patriots and (like many of you) started my blog. And those are good things…please lets keep exchanging our news sources, theories and ‘finds’ on the news of the day. Motley…thank you for hosting us here.

      We are in for a bumpy, national ride I fear…and we need networks of support and information sharing (and hopefully, true to our form…alot of SNARK!!!)

      :) the newly cartooned Mary

      • Grrr…I did a ‘test’ drive. New gravatars are ‘retroactive’ (showed up on previous posts). Oh well…will have to try to ‘fix’ this again later. But please look for the cartoon for the time being :)

      • Ad rem says:


        Delighted to see you here! I visited your sight this morn…LOVE the post….but hesitated to leave a comment, lest I trigger any retribution, as I am one of the earliest of the banned ones. It sounds like K has been busy with the ban stick these days. How did you get found out? Most of us posted comments early on over at “” and K obviously saw us there.

      • Bijou says:

        Hi, MQC! Delighted to see you here!

        Isn’t it just terrific that we have this new home?

        For the umpty-umpth time, THANK YOU, Motley!!

    • Ting says:

      Whoa – I am surprised that you were banned so early. I would not have guessed that. Do you think that everyone who commented on that thread was banned? I never particularly saw you getting into any of the scuffle – or g8rmom7, either, but just the bewilderment.

      • AFinch says:

        She probably got banned because someone here said they had her email address and were reaching out to her. PhillyCon just showed up here today. I suspect it won’t be long until she/he is scrubbed too.

      • Ad rem says:

        Hmmmmmm….cleanliness isn’t always next to Godliness, apparently.

      • Did you all get a ‘You Are Banned’ email or alert or something? Because I didn’t ‘get’ any notification…I had always been able to access HB via either my home computer or cell phone. I always had a ‘you are logged in as’ appear; it still does on my home computer (but the posts didn’t automatically appear for a week; they all went to moderation since last weekend…which I attributed to my ‘lengthiness’ of posting) most didn’t show up (but a couple did–like the Pigford thread)…

        But I could NOT post on HB (but I COULD on any other WP sites) from my cell phone. It just showed ‘you must be logged in’ so I logged in; repeatedly. Then I changed my WP password, several times. I cleared the ‘cookies’ on my cell phone; even changed the font…to no avail. I also closed my dashboard on my WP page; turned it back on; I thought it was a technical ‘glitch’ then I got a FaceBook message (from a long time Buzzer) that said they were banned; and it all just ‘clicked.’

        Cuz I was an old timer? And I (foolishly) posted on the now infamous USO post that I thought HB had been hacked or someone other than Kevin was ‘using’ his identity.

        Like I said on the orginal thread…I just felt really stoopid…because being banned/blocked never dawned on me…

        Sigh, ya live and learn…and then blog about it!

      • AFinch says:

        No, I did not get an official notice. But I have always, always, always been able to post regularly on HB. I was one of the few people whose posts rarely were eaten by the spam filter. I had one comment on the USO thread that did not get posted for a day or two. But that’s it.

        I refused to post for much of the following week on principle(even though I continued to read) until Sundance, Philly, and Ad rem started doing their shout outs to missing posters. I chimed in to say I was still there but waiting to see whether the site was secure — i.e., whether K was going to address the USO thread. When he came out and stood by it, I was shocked and disappointed. I was pretty sure I was done at that point, but I continued to watch to see what happened. I went back to old threads trying to get messages to Sundance and Philly and Ad rem that we needed to start our own site.

        Once I found PatP over at lucianne, I went back to HB to try to tell others where to go. This was after the WP re-registration process so anyone who tries to tell you it is something to do with that is full of crap. My initial posts got through. It was only after I outed myself at Snarkopolitan that I was no longer able to post. Not only that–I have been completely scrubbed from the site. There is no reference to AFinch there anymore. How does one explain that? Another server crash–hit by lightening?

    • WeeWeed says:

      I’ll probably be banned pretty quickly, if not already. I put this site on a reply to JerseyGram, so we shall see.

  5. Richdet says:

    Since early this year I became a regular reader (i.e., lurker) at HB, checking in at least once a day to catch Kevin’s take on things. I did in fact start posting there, but only a few times, partly because I was posting quite a bit at Lcom. More to the point, I started having some reservations about Kevin, and what I then took to be his hyper-sensitivity to any view slightly at odds with his own, so I became reluctant to post, lest I get people mad at me.

    At any rate last week I discovered the USO thread two or three days after its original posting, and was appalled by how Kevin responded to his readers. All my reservations crystallized into a conviction that he was not worth the benefit of my two-dozen doubts anymore. I then looked around on other conservative sites or blogs for any discussion of events at Hillbuzz, and found none. I thought about raising the topic at The Connection but talked myself out of that, deciding maybe I was over-reacting to all this given the general silence. So I was very grateful the other day to see Pat raising the matter at The Connection, which led to my commenting there, which led to me commenting here.

    • yomotley says:

      “….two-dozen doubts…” makes me smile. It seems a common trait amongst ex buzzers is they go waaaaaay beyond extending “the benefit of doubt” and sit up at the two-dozen mark.

      • Ad rem says:

        Good morning motley!…

        I know it’s afternoon for the rest of the world, but I’ve been at Lucianne’s, my own e-mail, Hillbuzz, and this post’s past thread….and now I’m finally here! I feel like the kid at school who has to make up a month’s worth of reading ’cause she’s been out sick.

        For starters….I think I may have screwed up the registration re the e-mail you sent me this morning. I keep getting an error message when I try to log in. When I filled out the site registration, I used my gravatar name “Stoltzpus”, however, my display name is “Ad rem” . I’m afraid they wanted me to sign in as Ad rem and I botched things up ….? Dunno…please advise me when you get a chance. I really want to be a part of “new things”.

      • AFinch says:

        Ad rem, I’m getting an error message too. Motley sent me an email saying she migth have screwed something up and will not be able to get back to it to this evening.

      • Ad rem says:

        Oh…..I am relieved! Hate….just hate….being a tech boob.

        BTW….I know I’m always late to this party, but I will promise to turn the lights out each night….ok? ;-)

      • AFinch says:

        Deal — but I can’t seem to drag myself away from the party.

  6. stellap says:

    I am getting an error message too.

    So glad to see MQC and Phillycon here. And everyone else. I am still in a happy “it must be Christmas” frame of mind.

  7. Pat P says:

    I am getting the error message too.

    So glad to see MQC and Phillycon. I am still feeling like it is an early Christmas.

  8. AFinch says:

    Are any of you still posting at the HizzBizz? I just saw Jersey on the Entertainment Tonight (is mad at KD) thread and I posted that she should check out this website. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t go through (it didn’t) but it gave me perverse pleasure to tweak KD. I mean, if I’m going to be treated like a troll, I might as well act like one. Is that wrong?

    • sundancecracker says:

      No, thats damn funny….. FREEDOM ! Freedom to comment as you wish, snark as you wish, and now tweak as you wish… :)

      was that my outside voice?

    • Ad rem says:

      Yes….that should have been worth at least a 20 point rise in his blood pressure. It might be fun for all of us try posting on the same thread too….at the same time. It would certainly give him something to do besides wallowing in victimhood.

    • WeeWeed says:

      I’m trying, will try to catch Caveman….as of 30 minutes ago I was OK, I’m trying to go 4 or 5 threads down from what is current.

  9. AFinch says:

    Have all of us been scrubbed completely?? There is absolutely zero trace of me there, except that Talia reference from Aug. 14. Once we have some privacy, I will post the letter of recommendation that he asked me to prepare for him and that he never posted (and never thanked me for) — probably because it was not consistent with the lies he told.

    • Ad rem says:

      I went back and looked at all the threads after the USO…that is no longer there. The strange thing is that each one now says “comments closed”. Also, on the Nov. 7th Open Thread…the thread that immediately followed the USO thread… things have been surgically rearranged. Towards the very bottom, all of a sudden there are no more “reply” boxes, and all the comments line up one after the other and are individually numbered. It makes what is written totally without sense in time or on topic.

      AFinch…I also did not see any of your comments. Mine and many others, like FTN’s and Pat’s are still there, however. This makes no sense.

      • WeeWeed says:

        See??? I was bitchin’ about that the next day – I thought I was crazy. It started happening almost immediately. When it started happening to some of mine, I thought I was going into early dementia, like (supposedly) prince charles. Sigh. Thank God….I’m merely gettin’ old, not completely crazy, yet!

    • sundancecracker says:

      I think we are all gone. But even still posts there have to show up in some kind of filter somwhere, and he always said he could see the avatars in the spam filter. So I think he can still see and read the comments we leave, even if they are not allowed to go through to the site.

      My hunch is he is devoting a whole bunch of time to “site maintenance” right now. Probably pretty much on the computer 24/7 and that is why he is putting out so many posts. (Gotta have something to do between filtering, screening, and scrubbing.)

      He is more than likely frantic about keeping the guise in place. I know for certain he googles his name daily, and the site name, to find out where his “brand” has traveled. I have NO doubt that he is seeing the conversation all over the place about him being found out. His firewall is to protect the thinning internal commentators of his site, I mean you can see the viewership shrinking, and 80% (my guess) of the commentators are new, probably many drawn by the DWTS voting issues being promoted by some media as an outcome of Hillbuzz.

      You (AFinch) provided me a great relief when you helped me to understand the scope of the people who are now aware of him. Seriously, at first I was concerned that he would turn that psychotic mind on me, and he knows me from emails etc. etc. I’m not kidding. I think he has spiraled so far out of the relm of normal he might just ‘go postal’ at anyone he would see as the cause of his guise being revealed.

      I consulted a close friend who is a very highly respected psychologist and shared long conversation and examples. He confirmed my fears of outcome were not unfounded, and he described activities and actions besetting a similar unstable mindset. I mean it was bizzarre, as I listened to him describe the traits, I could reference actual examples from HB analysis. It seriously spooked me. You see in many ways I am niave, I am on-line who I am in person…. I am pretty quiet, think before I speak, and comfortably invisible in life, but I have recognized that many people hide themselves, or things they dislike about themselves in internet type contact. Trust is the most important characteristic for me. I have a tough time with people once I know they cannot be trusted. This KD example is perhaps the most egrecious example of a lack of integrity. My wife says fibber….. I say liar.

      I got 3 e-mails today from Chrissy (describing the issues) which I shared with Motley through the honey-e-mail she provided. Suffice to say “this dude is whacko”. “Unstable” does not even get remotely close to describing these exhibited behaviors. Its not a personality thing…. Its a stability thing.

      Anyway, knowing I have been “blocked or scrubbed or whatever” for about a week I still send stuff to the spam filter he has to clear out. Today I sent.


      Dear God,

      The person reading this is beautiful and strong.

      Help them live their life to the fullest.

      Please promote them and cause them to excel above their expectations.

      Help them shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love.

      Protect them at all times, lift them up when they need you the most, and

      let them know when they walk with you, they will always be safe.


      Once we have that ‘privacy’ spot you mention, I will share too.

      In the meantime, he has stretched my compassionate christian beliefs of forgiveness, and I pray daily that God will help him to stop being so destructive.

      • AFinch says:

        Oh Sundance, you flatter me. It was you who gave me the strength the speak out with your whole “right is right even if no one is doing it and wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”. And then I realized we have absolutely nothing to hide so I spoke up. Notice how he made all of us afraid of each other and trolls while painting himself as the one person we could trust. And he played is against one another. Sick sick sick.

        You once said your link in the chain would not be broken. Mine won’t either. You now know my real name. You know what I do. You know how to find me. I’ve got your back friend. To get to me, he will have to get past my 6 ft fence, my three big dogs, my husband and my guns. Oh and God.

  10. notamolly says:

    Hi guys! Lurked more after the USO thing and still tried to find the good but am not mad at KD: just want to keep contact with some cool people I met through HB.

    • Ad rem says:


      Happy to see you here!!! And…you brought your avatar with you too. I don’t think there are too many of the old-timers still left at the HB anymore.

  11. AFinch says:

    It just occured to me that this purge might have been intentional to get a new crop of suckers–I mean readers–hooked without interfernce from us. I think I’ll file a complaint with the Illinois attorney general. I encourage any of you who gave money to do the same if you think it’s appropriate.

  12. hxbuff says:

    Heh, ex-Buzzers. Heard the news about you all. yztgal sent me over here. I am shocked.

    • Ting says:

      Oh, hooray! Glad to see you.

    • sundancecracker says:

      Awesome to see you. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. :)

      Love your insight, and comments over there. Always enjoyed the reads. Your comments deepen the pool of wisdom.

      Scroll through the 450+ comment thread from yesterday to gain some insight into what has brought us all here….. if you didn’t already know.

      But, boy howdy it is great to see you.

    • Ad rem says:


      It is simple terrific to see you here too! And, boy do you have some reading to do. Will be hitting 500 so0n. Did you turn off the lights at Hillbuzz?

      Oh well….you know the drill. (A little dental humor…;-)

  13. hxbuff says:

    Good to see you all! Sundance, I always, always loved your posts (not that the rest of you aren’t good, too!). Can’t wait to hear the “whole story.”

  14. TXMom says:

    Hi, guys! Ex-Buzzer TXMom here! I enjoy every one of you and would very much like to be a member of your fine little family here. :)

    • yomotley says:

      Wowzer, TXMom, too??? This is so perfect! Please, please stay!!!!!!!!!! Were you banned from Keverly Place, to0? Or did the number of comments get “lost” so frequently that you just stopped? Or did you just sigh and think, “…too much drama”?

    • Ad rem says:

      Howdy TXMom…

      Glad to make your aquaintance…;-)

      • TXMom says:

        Thank you, yomotley. I do not know if I’ve been banned from Keverly Place (love the name, btw.) or not! LOL Thank you for creating a place where we can take a breath of fresh air, love each other, and fight totalitarianism together.

        Ad rem, very nice to meet you, although….after reading so many of your posts, I must say I feel as if you are my friend and it is my pleasure to say, “hello”.

  15. Hi Folks!

    I am an X-HB’er from years past…..aka PVG. I too learned A.D. (after donating) that he/they/she didn’t pass the smell test. Lots of friendships have been forged in the wake of HB psychosis…..fear not! Would love to join you.

  16. ytz4mee says:


    I sent you an e-mail, I need an invite from you apparently @ my new e-mail address.

    ❤ YTZ

  17. Maggie, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I want to make it clear, when I was discussing the “Aussie” poster who told me, “Go away, nasty troll” on HB, I was not talking about you, but the poster who specifically goes by that name. The few online exchanges I had with you, quite awhile back, were invariably friendly and pleasant.

  18. Maggie says:

    I normally go by Aussie. I cannot be a part of this group. Quite frankly I have problems with several people who are posting here. Susan is one of them. I do not trust her and never will. Sorry, this is not for me.

    Well we do! You are invited to leave and not return. God Bless

    • Jennifer H says:

      Woot! Way to go Sundance!

    • sundancecracker says:

      I cleaned up my profane retort out of it respect for any future visitors. However I’m gonna leave nasty Ms Maggie’s comment posted as it stands so others can see how NOT to disparage a team member. There is no need for nasty, snide, comments.

      If however, FtN (aka Susan) wishes the post or entire conversation scrubbed it would be my pleasure to remove it. All the best,


      • I don’t care. I’m feeling rather warm and fuzzy (not an easy thing to achieve when it’s -13, with wind chill factored in!) over how nice everybody (else) was to me. I think leaving it says some very kind, and important, things about all of you. Don’t take it away because of me.

      • Bijou says:

        Sundance, that was very gracious of you.

        In the event future lurkers/posters see her comment, I think it says a lot about HER… and it’s not flattering.

        (FWIW, I think she’s still hanging around over there not only because she’s thick with Keverley, but because he lets her promote her blogs, which she does on a regular basis.)

      • Ad rem says:


        Whenever you feel a chill, just think of our warmest regards, and know that we hold you in our highest esteem.

      • Thank you. That was very nice, especially feeling, as I do now, just a wee big bunged up!

      • That should be “bit,” but “big” works, too!

      • emmajeri1010 says:

        I think this is the perfect way to deal with unpleasantness. Simply call it for what it and respond with plain talk.

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