Open Forum – Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Morning and welcome. It has been a couple of weeks since we have all been gathered to talk over what is going on in this great country of ours. Some are still shaking their heads in disbelief that things came down the way they did at Keverly’s Place (name compliments of ???? I know I read it yesterday. Please speak up. I am not that creative.) I have gone back over to KP and chuckle over the level of damage control being done to keep the new sucker prospects from catching on–at least until he bilks money out of them. Someone must be reading all we are saying; the woe-unto-me-everyone-important-hates-me theme is drastically toned down. What other damage control are you noticing?

Welcome Everyone.  For those new to the gang, we really don’t bite and actually have a lot to say beyond our present drama.   We are, literally, from diverse political and cultural backgrounds who have managed to meet on common ground about what is happening to our country today and saving it.  We love the USA.

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  1. AFinch says:

    Brava, Motley! Brava!

    Hey, check out my daily call to the former denizens of Keverly’s Place at C4P on the first page of the open thread comments and at The Connection. Too much?

    • phillycon4 says:

      Hey AFinch:

      I responded to your post about “strongly worded” opposition in the first open thread. Tell me what you think.

      We had a good level of debate over at HB, I don’t think we should mess with that. Just my 2 cents.

      • AFinch says:

        I just answered you. I could go either way. We’ll figure it out as we go, but I agree we don’t want to go to the HA model.

    • phillycon4 says:


      I was just there … and UGH! There are good people over there who push back .. but sometimes its just becomes a CW cesspool … some posters can’t even see beyond their noses. Repeating the LSM talking pts. over and over again.

      I’ll take our peeps over the HA posters any day of the week!!

  2. jimbojimmierayjimbob says:

    Ex-KillBuzzer checking in. Glad I stumbled over here.

  3. cookboy says:

    Just wandered over from c4P. Don’t really know or care what rift caused this to pop up. Ultimately, it makes no difference. Just so long as we are all marching toward the same goal, it doesn’t matter what road you’re taking. Have fun, and don’t step in the smelly stuff.

    • AFinch says:

      Thanks Cookie. I enjoy your commentary over there. We’re still putting the pieces together, but you get a flavor for it in the Hello World thread below. I’ve written several emails to your editors strongly encouraging them to disassociate from HizzBizz and its proprietor. Kelsey has my name, email address and phone numbers. This is real.

    • phillycon4 says:


      Hopefully, we can complement C4P and build coalitions with Indies, former Dems, Libertarians, conservatives, etc. in supporting Palin. That was one the main reason I went to HB in the first place.

    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome cookboy…;-)

  4. Debra says:

    Good morning everyone! So happy to see you this fine day. I’m going to try to not be glued to the computer today, we’ll see how that goes.

    • Menagerie says:

      Debra, I hope it goes better for you than for me. I haven’t been able to summon the willpower to pull myself off the computer long enough to clean my house since the first day Motley put this site up. If I stop cooking too they are going to put me out with the dogs before long.

      • Debra says:


        I thankfully have a hubby that does all the cooking (Indian food last night!) so at least that’s always covered over here! I have been stuck to the screen ever since the reunions have started. It’s been really nice getting to see everyone over here.

        I stayed away for most of the day, helped by my DH playing video games for a good chunk of time, us running to Lowes to pick up a mower, and then to Panera Bread for soup and sandwiches. Little one is napping right now, so I thought I’d check in.

    • Ad rem says:

      Morning Debra…

      I didn’t see much of you yesterday and missed you. Hey, honey is stickey so it won’t be entirely possible for you to get too far from the computer.

  5. yomotley says:

    This was posted on “yesterday” conversation but did not go up until this morning. Thus, I am pulling it into this little chit-chat.
    FranklyTheNut had this from Chrissy:

    FranklytheNut says:
    November 20, 2010 at 1:33 pm (Edit)

    From CtH this morning:

    Please feel free to post this. I was tempted … oh so tempted! … to surf on into Motley’s site and join the chat, but I must be strong. I know what a time sucker it is and I have GOT to stick to my plan. It’s kind of like being on a time diet. LOL

    Anyway, I am frankly STUNNED that Kevin has taken my name off my work. He doesn’t own it. I do.

    And while I’m not persnickety about people using my stuff to further the cause, Kevin KNOWS which images I created. It’s just way, way beneath the man I think he is/was/should/could be that he’s posting the imagery without credit. Makes me sad.

    FYI, intellectual property belongs to the creator UNLESS the creator specifically signs away his/her rights. Such an agreement would be in a written contract. Just doing stuff as a favor for someone doesn’t make it his.

    I’ve heard (but not verified for myself) that artists who sell their graphics via Cafe Press DO sign their rights away … which is one reason — besides CP has iffy quality — that I chose Zazzle.

    Not that I’m zealously guarding my copyrights or anything, but just for the record … I most certainly did NOT sign off my rights at ANY TIME to ANYONE. In fact, I worked for Kevin for free, but he always promised me that I could pimp my jewelry whenever I wanted and that when he had a new website and was allowed to post ads, I would have free, prominent ad space for as long as he had a site.

    Now I don’t even get my name on my graphics? How petty is that. And because why … I stopped working for him for free after he bullied me and made my friends cry? Wow. That is so NOT the Kevin we loved. God willing the evil twin is ultimately banished to Mordor and the good twin returns.

    Any of you getting my blog-e-mails are free to forward and/or repost them. I had some folks doing this before I joined HB and it works well for me. I just want my personal email addy protected so if you could scrub that from forwards, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Also, if you post any of the graphics at Chrissy’s Site Bites, I’d appreciate a link to attract folks to surf the site. There’s a lot of good material there and, from my hit counter, it looks to me like folks who surf in tend to jump around and look at more than one album. It’s all about educating the voters!

    Hugs, Chrissy
    Please take a moment to visit my stores!

    • yomotley says:

      God, I hope I did not start something with bad information!. I don’t know if Keverly took your name off old stuff. What I did see and did not like was that he put up a class vs. crass with “posted by KevenDuJan01″. So I went back to old class vs crass posts to see what they had been put as. They say “posted by ChrissytheHyphenated”. Were they always that way? Should not be, “BY chrissy…”? There is a big difference between BY and POSTED BY.

      On the recent “post” he very well may have done the photo shop himself but “class vs crass” is Chrissy’s property? Or not on a technicality?

      I commented on, and got through (don’t know if still there) and said something about this was the first class vs crass not posted by ChrissytheHyphenate. Also commented again but don’t remember what I said.

  6. JRD says:

    I still don’t understand what happened with Chrissy. She is the sweetest person in the world. I don’t understand how anyone could do anything to hurt her.

    I have been in Tuscany running a business that I have there for most of the fall and Chrissy was sweet enough to provide me with the address of relatives there if I wanted some Americans to hang out with for awhile. Regrettably, I had too much work to do with the wine grape and olive harvest so I was not able to meet up with her relatives.

    Chrissy treated all of us like family and did an enormous amount of work to keep that site up and going.

    Also, what sense does that make to harass people about devoting time to the USO when you abuse people like Chrissy who have SEVERAL members of their family that presently are members of the armed forces. It appears to me that one would worship the ground that Chrissy walks on for raising so many children who serve this country.

    • AFinch says:

      That’s why he keeps telling everyone Chrissy is on vacation. He knows he would lose in a Chrissy v. Kevin matchup. Go ahead. Try to post a comment over there asking when Chrissy returns from vacation. See if it makes it through the filter.

      • JRD says:

        Sorry, that site is dead to me. I won’t even go over there to see who posts. Don’t care. Unlike liberals I am not an enabler. I don’t give a flying flip what goes on over there any longer.

        I have been reading HB since before the 2008 election. Rush quoted from their comments one day so, I went over and checked it out. Then when Kevin abandoned the site for awhile we also started a new site but that broke up because some commenter at that site started bossing every one around like someone else we know.

        I drifted back to HB when I found out that HB was up and running again but now I’m through. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Know what I mean.

      • phillycon4 says:


        What other site is this? I’m so clueless sometimes … and who ran it?

      • JRD says:

        phillycon4, The other site was called Mostly4US. One of the commenters on HB set up the site for us just like Motley did with this one. We had a great crew over there and I really miss everyone. I still e-mail a few of them but it is not the same.

      • phillycon4 says:


        Hopefully, we can avoid the mistakes @ Mostly4Us, and learn from it.

      • Wraith says:

        I just did, and it got filterized.

        Hmm…onward, Watson, the game’s afoot!!

    • Angelaisms and I were the two nasty women Kevin posted about in his “4th-wall” thread awhile back. She was hurt over his comments about Mormons. I suggested that, now that he was hitting the big time, he find a trustworthy friend to proofread his work and catch simple typos, etc., since it looked like he was going to be reaching a larger audience and going “professional.” Both of us were responded to privately with a great deal of hostility, and then publicly-but-anonymously on his blog. Since angelaisms “outed” herself after the USO debacle, I think I can talk about her openly myself, at least enough to say that her emails, like mine, were grossly mischaracterized to build sympathy and support for Kevin-the-persecuted.

      Chrissy defended angelaisms, to no avail. When she defended me, it was too much for Kevin to accept. Chrissy felt her conscience require that she bow out at that point, and not condone. Kevin has always known why Chrissy was gone. She was never on vacation.

      • JRD says:

        FranklytheNut, thank you for explaining. I apologize to you for his terrible behavior as he never will. Glad to be able to meet up with you again.

      • yomotley says:

        I wrote this to Sundance on this and I copy here:

        Wow, Sundance. I am heavy. I remember the discussion with
        Angelism about Mormanism. I was one of the people talking about friends that were Mormon and disagreed with her. She responded FROM THE HEART and I realized I was a bit harsh. I heard her. I felt for her and decided to back off. I was genuinely interested in her talent contest. I inquired but no one said a word. It must have been about the time she disappeared. I worried it was me that sent her running! I never got a chance to tell her I appreciated her speaking up with passion. Believe me, her posts were not out of
        line. They were adamant, as they should have been. Wow.Wow. Wow. What really gets to me is that kevvie is all military this and military that but where was the consideration for her being a military wife? (I insert, I don’t know if she is but at the time I was under the impression he hubby was in the service) That is what bothered me the most about offending her. My God, her husband is risking his life for me and mine! I knew better and should have supported her instead of challenging her! Bless her. I certainly did not have the wisdom and fortitude that she has when I was her age; I have been praying for her daily since she disappeared. bless her heart!

      • I have always felt that what he did to angelaisms was much more unkind than what he did to me. My emails were about Kevin personally…he didn’t take well hearing that he could improve. Her emails were about her religious beliefs, not Kevin at all. To mock them, and her, was an egregious offense, in my book. Somewhat like USO widow, when you come down to it.

      • If you go to youtube and put in angelaisms, you should be able to find 2 of her song parodies. She’s got a great voice!

      • sundancecracker says:

        The level of ugliness reflected toward Angelisms, Susan, and eventually Chrissy, by Kevin, is now, and forever will be, just plain wrong. Hateful crap directed at good people.

        Nothing can ever explain it, or make it right. Forgivness is possible, but forgetting ain’t gonna happen… well not with me anyway.

      • Ad rem says:

        She’s got a terrific voice….

      • Listen to “Not a Bad Romance,” too. I think it showcases her voice the better of the two songs.

      • Ad rem says:

        OK….we can get that one too…Enjoy all. She’s got a great voice.


      • Ad rem says:

        Hmmmm….let’s give that another try. If this doesn’t work I sol.

    • AFinch says:

      I’ve been going around the interwebs calling him a two-bit scam artist. After reading all of this, I think a more fitting moniker is world-class jerk.

      • Ad rem says:

        WOOT!!! Just googled Kevin Dujan scam artist….and hit pay dirt! (K will now write the world’s loooooongest lament.)

      • Ad rem says:

        Google still is so loaded with DWTS stuff…all saying “Kevin is psyched…”. It’s going to take a while for any new stuff posted to work it’s way up the food chain. Maybe if comments regarding his “jerkitude” were to reach certain entertainment writers… they might be only too glad to elaborate in future stories?

    • Debra says:

      I must have missed all of this – but I do remember whenever he would write about people who sent in e-mails to him – I always got the impression that those could have been friendly e-mails that he took the wrong way. I’m so sorry that happened to you FtN!

  7. phillycon4 says:

    I know I’m sounding like a broken record here… but, does anyone have anyway of contacting Am Expat?

    If we want to talk about “troll buster” he was the best, and did it in the true sense of the word. I’m sure many here recall his memorable exchanges from “real” trolls.

    • AFinch says:

      Oh I do. Add me to the broken record crowd. I’m gonna keep playin it until we find him (or until I get kicked off the sites where I stand callig his name :-) ). Also missing JerseyGram a lot. She has such a steady and calm manner about he that I always appreciated.

    • JRD says:

      No, I don’t know how to contact AmExpat. Wish that I did. I loved the comments. I was hoping to meet up with them sometime in the future as they expressed that they would be coming to Tuscany sometime in the spring.

      On another note,you know what I’m also just dying to say? I’M A PROUD ITALIAN-AMERICAN! I was sick to death that the gestapo prohibited us from expressing that fact. I guess that’s why the democRAT party appealed to him in the first place. It was the totalitarianism don’t you know. I also have a real problem with people that have control issues.

      • phillycon4 says:


        I am all about ethnic diversity … heck, I am a first generation American and very, very, proud of my background and where my parents are originally from. My first language was a foreign one.

        I had to learn English in Kindergarten!!

        Oh, I am married to a proud Italian, so you go talking about it all you want!

        BTW, I am used to people asking my ethnicity all the time, and I never cared, if anything, I loved talking about it!!

      • JRD says:

        I’m originally from NJ. I am the oldest of 12 children. As a matter of fact my whole family still resides in Monmouth County at the shore and my husband’s family lives in Ocean City.

        At the moment I have a house full. Everyone decided to rent vans and drive down to Florida for Thanksgiving as they refused to submit to the groping police.

        I have to go food shopping now. Will check in later. I am extremely happy to reunite with all of you.

      • Menagerie says:

        I think one of America’s great strengths is the fact that we are such a mish mash of ethnic backgrounds and religions, and yet we have forged something stronger than our individual parts, something precious, and yes, exceptional, to disagree with Obama and his international cultists. There is no other country like us in the world, and it does not take anything away from other nations for us to be proud of our own unique heritage.

        Most families take pride in remembering our forefathers and mothers who came to America (mostly) through hardship and sacrifice. A few of my own great-greats crossed the plains in a covered wagon, and one of their grandchildren wrote a little book for our family telling that story, among others. I truly pray that my descendents will pass along that history of their family, along with my husband’s familie’s great appreciation for their Irish heritage.

      • TXMom says:

        I agree about pride in our ethnic heritage. I can’t say I am of one ethnicity. lol I am Dutch, Irish, English, German and Native American….all rolled up into one FOURTH GENERATION TEXAN! That felt really good. Thanks.

      • Ad rem says:


        Anch’ io!

      • JRD says:

        TXMom, so happy to see ya girlfriend. Glad you made it over here.

        Menagerie, WOW, in a covered wagon. I’m impressed! Do tell us more.

        Ad rem, I just love ya. Your a pip!

        Hey guys, I think this is beginning of a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L holiday season.

    • phillycon4 says:


      I may be mistaken, but I thought Jersey sided with the troll buster?

      Yes, Jersey is very cool.

      • AFinch says:

        Oh I don’t remember, but it was such a mess who can blame her. G8rmom sided with the troll buster and she’s here. At this point, I’m willing to draw the line right up to Keverly. But if either of those two are ever permitted here, that’s where I step off.

      • phillycon4 says:

        Agree with your assessment. Jersey is definitely worth reaching out to … I’m glad that MQC is here too, I regarded the both of them as a tandem for some reason.

    • JRD says:

      I also miss garlic. She was around from the beginning. Then suddenly she just disappeared. Something’s up with that. No one defended Kevin more than garlic.
      I know that she moved back to Jersey from Arizona. Maybe if someone can contact garlic, garlic might be able to get in touch with Jersey Gram. I miss her also.

  8. g8rmom7 says:

    I have to say, the reason I’m here is Sundance…I don’t trust a lot of people on the internet implicitly, but he was one person that I developed a rapport with and he has never had any inconsistencies with his communications with me. I appreciate that. Then having so many of you bringing to light all their experiences, made it pretty clear what was going on. I had my own inconsistencies with KD, but I chalked it up to him just being more casual than an acutal web master.

    In any case, I have known quite a few gay men in my life and a lot of what Kevin did is not all that inconsistent with the behavior of my friends…until all this nuttiness. I guess that is why it was so hard for me to see because most of my gay buddies are not so insecure. Well, not the ones I connected with anyway.

    Anyway, I am still going to be a bit guarded and will be discriminating about getting TOO close to folks, but honestly…I’ve always been a bit of an open book. It’s actually HARD for me to not be completely open about my life. But when it comes to protecting the privacy of my family (not as concerned about my own), then I will have to suck it up and be a little more discreet.

    As for today, I am doing some heavy duty cleaning of my house to prepare for this week’s festivities. My motivation comes in spurts though, so this may take a while. ;-)

    • AFinch says:

      Good morning g8r. I’m happy you’re continuing to join us. Good luck with your homemaking tasks today.

    • sundancecracker says:

      C’mon a GATOR FANATIC….. what’s not to love.. :)

      I’ve got some Honey-Do’s of my own to tackle today… and if Momma ain’t happy … well you know…

      But I’m Thankful for the new place to hang out and be FREE….

      Plus some of my keystrokes make smiley faces here… How cool is that?

      Good mornining Ad rem, probably waking up from your kittie sleep about right now too…. :)

      • g8rmom7 says:

        We’re actually watching the game today on PPV. I can’t believe my husband wanted to spend the money, but the way we’ve been playing, it would be nice to see them play against a team they can actually beat today. He tried to talk me into taking one or two of the kids to the game, but I just have too much to do today.

        Anyway, after we paid for it on PPV, it wasn’t showing up. Turns out there were some technical difficulties and our cable company gave it to us in Hi Def for the price of it being on regular digital. So it’s sort of like being there.

        Have gotten quite a few things cleaned up including one counter that I’m embarrassed to say, has not been cleaned since this time last year. How do I know? I found a bill from Home Depot for last year’s Christmas tree. I am so lame. Oh well, it’s clean now!

      • Ad rem says:

        Afternoon Sundance….;-)

        Took me a while to get to sleep last night after seeing all those “k9k9k9k9′s”…..instinct, I don’t know?

        Had to laugh remembering all the admonitions regarding the discussion of one’s ethnicity. I brought up “” as a joke once, and out popped K calling them the “ethnicity police”. I’m half Italian, third generation…live for pasta, and totally get the “Godfather” movies and anything about the opera. It’s a good thing my Italian half is muted by the English-Irish half. Full-on Sicilian can come on a little strong. :-)

    • CAS says:

      Gr8mom – you wrote exactly my experience, too . The few gay men I’ve known all had a “flighty” streak in them, and I chalked much of K’s behavior to more of the same, which made the downward spiral harder to spot; easier to rationalize.
      Glad to have a clean slate with all of you.

      Off to hang Christmas lights (while the weather is good – promise not to plug them in until after Thanksgiving!).

      • sundancecracker says:

        Grrrr, those pesky lights ended up on my Honey Doo List too…. :( funny thing they weren’t on the list last eve… so someone must have had a similar idea overnight…. Ugh Ugh Ugh on the, ladder, nails etc. etc.

        Actually I end up creating a Lampoon Type display each year, kinda without semblence, or balance, but oh well…. its bright… well, that is until the fuses start popping… Yeah, I really am that bad… neighbors cringe… but kids love it :) funny that.

      • Ad rem says:


        If you’re out shopping today, stop at a Home Depot and pick up one of those “Round Tuits”.

  9. JRD says:

    g8rmom7, I know that you are one of Lt. Col. Allen West’s biggest fans so I just had to post this link.

    Glad to see you again sister.

  10. notamolly says:

    Posting between cleaning. I feel sad for Kevin and sadder for the Buzz crowd. I do think it is a good time to step back for a while and remember we are all in this together (my liberal friends are livid about the TSA behavior). We can change things without hysterics and histrionics. Now back to cleaning.

    • g8rmom7 says:

      I definitely think the TSA thing is something that could really bring both sides together…even if it’s just for a short while. But there are other issues that SHOULD be bringing us together…like BIG GOVERNMENT! Nothing ticks me off more than a Democrat or Liberal who refuses to step up and speak out against over-reaching government…just because their guys are in charge. SO hypocritical!

      • notamolly says:

        Agreed! I wish the liberals would holler like a Libertarian about the encroachments on liberty (some Conservatives have been speaking out since 2001).

      • NeeNee says:

        I’m a former Hillbuzz poster, former Mostly4Us
        poster who was contacted by JRD about this site.
        Details later, but am pleased with what I’ve gleaned
        here in a quick look-see! Leading up to the “shellacking”
        of Benito’s Democrats, I did lurk at Hillbuzz.

        Yeah, this TSA crappola is so “1984-ish”! You can bet
        your booties that if this were George Bush enacting these
        measures, the ACLU would have been over this since day 1!

        On this topic, did you guys see this great video,
        “Comply With Me”? It’s a takeoff on the Frank Sinatra
        song, “Come Fly With Me” and was done by iowahawk.

  11. AFinch says:

    I know there are some people lined up in the hallway waiting to get in. Motley is out running errands and will hand the keys over as soon as she is able. Sorry for the wait. We’ll get the kinks worked out soon.

    Meanwhile, I could use a little help on the open thread at C4P if any of you are so inclined.

  12. AFinch says:

    I just saw at HizzBizz that KD is going to be on Northern Alliance Radio Network (HotAir’s radio network) at 1:30 CST today. Can someone get word to Ed and Mitch to ask Kevin when Chrissy’s getting back from vacation?

    Hey Kev–If you’re reading this, you trained us very, very well.

    • JRD says:

      Oh my God, I’m laughing my butt off. You are too, too funny!

      • AFinch says:

        Yeah, it’s sad, funny and infuriating all at the same time. What’s that KD likes to say? Oh, yeah,

        “Welcome to Thunderdome.” How about you start picking on someone your own size?

      • Ad rem says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… somebody gonna sell tickets to this? I’m booking the front row for this one. “Ruh-roh” Kevvie! ;-)

  13. Library Countess says:

    I am headed back to FL tomorrow (via the AutoTrain!) after my week in PA … daughter’s MIL has gotten both worse and better news: her cancer is in multiple organs now but the prognosis is longer than we thought (she however is completely unthrilled about that part; she just wants it to be over).

    I’ve had some time now to read through most of the first thread here and also the USO snarkopolitan thread and my jaw has major bruises from hitting the desk on a regular basis. It’s interesting to me that some of the things that would occasionally make me “wonder” turned out to be real “warnings” that something just wasn’t right. I wasn’t reading it so wrong after all. Thanks to all who posted and helped fill in the gaps. Y’all be way cooll!

    • Ad rem says:

      Yeah, jaw-dropping is a good way to put it. You know, you always try to give someone you like the benefit of the doubt…and I think that’s what so many of us tried to do for so long. The signs were all there, but on the other hand we all enjoyed each others company as well. It was hard to think of breaking away right up ’til the USO stuff was posted, then all bets were off for me.

      Prayers bing said and sent for your daughter’s MIL. It’s so nice having you here now.

      • JRD says:

        Ad rem, God always shows us the good among the evil. Yeah, you guys got a raw deal but, if it wasn’t for that site we wouldn’t have met all of the nice people that are gathered here now.
        Please forgive and move on. If you don’t you will be bitter. It’s not worth it to allow that person to have power over you and carry that burden of vengeance. He doesn’t matter in your life. He’s a pi$$ ant.
        The holidays are coming up and they are a time to celebrate with family and friends. He will be alone, you won’t. You have a lovely family that followed you over here and will have your back and give you hugs every time you need them.
        We all know that you are a sweetheart just like your precious avatar. Let go and let God. I know it’s not easy to do when you’ve been hurt. Make that your gift to Our Lord for His birthday. If the Lord is on our side, who can be against us.

        Sending you lots of love and I will keep you in my prayers precious little kitten.

      • Ad rem says:

        So true JRD. Far as I’m concered, he’s yesterday’s kitty litter. I loved your quote…”If God is for us who can be against us”. I have sung that so many times in Handel’s Messiah. Thanks! That totally put me in the holiday spirit…just hearing those words again. I’ll be humming that all afternoon now…;-)

        BTW….knowing that you’re in Tuscancy has me sooooo jealous… I can’t stand it!!! I meant that in the good way…;-)

        Purrrr-fect love back at ya……

    • sundancecracker says:

      LC, so sorry to hear about the prognosis. The emotional anguish must be extremely heavy for your daughter, son in law, and family. All of you are in our daily prayers. If you are comfortable would you share her first name so I may add to my prayer group.

      Save travels, and God Bless.

      • Library Countess says:

        Sundance et al, her first name is Dottie. She will be 62 in April. Way too young for this. And we all appreciate the prayers. A burden shared is borne somewhat easier.

        And I’m so glad to be w/ all y’all… you all were always the ones I especially looked for. I feel very much “at home”.

        Catch y’all Monday or Tuesday.

    • YTZ4Me says:


      Safe journey back to FL, hon.

  14. YTZ4Me says:

    Here is my rebuttal to the other side that keeps telling me to “play nice”.
    And that we shouldn’t be using inflammatory phrases like, “Burn down the house” or “Retreat and Reload”.

    It’s waaaay too long for here (quite a rant, but cathartic pour moi, I assure you) so here is the linky to my blog if you want to read.

  15. Pat P says:

    I just did a petty thing, and derived great satisfaction from it. I removed Hillbuzz from my Favorites list. When asked, are you sure you want to send Hillbuzz to the recycling bin, I enthusiastically answered ‘YES!’

  16. Pat P says:

    Settling down to watch Throw Down on Food Network – Bobby Flay against The Pioneer Woman in Oklahoma – Thanksgiving. Love that Ree Drummond! Filmed in Oklahoma.

    • g8rmom7 says:

      THAT sounds good! I love watching Food Network this time of year. I still use Alton Brown’s roasted turkey (brining) each year and I make the best turkey EVAR!!!! If I do say so myself. ;-) It’s honestly the only thing I can cook well.

      • Pat P says:

        I love Thanksgiving food, and I LOVE Alton Brown!

        I have considered brining a turkey, but never have done it. Maybe after I retire!

    • g8rmom7 says:

      I just love him. You know, I love Sarah to death, but I would have no problem supporting him for any higher office he went for. And yes, I realize he is not as conservative as Sarah and others, but darn it, he’s honest. And that is really all I care about at this point. I’m so tired of the whole “politically correct” schtick. Not to mention, he’s hilarious.

      • Debra says:

        Yes, I love that man too. Thankfully he’s not quite as handsome as Scott Brown or my husband might have to be worried. ;-)

        I love Sarah, but my love for Chris Christie is something special. I can’t explain it – I would actually be really, really torn in a primary if they both made a run for the ticket.

      • notamolly says:

        Christie for AG. Or OIG.

    • Ad rem says:

      “Thank oh so much for coming by”……. BWA-HAHAHAHAHAH! :-)

      Love that man….Iwill take about 5 million more of him puh-lease!

    • Pat P says:

      That is priceless!

  17. Hi Everyone! (Waves!) Its MQC2.0, the WordPress rebranded version (new Gravitar too w/o my MGM copyrighted version of mu alter ego…)

    Anyways…with the TSA craziness (read this great quote over at MOTUS…’TSA…no one gets ON til we GET OFF…’)

    I wanted to mention the ‘Big Brother’ (Or possibly ‘Big Sister,’ if Naps’ Homeland Security gets to take over) total and complete AUTHOROTAY on all things food. Everything, I mean everything (from big agra all the way down to your Topsy Turvy Tomato thingy) will be REGULATED by the same federal bureacrisy that is giving us Grannie pat downs/feel ups; Cap and Tax and Barky Care…Senate Bill 510 (which cleared committee and will be voted on by the full Senate, on November 29…THIS IS ONE THAT MUST NOT BE APPROVED BY THE LAMEST LAME DUCK SESSION EVER.

    Like the mandates for curly light bulbs, we WILL be told what type of food can be grown and eaten. Heirloom seeds are forbidden and new, genetically altered seeds are preferred (like GloBull Warming…this is junk science on meth…but slightly less manufactured). ‘GloBull’ food giants like Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland stand to clean up (like GE with light bulbs). Family farms, co-op growers; your local farmers’ markets all will ‘wither on the genetically altered vine’…Here is a link to a Mike Adams piece in Natural News :

    Something to learn about and, if you are like minded, call your Senator and tell them to vote NO to SB 510.

    • TXMom says:

      Thank you, Mary. This is so very important. Senate Bill 510 is a clear and present danger to our personal sovereignty. This control of the food supply can also grow into our loss of national sovereignty as we “ObamaBow” to the UN and other international interests in this area. ObamaCare. TSA-
      Transacting Sexual Assaults. Controlling our personal food production. These are the ultimate governmental intrusions into our personal health lives. The battle for personal sovereignty is being waged right now!
      “You may be disposed to embrace a genetically modified, enhanced, and altered food chain, but for those of us who eat our foods unadulterated, raised naturally, and without benefit of the federal government mandating what we can and can’t eat, S510 is one more giant step toward consolidating total power over the lives of free citizens. It is standardization on a scale never seen. Remember Ireland and its potato famine. That’s what standardization accomplishes. One bug killed an entire economy.

      This bill constitutes some of the worst of the worst of corporatist policies favored by the political class controlling our federal government. Conservatives must rebel at any sign of government intrusion into our private affairs, and criminalizing private food production is as wrong as it gets.”

      WHY IN THE HECK ARE THERE SEVEN Repubs out of twelve co-sponsors sponsoring this bill? These are traitors to our personal health and sovereignty.
      SB 510 – The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010
      Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]

      Lamar Alexander [R-TN]
      Jeff Bingaman [D-NM]
      Richard Burr [R-NC]
      Roland Burris [D-IL]
      Saxby Chambliss [R-GA]
      Christopher Dodd [D-CT]
      Michael Enzi [R-WY]
      Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY]

      Judd Gregg [R-NH]
      Thomas Harkin [D-IA]
      Orrin Hatch [R-UT]
      John Isakson [R-GA]

  18. YTZ4Me says:

    MQC made it!
    Love “no one gets on, until we get off”.

    And SB510 is freaky-scary. It’s been floating around for a while, but didn’t think they’d have the cojones to try and push it through. Well, apparently there are no boundaries.

    “All your vegetables belong to us”.


  19. YTZ4Me says:

    I am so happy to be here with my peeps.
    Thanks so much Motley, Pat, AFinch for putting this together and the detective work.
    I continued to be amazed at how many kittens we’ve rounded back up into the fold.
    Simply amazing !

  20. Crueladev says:

    Hey.. I am with Cookboy…
    Just wandered over here.
    Sorry I scare you AFinch..I am really not a scary person.
    I am going to let you all in on a secret and would appreciate some notice.
    Please Leave Tammy Bruce out of any discussion regarding Hillbuzz and her

    opinions regarding such. I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY where she stands.
    But as it stands now…please..NO ONE assume her stance. Just leave her out of any discussion. When and if Tammy needs to make comment…she will!
    Thanks..and Good Luck with the new site!

    • AFinch says:

      Thanks Creu — I think my fear has something to do with your name, avatar at C4P and the fact that my first dog was a beloved Dalmation!! Now do you understand where I’m coming from?

      Rest assured, I have no intention of dragging anyone else into this dispute I have with Hillbuzz. I’m just laying the facts out and letting people make their own decisions. I just really, really don’t want to see our girl tainted with this. I trust the C4P peeps to do what is right.

      • Crueladev says:

        We Will…As we always have done!
        Just kidding! ;)

      • AFinch says:

        Well, yes. As I said to riley4palin in the comments the other day, it was his comments re KD after that first cross-post that planted the seeds of doubt for me. He called KD a narcissist. Our current president being who he is, I have spent a lot of time studying narcissists recently and when I started looking at KD from that perspective . . . .

        But I digress, you have a great group over there and I hope we can continue to work together.

  21. Crueladev says:

    AFinch…R4P is a very talented lady…Just FYI..
    And yes we are in this together…Again..Good Luck to you all
    in your new site!

    • AFinch says:

      Oh sheesh, please don’t call me a sexist! Then I might have to post rant after rant about how my life is ruined because everybody thinks I’m a sexist. I might even have to ask Motley to add a “donate” button to the site to support me. ;-) ;-)

      Please give Ms. (or Mrs. or Miss) R4P my apologies.

  22. ZurichMike says:

    Apparently I missed a lot in the past few weeks (USO article, back-and-forth e-mails, two-bit scam artists). Can someone fill me in?

  23. hxbuff says:

    Yes, I have been reading HB every day and I feel I am missing out on something, too. Can someone please give us a rundown of everything going on? But, it is good to see so many familiar “faces.”

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