Hello World!

Welcome Refugees. Let’s get started posting and talking about what is on our mind. Consider everyday one big Open Thread. If there is anything you want put up for the Blog of the Day, just email me honeytrail@hush.com Have fun!

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  1. Ad rem says:

    Hi all…

    Thanks for the alternate site….good idea.

  2. Sundance Cracker says:

    Checking in

  3. yomotley says:

    If any have had to change their names and/or gravatar, remember to include in the comments you old name so we can get all excited that another refugee has been found.

  4. Menagerie says:

    Thanks so much Motley for the new site. As I commented on Lucianne, I never did post at Hillbuzz, but I followed along, joined the prayers (still praying for TNWAHM’s daughter) and really learned from all the thoughtful comments and ideas you all shared. I hope this site becomes the reunion site for lots of friends.

    • Ad rem says:

      Yes, I remember. Hope and pray she is doing well also.

    • yomotley says:

      Menagerie, I would love to know about TNWAHM’s daughter, also. Until we do, I just keep praying.

      • Emma says:

        Yeah….I was so sorry to notice a couple of days ago that things were not going well. That has been a long and difficult experience for them.

    • Sundance Cracker says:

      Agreed. TNWAHM’s daughter has been in my daily prayers.

      Also, I hope Emma, Bijou, Debra and more show up here.

      Do you think it would be a good idea to post a link to here at the Miss Polly site? (snarkapolitan I think)

      • AFinch says:

        It’s already out there, so I don’t see the harm. But I’ll defer to our gracious hostess.

      • Ad rem says:

        I bet they’re probably just waiting for their registration to clear at Lucianne’s. I just wrote a comment to FranklytheNut over there.

      • Emma says:

        Sundance, I made it!….with some help from FranklytheNut (who is not a nut! she’s a friend)…for some reason I wasn’t able to do a successful search for this site…had the name straight, but just wasn’t finding it…so she sent me the link. It feels so good to be back in touch. Things had gotten so strange. It was like being in a family where you sort of knew that a bunch of people were mad at a bunch of other people and nobody seemed to know why. Not good.

    • YTZ4Me says:

      Yes, I am praying for TN’s daughter. She posted recently that things weren’t improving the way they had hoped. That’s a hard road to walk.

  5. AFinch says:


    Thanks for hosting us!

  6. YTZ4Me says:

    Hi, Motley!

    So glad to see you again, friend!

    Missed you when you got “disappeared” on HB. ;)

    • Sundance Cracker says:

      Hey, YTZ4ME. Been thinking about you. Glad to see you here. How much do you know about the ‘dust up” of HB?

    • AFinch says:

      Woo hoo!! I was wondering if you would make it over YTZ! You’re one of my faves! Now we need to get Philly, JerseyGram, HxBuff — who else?

      • Sundance Cracker says:

        Emma, Bijou aka “nightvision”, Debra, EZBurns

        There are so many good peeps I enjoyed reading…

        I sent Aussie a note (but not a link) via her site, I tested the water yesterday, and she is still filled with KD Kool-Aid.

      • AFinch says:

        Yeah, Aussie is good people, but she will be a tough one to break.

      • Ad rem says:


        Yeah…Aussie is very tight with Bev, but then so was G-mom.

      • YTZ4Me says:

        I’ll be going out for perogies with HxBuff soon enough, so we’ll see.

        I know he reads Lucianne.

      • Emma says:

        YTZ4me….what you shared about the losses at the battle for Fallujah (and the gunny later) breaks my heart. There are things that become unbearable for individuals. We honor their lives and are so sorry for the losses.

      • YTZ4Me says:


        I’m on FB. Last week we all posted about praying hard for 3/5. They are in what the Marines call the “killing fields” of Afghanistan. 3/5 has lost 14 Marines in the 7 weeks they have been in country. I am saying a special prayer for their CO,

        LtCol Morris — he has a heavy burden right now.

    • YTZ4Me says:

      I missed it almost completely, b/c we were on the west coast wrapped up in my son’s graduation, and basically taking part in Olympic level gluttony — eating and drinking our way through Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma.

      So I was blissfully unaware, although I did get a few calls from fellow Buzzers, my mind wasn’t engaged.

      I can not help by feel that there is a correlation between the “vacation” of Chrissy and the Kumquat project that she and Angelaisms were doing as a heartfelt gesture for K.

      This was about the same time that K became evasive — not returning telephone calls, e-mails, etc — after we mentioned that we had invited all FOUR boyz to the Marine Corps ball (the huge one in DC, it’s a big deal) as our personal guests.

      As my grammy always told me, When you tell the truth, you don’t have to keep track of what you told people. Makes life so much simpler. ;>)

      • sundancecracker says:

        You are SO right. I read your post at snarkopolitan and I totally agree with you. Beyond agree. Your perspective is exceptional, well moderated, and balanced. A few of the reasons I am so happy to see you here.

      • AFinch says:


        That is a big deal. So you must have known something was up. How are you so calm about the deception? I am honked off and agitated.

      • YTZ4Me says:


        At the risk of sounding maudlin and melodramatic –

        during the battle for Fallujah, Studmuffin’s unit lost 11 Marines in one day. Beautiful, lovely young boys I came to know and love as my own sons. When they got back, the Gunny hung himself in his garage b/c he could deal with the guilt and facing the families of the lost, compounding the tragedy.

        THAT’s a BFD to me and what I get upset about. The rest…meh. It’s the basic untidiness of life. My solution was to stop reading, posting and definitely to stop sending a few $$ every once in a while.

        It’s K’s loss, not mine.

      • AFinch says:


        Thank you for the perspective. BTW–I was in Yuma a few weeks ago when one of the “top gun” schools was in session. Very cool. I noticed that I tended to walk taller when I was among the young Marines at the airport and out in town. I think the 3000 or so Marines on that base have an effect on the whole community just by being there. You’re absolutely right–Kevin’s loss indeed.

  7. Ad rem says:


    Love the name of your new site….makes perfect sense!

    • yomotley says:

      And honey is anti-bacterial, too. Put in on a yukky scab it the thing will heal right up.

      • Ad rem says:

        Yeah….and you don’t have to worrry about “honey” keeping wierd medical records on you either! (Remember you one post re the doctor who asked a million questions?) ;-)

      • YTZ4Me says:

        And honey is the sweet reward of a large group of like-minded, hard working individuals working purposefully and steadily towards a common goal.

  8. AFinch says:

    One thing I am grateful to Kevin for is that he made us all get avatars. Made it easier to find one another!

    • Ad rem says:

      Love that “refudiate” has now been declared the new word of the year. Some are now saying that the QE2 is more like 900 billion instead of 600. I notice that mortgage rates today have ticked up as well.

    • yomotley says:

      On my way out to son’s basketball game, but after just scanning the article, I can’t wait to get home and read…..and comment.

      Thanks Finch

  9. Debra says:

    Hi guys!

    I’m here. I feel a bit like a newbie here, but that’s okay I guess!

  10. Bijou says:

    Oh, thanks so much, Motley!

    This is just the best. I was missing you all so much and am so thrilled to be ‘back in touch’!!!

    Hugs to everybody!

  11. Bijou says:

    LOL! I changed my avatar when I fired HB.

    Flowers are pretty, but this guy more accurately reflects my current state of mind.

    Fool me once…

  12. Ad rem says:

    I think you’ll find this appripriate…

  13. yomotley says:

    OK. time for a vote. I think I have an option to only let who I want to read read. Once a few more of the wanderers arrive should we temporarily hold viewing so we can talk privately? Once the stories are out we can decide if we want to each copy for our files and then zap the “personals” of the blog. (Sort of pulling a kevvie; diff is we all know the plug is coming!)

    Up to you all. Just tell me what to do and when.

    • Debra says:

      I kind of like the idea of it being private, at least until wounds heal a little. But I’m cool with whatever ya’ll want to do.

    • Ad rem says:

      I agree with Debra. We need time to talk things over first.

    • AFinch says:

      I agree–private to start. Maybe we can continue putting a post up at Lucianne each day directing people here and then you can decide whether to let them in. I’m happy to help if you want.

      Where is PatP? She is the one who called us all together.

  14. yomotley says:

    Emma, oh Emma, we are waiting for you….. (I miss her. Hmm. I might have her email?)

  15. yomotley says:

    Any first time posters, your first post has to be approved and I will be away from computer for about six hours. Hang in there. We will pull you out of limbo and have the hugs waiting.

  16. YTZ4Me says:


    When I started my blog, it was over the whole 9500 Liberty dust-up, and I started blogging to express a different viewpoint than the one being touted by the in-the-tank LSM. I had comments open, but the spamming etc by illegal alien advocates who posted profanity, threats, etc made leaving comments open not worth it. It took so much time to go through and delete profanity, etc that I closed my comments.

    My preference for awhile would be for a private blog that one has to be a member to read/comment. I think some group catharsis is in order.

    But I defer, of course, to whatever direction you want to go in.

    ❤ YTZ

    • AFinch says:

      Hey YTZ — can we see your plane again? I really miss seeing the avatars. And by the way, I loved your whole take on the USO thing. Have you been in touch with HxBuff?

  17. Bijou says:

    Motley, I’m also in favour of the privacy option… at least for now.

    (Considering the type of personalities involved, I think it’s ‘prudent’.)

  18. Ad rem says:


    Just posted a link to your site for Emma over at Ms. P’s. You said “Go for it”.

  19. Debra says:

    I already chimed in on this above, but I would love the privacy option, if only to drive the gang crazy over there wondering what we are talking about! Okay, so maybe I’m mean for thinking that way!

    • Bijou says:

      Debra, I don’t think you’re mean. I think you’re HONEST.

      I think we all have some feelings of ‘having been had’ and need each other while we lick our wounds.

    • Ad rem says:

      Not mean at all…I’m liking it! (I’m half Italian, could be a reason…) ;-)

    • sundancecracker says:

      I concur with all retorts :)

      Damn I just love seeing that Ad rem avatar…. I mean seriously, how can anyone not love…. swoon swoon… And funny as heck too !!

      • Bijou says:

        I agree, Sundance. Who doesn’t love a cute kitty?

        But don’t let those innocent big blue eyes fool ya. LOL!

      • Ad rem says:

        I bet if Kevin could catch me… he’d probably use me for his own personal “snuff” film! ;-)

        Your avatar perfectly describes my feelings towards both parties at the present time. I’ve never seen another like it! As soon as we’ve got the site to ourselves, I’ve got to know the missing details Sundance. Mew…mew…(more….more!)

  20. YTZ4Me says:

    Well, since the USO dust-up, has no one else noticed that all the threads have died over there? When things were hopping, there could be 300 -400 comments per day on the Open Thread. Now…. just crickets on most of K’s posts.

    • AFinch says:

      Yep — I’ve started sending emails to C4P urging them to disassociate themselves from the site.

      • Menagerie says:

        I noticed a drop in comments, but also don’t see so many regulars there. It’s been a while – since before the USO thread I think – but whatever happened to garlicnosedho ?

      • Pat P says:

        I wonder if we should do that with Rush, too. I think, though, that he may be on to K, and just used HB as a foil for his own plans.

      • AFinch says:

        I sent an email to Rush too. I was one of the 24/7 members talking up HB. His research people probably had KD all figured out long before we did. I have told everyone I ever recommended the site to to read at their own risk.

    • Ad rem says:

      Yep…seems like the same twenty people…no more than that.

    • sundancecracker says:

      The depth of the analysis within the thread links is ridiculously shallow now. One of the best parts of Hillbuzz, for me, was YOU the commentators, who fanned out throughout the web each day and returned with brilliant links, thoughtful insight, damn good commentary, and flippin enjoyable conversation.

      At first I enjoyed the KD analysis, however after the “we” became “I”… I long ago grew weary of the Mr. Victim schtick and avoided like the plague anything personal about the egocentric narrative. Returning just to see you guys and read your research, links, and opinion and share my own.

      YOU GUYS are what made Hillbuzz so great. :) I have no doubt it will implode even further, especially if more like previously mentioned join us here.

      • Ad rem says:

        Kevin = black whole? Makes sense to me Sundance.

      • Ad rem says:

        *hole*….sheesh, haven’t had breakfast yet…too busy reading four sites at once!

      • Emma says:

        One of things that made it for me was simply that fact that I could express points of view and, literally, “practice” speaking up. It is only in the last 24 months that I have started fighting back and standing up politically (and I’m 66 years old). The initial tone of the site (including all of you good folks….I agree with another comment here that the commenters are what made it good)…the tone of the site earlier allowed for and welcomed everyone’s expression. That died.

        I think that each of us already had full lives before we ever started commenting anywhere….and the enhancement and good stuff comes from gaining in our friendships and sharing with one another in a way that strengthens us for the stuff that was already in our lives. Each of us, standing in place, has a battle to fight on behalf our families and our nation. Our relationships via internet can be a part of strengthening us for that. Some of you people are quite impressive (without being imposing) and I believe it benefits me and challenges me to know you and hear what you have to say. So that give and take is what I value. This is so good….feels a little like home here.

      • Ad rem says:


        For someone who says they’re practicing “speaking up”, I think you’re ready for the master class my dear! What you said probably speaks for us all.

      • Emma says:

        Oh, I’m a talker, all right! But what I mean by practicing speaking up is specifically with regard to political/national issues; choosing to let it be known where I stand and what I think. I’m one of those Scandinavians who was trained early in life to always, always, always BE NICE…..NO MATTER WHAT!!!….at the very risk of your life, BE NICE. Do not disagree. Do not ever express an opinion that you have not received permission to express!!!!! etc. etc. !!! ;)

  21. sundancecracker says:

    Privacy is probably a good thing. I need to get some things off my chest and poor Ad rem is dying to hear about my convo with Gatormom :) and I am happy to oblige. Whenever there is trouble, or darkend trepedation, a heart of truth finds a comforting pillow.

    First a couple of notes.

    *Someone on the Miss Polly site is giving “bev the troll hunter” and “Cherry Walker Bev” a private heads up of sorts to our prior conversation at Lucianne. With instructions to “Share with whomever you like”… Whatt??? Who is this “anonymous” (not part of this little crew of honor I believe)?? My spidey senses do not like this being on alert…. it’s worrisome!

    * I am off to communicate with gatormom, who I know is highly concerned about our previous conversation. Is it OK to invite her here.? Please advise.

    * Finally, in the interest of my own sanity I will debrief “from my perspective” in one long post to clear my head of everything I am aware of tonight after the household settles down around 9 ish…

    Again, I want to repeat how thankful I am to have found you all again, and a special thanks to Pat and AFinch for their fortitude in leaving no man/woman behind and organizing this reunion. My deepest heartfelt appreciation.

    • Debra says:

      After I outed myself at Mrs. Polly’s, I haven’t been posting as anonymous. I read the post you spoke of and it was confusing to me. But I also have a cold. :D

    • AFinch says:

      All credit goes to PatP for bringing us all together and to Motley for giving us a place to call home. Before I found Pat, I was wandering around the intertubes like that character in Wuthering Heights when I stumbled on her at Lucianne. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find all of you.

      Re g8rmom, I’ll leave it to your good judgment, but I have to say that I found her blind devotion to all things Bev at the end a little troubling.

      • Ad rem says:

        You are right about the blind devotion thing. However, she was so open to what Sundance had to say….perhaps I misjudged?

      • AFinch says:

        @Ad rem — You’re right. I’m probably being a little too cautious.

      • g8rmom7 says:

        Afinch…I can understand why you thought I had a tie to Bev…but I’m not “blindly devoted” to anyone…except my kids I guess. I just thought that Bev had a good handle on a skill that I have never been very good at…troll spotting. I tended to just take people for what they wrote. Sometimes I disagreed sometimes I agreed, but either way, I just took people for what they put out there…whether they were being “real” or not was not my concern as I wasn’t looking to them for any kind of guidance or anything…just to learn information and ideas.

        Anyway, I’m sorry if I ever seemed two-faced or anything as that is not my intention. And I’ve already put my foot in my mouth in the Privacy thread and tried to clarity. Just know something about me…I’m not perfect and can sometimes just write as i think without filtering sufficiently. I usually try to go back and correct when possible though. :-)

      • AFinch says:

        Hi g8r, That whole thread was such a mess, I understand why you chose to follow the person you did. I’ve been posting and reading all day today and have become a bit sloppy in my thinking and writing. Blind devotion was a poor choice of words. No worries here. We’ll get through this.

    • Ad rem says:


      As for me…please invite Gatormom. She a real sweetheart, and always brightens any thread.

      Yes…Pat and AFinch did some mighty heavy lifting.

    • YTZ4Me says:


      That was definitely a cut-and-paste of the news update from FB.

      Both Cherry and Bev friended me when I set up my account, so the update is there for anyone who is part of the Hillbuzz group to see and read.

      I e-mailed Cherry privately about some of my concerns and experiences. She has been kind enough to e-mail me back and explain some things to me.

  22. Pat P says:

    Hi, everyone. Motley, you really came through for us. I knew one of us would have to do this, and …… you did it!

    I need to read everything, since I have been working hard all day, and haven’t had much chance to check in.

    • Ad rem says:

      Hey….you’re already here. Just left you a note at Lucianne’s. Hey, I haven’t even had breakfast yet….running on black coffee.

  23. redseagal says:

    Hi former Buzzers,

    Like Menagerie, I was a long time lurker and also infrequent poster at HB until the USO piece. Commented once or twice, but for the most part was content to remain anonymous and learn new things from many of you. Although I did not donate any money, I feel foolish for wasting my energy worrying about “the boyz” and their safety.

    Gave KD the benefit of the doubt after that USO piece, but when a week later he posted that extremely loooong post that in so many words said he wasn’t sorry, I was very disappointed. Then I saw AFinch’s comment about Lucianne.com (which has since been deleted) and found this blog through there. Boy, did I buy that “Daily Kos/evil democrat bloggers are out to destroy me” story hook, line, and sinker! After visiting Snarkopolitan’s blog, I can verify she is definitely NOT evil.

    By the way, if anyone is looking for itsonlywords, she has her own blog at http://itsonlywords55.wordpress.com/ :)

  24. sundancecracker says:

    Can you guys see my comments? They say “awaiting moderation”, I mean sheeesh did the gremlins follow me or what…. Grrrr.

  25. Bijou says:

    Just want to mention that I agree with what Sundance just said.

    motley, it won’t take any time at all for ‘them’ to track us down, so I think whatever you need to do to keep this private needs to be done asap.

    Not to be paranoid, but who could blame us?

    I’m sure there will be a lot showing up who claim to be past ‘lurkers’.

    Some are no doubt legit, but this party needs to be ‘by invitation only’, right?

    • Debra says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I don’t want to be super paranoid, and I really have no right to be included in the party, but lurkers showing up and posting when we haven’t seen them before make me a tiny bit nervous. But good God, I dont’ want to be like the Bevinator, so don’t keep someone out on my account. And since I’m a relatively new poster also, I don’t know that it’s fair for me to even think this way. The only reason ya’ll know who I am is because of my baby gravatar! (which is a slightly newer pic of the same baby) :D

      • AFinch says:

        No, I remember you weighed in toward the end with some very wise counsel.

      • Debra says:

        The USO thread was really the only thread I ever contributed to – I’m usually pretty quiet or I just second someone else post, I don’t usually add a whole lot to the convo – but that USO post hacked me off royally and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut! :D

    • Menagerie says:

      Bijou and Motley – I agree with everyone’s desire for privacy, and after all that went on, your concern about lurkers – however I would like to humbly point out that I was the first one to reply to Pat P at Lucianne, so there will be some of us who never commented, but followed all of you for a long, long time. I hope you will allow some of us newbies in as well. We’ve learned a lot from you guys in the past, and hope to continue to take advantage of your knowledge.

    • Little Susie Sunshine says:

      Egads…that’s me. I’m sorry, I was so excited to find you all here that I posted right away but I do see how that could look suspicious, especially with all that just went down. I lurked at HB mostly because of everyone being called a troll. I have seen what all went down though. So, eventhough you all do not know me…I feel as though I know all of you. I realize this is a weird & confusing time right now, so please feel free to delete me or whatever needs to be done. I will patiently wait until things open back up to the public to start commenting. Sorry for the intrusion & again, I wish you all the best of luck!!

  26. Ad rem says:


    Are you still seeing the “comment in moderation” thing? I think Motley is out running errands.

  27. Little Susie Sunshine says:

    Hi all! Another former HB lurker here. I’m so thrilled to see you all have been able to find one another again and are forming your own community. I too was put off by that USO post.. well, not so much the post itself but Kevin’s replies were offensive & a deal breaker for me. From that day on I stopped reading his posts (which have become excruciatingly long & whinier than usual…if that’s possible :) ) & just scrolled on down to the good stuff…the thoughtful & insightful comments. Unfortunately, since you all have left it’s become truly pathetic over there now. So, I set off searching for the commenter’s that I most looked forward to reading on a daily basis (Sundance I’m looking at you! :) ) And happily, here you all are…regrouping. I must admit though that I’m getting a little nervous hearing you may go private & will miss out on your fantastic insights.

    Motley ~ is it possible to make just certain posts private? Could you assign the discussion about what happened between all of you & Kevin as a private topic , but leave the political discussions public? I totally understand if it’s an all or nothing type of deal & will patiently wait until you open the site back up for all to read. Just thought I’d ask. Best of luck to you all…you are one amazing bunch of people!

    • sundancecracker says:

      Wow, me? That was kind of you to say. But my little infusions pale in comparison to these folks. You are right about these people though. I have scrapbooks of bits of their writing from the heart that I can feel.

      And I ALWAYS learn something from every one of these people. That is why this is such a thrill for me to see them all assembled again.

  28. Menagerie says:

    AFinch, the avatar is a close up of a chocolate lab. Although I got the avatar from some site, I do have a chocolate lab, who is one of a menagerie of labs and retrievers. Bijou, haha! Do I need a TSA type pat down? Seriously, thanks. Motley has done well getting everyone together. Many times just reading posts from you all gave me a little more hope during times I was discouraged or angry about where our country is heading. Sometimes it helped me when I had worries or bad times, just because of seeing you care about each other, to see that you felt free to ask each other for prayers, to share. I am a very private person – it’s hard for me to interact. Seeing you guys do it helped me to hope when I needed to. Okay, through sounding dopey – maybe.

    • redseagal says:

      I second that Menagerie. I’m also a very private person and do not generally post on blogs but loved reading the back and forth conversations you all would have and it help me not feel so alone. Totally understand everyone’s a bit leery of trusting a stranger after what’s happened. I also tried posting on Lucianne but can’t seem to get permission to log in, can anyone offer some pointers?

      • Emma says:

        I had trouble getting my registration through. It had lingered for about 8 hours (after I had gotten the approval e-mail thingy which I then clicked through to verify). So I send a note to the connection they offered for troubleshooting. A nice person named Joshua immediately responded with an “Hey! I’m sorry! I forgot to finish your activation. You’re now ready to go.” I’m wondering if we overloaded their process today? Anyway, after I sent that follow up inquiry just asking if there was something else I needed to do, it was set right.

    • Ad rem says:

      Not dopey at all….nice!

      • Menagerie says:

        redseagal, good to know I’m not alone. You need to register at Lucianne to post. They will send you an email, which you click on to confirm. Then you log in on The Connection and you should be able to post. They said it could take awhile for approval, but only took 15 or 20 minutes for me.

  29. AFinch says:

    Also missing: longsufferingtribefan, IAmDagny and AmsterdamExpat.

  30. Pat P says:

    I am so happy! It’s almost as if Christmas came early!

    After the last stinky week or so, this is like being at a party surrounded by my friends. When I put that first post up on TheConnection, it was if I was calling out in the dark, hoping someone would answer, and AFinch did! What a relief!

    Motley and I have been emailing ever since the USO post. She was the first one to be GREATLY insulted by KD on that thread. I was lucky to have had her email, so we have been discussing things, but there was so much we didn’t know. I emailed Chrissy too, but didn’t get an answer right away. I will keep her informed about what is going on, and I know others of you will do the same.

    Motley was the one who found Snarkopolitan, but I posted first, because I am a big mouth by nature, and I couldn’t resist. I will keep going back there, because it is a different take on things, and I think Mrs Polly is basically a very decent person.

    This is the a new beginning for us all.

  31. Ting says:

    I would love to join – I always learned so much from everyone but very rarely had anything to say myself.

  32. Pat P says:

    Forgot to mention – I think this blog is on UK time (five hours ahead of EST).

    • Ad rem says:

      BTW…..only 69 people on the open thread at Hillbuzz. Isn’t it usually over 200 by now? Very few people there I really recognize as long-timers.

      • Debra says:

        To be fair, dude has been manically posting so all the posts that might have gone into an open thread are kind of spread out. Do you think he’s posting so much to bury the Jesus thread? I wonder why he doesn’t delete that one too?

      • AFinch says:

        It was 77 earlier. KD must be “cleaning” again.

    • sundancecracker says:

      AFinch is right. Lots of on going cleaning/screening going on. One of the ways you can tell is to look at the end of the threads. If a time stamp on a comment is earlier in the day than the comment that preceeds it you know it was a reply to a deleted comment or banished poster.

      In addition to the obvious reduction in the numerical count of comments.

      I shake my head at the energy being expended…… for what? Think about it. What kind of fear and attachment must one feel to be consistently trying to manipulate appearances. Really saddens me to think about the psychology behind such endeavors. I have read books about such self created personalities and recently about the uptick created by ‘internet personalities’. Quite a growing number of people use the web -and social media- to hide those things they most dislike about themselves and end up creating a self-image abstract from their ‘real life’ persona. When this web-based personality, or character, comes face to face with real life people, who know the reality, or those who might find out the reality, relationships can become emotionally highly charged. Gatormom had a great response about an experience with this yesterday, perhaps if she joins us she will share.

      Perhaps also, this is a portion of what has led to Kevins moment of crisis. His avoidance/slipperyness of actual, ordinary ‘real life’ flesh and blood contact vis-a-vi phone calls, or face to face encounters, would support this suposition. The created personality looks great on paper, sounds great between the ears (in planning meetings etc.) but where the rubber hits the road fear takes over and the real person convinces themselves they are unable to live up to the false persona and emotional ‘character’ they created. Being an actor is extremely emotionally tiresome, creates worry, fear and almost impossible to maintain. Those who can maintain such false premises are often of a very disturbed mindset.

      Boy was that ever a long response….. Sorry. I must have stayed at a psychological Holiday Inn last night. :)

      • Ad rem says:

        It’s all very bi-polar. He has days like today where is puts one thread up after another…then for two or three days, he’ll have just an open thread. There’s definitely a lot of fantasy going on in this boyz life.

      • Debra says:

        IF he even gets up the open thread. There were days there where we had to comment on two day old open threads because Kevin was gone.

    • yomotley says:

      Yes, it is on UK time! My WordPress email, generated by Cleanzer, a Firefox ad (great idea) must have dictated the time zone. I am right here in the good old USofA, the Midwest.

  33. Little Susie Sunshine says:

    After reading more of your comments I feel like I should’ve waited a few days to start posting instead of crashing in on your reunion. I was upset at what had happened at HB & excited when I saw you all congregating here…I posted before I thought it through. I’m also in moderation so I’m dreading them appearing all of the sudden. :\ Arrgh….what a way to make an entrance. My apologies to all.

  34. redseagal says:

    Thanks Menagerie. Don’t know why WordPress won’t let me reply directly underneath your comment to me…..Tried registering but never got an email from Lucianne.com so I just tried again with another username/password/email but it knows my computer was used earlier in my first attempt. Guess I will just wait and see if I get an email.

  35. g8rmom7 says:

    I’m here! And I didn’t have to register and learn a whole new system! Whew! Good to see you all. I’m still a bit in mourning about it all. But I’ll get over it. I’m too busy not too.

    • g8rmom7 says:

      Oh, and I’m a little concerned about security too. I changed my avatar because I honestly was worried about having a picture of myself on Hillbuzz (especially after seeing that segment on CNN where they showed the page with our comments). I also exchanged some personal emails with Kevin earlier in the year when I was going to help him get some tickets for Disney Water Parks when he was here for Gay Days. He never ended up getting in touch with me and then never responded when I asked him why. I just blew it off as I’ve learned not to put too much faith in people I meet on the internet.

      No offense to anyone here, but I’ve learned that not everyone is who they write to be. I am and I used to assume everyone was, but I learned a couple of hard lessons about 4 years ago on a Gators website I was active on then. Those of us that were tight on that site, started our own website which has gone strong for almost 4 years now…so let that be a lesson to you all. Sometimes things like this happen for a reason and can spark something special out of something totally freaky.

    • sundancecracker says:

      GREAT to see you Gatormom. I was just commenting about your previous experience you shared yesterday. Very prudent.

      :) Welcome

      • g8rmom7 says:

        Ad rem…is there a link to the exact page at Snarkopolitan? Is it the one you sent me to last night Sundance? I’m not sure I kept it. I’ll try to find it. Although I don’t know why…not sure I want to really know any more than I already do. LOL

      • Ad rem says:

        Just google it….real easy to find.

  36. Ad rem says:

    Gatormom just commented over at Lucianne’s. Told her we were over here.

  37. Pat P says:

    Someone posted over at Mrs P’s:

    Anonymous said…

    If this is to be a true circle of “friends”, you’re going to need more than a common opponent to make it happen. People are disappointed/disillusioned/distressed/fill-in-your-blank with HB. We got it. Any other points of common interest, or is this it?

    Doesn’t sound very friendly, does it?

    • sundancecracker says:

      Sounds snarkopolitan.

    • Ad rem says:

      I think the thread’s starting to dry up and someone’s fishing for a little more info. As soon as they think we’re gone… then the discussion will begin.

    • AFinch says:

      Agree. Also looking forward to YTZ’s explanation of how K is being unfairly blamed. If that’s the case them why is he working furiously to hide his online footprints while the rest of us are out here telling the world what happened? If he’s been misrepresented, let him come out from behind the curtain and meet us head on.

    • Pat P says:

      I thought perhaps, since the person posted as ‘Anonymous’ that it might be a buzzer.

    • That comment came from me. It was not intended to be unfriendly–just a statement of what I thought. And think. Is it accepted here to think to the beat of my own drummer? I certainly hope so.

      • I am not inordinately flattered with the perceived similarity, but my drummer drums, nevertheless! LOL

      • Debra says:


        It was the anonymousness (?) that made it sound like it could be a certain someone. Let’s hope we can all think to the beat of our own drummer! :D

      • AFinch says:

        Sorry!! I’m a little punchy right now. We’ll get back on track with our usual banter once we know the whole story. I think I’m going to just sit quietly for a while!

      • Ad rem says:

        Welcome FTN!!!

        Please understand…I don’t think anyone meant any harm. We’re all a little suspicious of what we read over there. Sundance and I were “scrubbed” from Hillbuzz after K saw what we posted there.

        I look forward to getting to know you better too. You were already gone when I started to first post.

      • sundancecracker says:

        Hell yes! Beat that drum loudly. No judgements…. I think we are all healing from a loss of trust and a recognition that perceptions are considerably different from reality. Musically speaking we can all join in when we feel comfortable. Strumming my six string…..

        Peace and Respect always.

      • I was anonymous because I hadn’t figured out a way yet to expose myself, and now I have. Wait! That didn’t come out quite right, did it?

      • I think “anonymousness” is a better word than “anonymosity”…

      • Pat P says:

        Sorry Frankly. Of course, you can think and say what you believe is true. I just thought it was a little wet blanket, to tell the truth.

        I think we are all so happy to be in contact again, and able to talk about what happened, and that will be the topic for a bit.

    • Emma says:

      Our common interest is not a common opponent. HB is not our opponent in any common use of that word. Over the weeks and months, we learned some things about HB that we didn’t know before. The friendships we have which were formed at HB are not dependent on HB. As far as I’m concerned, while we may have some emotional mop-up on aisle 4 to do, that’s a passing task. Then we resume what we were enjoying to begin with: one another’s company, insights and ideas.

      I agree with you. That doesn’t sound friendly. That an unnecessary tone to take at this point and assumes a great deal about us as individuals that that person cannot possibly know. Good grief, it’s been less than 72 hours since these particular wheels have been turning as I understand it.

      • Emma says:

        Shoot me!!!!! FtN! That was you!…..and I made assumptions that were wrong…..and then as I read down the thread, you explained it. Sorry about that :( (BTW, if you continue having problems about how to expose yourself, I hear the TSA has people who can help with that!!!!! yikes….)

      • FranklytheNut says:

        Well, Emma, I thought “opponent” sounded a bit better than “enemy”, which was the first word I thought of…and then thought better of. And I’m Susan, whom Cherry recognized on the dispute thread, much to my surprise.

        I changed to FranklytheNut after an offended Hillbuzzer told me, “You, frankly are a nut!” when I ventured an opinion about modesty and a woman’s demeanor. I decided to wear it as a badge of honor, but I’m really Susan, not always frank (I prefer to call it “being discreet”), and only occasionally a nut.

      • Ad rem says:

        Ah….so Cherry and “Housemom” are the same person. I remember she was the one who recognized who you really were.

      • FranklytheNut says:

        Shocked the heck out of me, too!

      • sundancecracker says:

        Cherry = Housemom. Oh dear, she is a little cross with me. I’ll have to find a way to make up…. Errr. please submit my apologies in advance…. We had a little disagreement :(

  38. Richdet says:

    Thought I would visit from L.com to say hello. I am a longtime poster there, was more of a daily lurker at Hillbuzz though I did post there a few times. I became aware of the USO thread controversy a couple of days after it all went down, because I saw several allusions to it on a comments thread and followed the trail back to the original thread. Anyhow, glad to see you are all making a safe landing on this new blog.

    • Ad rem says:

      Hi Richdet…..

      From what you wrote, sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what went down. Glad to have you here…;-D

      • Richdet says:

        Thanks, Ad rem. Once I discovered the USO thread early last week, I started monitoring developments at HB more closely than usual. However, even as a daily reader I think I started to speculate things were not as they seemed earlier this fall, and got kind of absorbed in noticing all the fractures and contradictions in the Kevin persona, things that I had brushed away earlier on.

        Anyhow I know that for many of you this has been a much more personal experience, that you had befriended Kevin, advocated for him in other forums, devoted a lot of personal energy to his blog. That said, we have all been to varying degrees “taken in,” and it will be interesting to sort that out, arrive at “lessons learned,” and focus all that positive energy in new directions. I can see that many of you have formed close bonds, and you have that strong foundation to build on. The HB experience will no doubt prove to be a longterm positive.

  39. sundancecracker says:

    Emma is at the “outergate” on the Connection. We need to get her here.

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